Left 4 Head Witch

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When alerted to the presence of an uninfected human or flashlight, she will look in the Survivor's direction and make a low warning growl: The Jockey. There is a long list of things that she does not appreciate:. The page you are trying to access: Her knees and feet are stained with dirt and blood.

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About fapXL. That feature is only available to registered users. She will also exhibit this behavior if a Survivor is in her way, even if she is retreating. If she is still alive after killing her victim, or she cannot reach her target, she will sob and run out of sight.

Killing a Witch is not always required, as players can use various strategies to avoid her, or simply wait for her to wander to an obscure location in daylight. However, she can appear in locations where players must kill her in order to proceed, especially during night. A Witch's physique is that of an extremely lanky young woman with pale skin, shoulder-length platinum-blonde hair, sunken red eyes and a bloody mouth full of sharp teeth.

She is only clad in the remains of a tattered white tank top and a pair of white panties, and like most Special Infected, she does not wear any shoes. Her most distinctive features are the twelve-inch-long, bloodstained claws her fingers have grown into. Her knees and feet are stained with dirt and blood. Oddly, the Witch in the games is portrayed as flat-chested, while in " The Sacrifice " comic they have considerably larger breasts.

However, this may be for gameplay related purposes. Though it is not specifically clear as to how the Witch mutated into a Special Infected, one theory states that the Witch has been heavily mutated by a strain of The Infection , in terms of physical strength rather than appearance.

Though resembling a typical female Infected, she has sharpened elongated fingers that are similar to the condition of arachnodactyly which often accompanies Marfan syndrome. In an interview with Chet, he claimed that the Witch had a strange attraction to the smell of sugar, which explains why there are a large number of Witches near The Sugar Mill in Hard Rain , although this may be due to hunger or other factors caused by the Infection.

Her choice of attire when compared to other Infected could indicate a raised body temperature such as a fever, which could also explain her sluggishness, constant signs of distress, irritability, and sensitivity to light and sound. The Witch may have attempted to remove her clothing herself, as it appears as if she cut the clothing up herself. Despite her petite figure, the Witch has incredible strength and stamina, enabling her to instantly incapacitate or kill Survivors in one hit, depending on the difficulty level.

Needless to say, great care is vital on Expert difficulty or Realism Normal or higher , as she can kill a Survivor in one hit regardless of their status.

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She is known to cry when not aware of the Survivors, although the reasoning behind it is unknown. Another theory is that the virus has not taken full control and she knows she is a monster, causing her depression, and when a Survivor gets too close or turns a flashlight on, etc.

It could also be an evolutionary advantage, meant to lure unsuspecting Survivors to her, as further demonstrated in the Left 4 Dead Intro Scene , when Bill and Zoey go to investigate her crying, thinking she may be a Survivor. Even though her mentality is largely similar to that of the typical Infected, she is not distracted by things like the flashing lights and beeps of a pipe bomb.

She is also not apparently attracted by things such as car alarms going off , although this will alert her of the Survivors' presence. Oddly, she glows red in dark areas, possibly due to her glowing eyes. It is also unknown whether or not the Witch is extremely thin because of the Infection weight loss due to starvation or if this was her body shape before the Infection took place.

During daylight time in Left 4 Dead 2 , the Witch changes her behavior: Instead of sitting in one spot, weeping, she walks aimlessly throughout the area, crying as bitterly as ever. Wandering Witches appear only on daylight maps excluding finales for gameplay reasons. She is still zoned out like the original Witch, and she still cries, but has different sound effects and a new music cue.

When a Survivor is near, the music cue gets more intense, as she starts growling, with her hands slowly moving away from her face. As she grows more agitated, she will stop moving and look for whoever is angering her. In this case, she typically targets the closest Survivor to her upon being startled.

When she is startled, her music cue becomes the startled music cue from the first Left 4 Dead. The Wandering Witch is sometimes hard to avoid, leaving the Survivors in a situation that they must kill her to get past her. Should the Wandering Witch be touched, she will scream and immediately attack the Survivor that touched her.

It is possible to steal her aggression away from that Survivor by shooting her when she screams, though it is not advised unless the player has explosive ammo or a molotov. Even then, igniting a Wandering Witch does not slow her down, as she can still catch up to Survivors who are not using adrenaline.

Despite the Wandering Witch's unpredictable nature, she is often easier to handle during the day than during the night. She is much harder to anger by proximity and presents a larger target, making it relatively easy to simply walk up behind her and fire a single shotgun blast to the back, killing her instantly.

If one is patient, they can wait for her to pass by. However, this is not recommended on harder difficulties due to the increased rate of Hordes. The Wandering Witch is startled in almost the same way as stationary witches. Since they wander aimlessly around the area covering their eyes from the sun, she is not as agitated from flashlights.

They are also less alert, since they will not pay attention to shots near them. When the sun goes down, the Witch will act the same way she does in Left 4 Dead , sitting and sobbing while waiting for the Survivors. Oddly, the Witch is significantly less aggressive during the nighttime in Left 4 Dead 2 , even compared to the original game.

Players can stand close enough that she looks up at them and growls, but she won't stand up or attack them unless they stand within poking distance, shine a light on her face, or attack her. Bride Witch from The Passing. A second model was introduced for the Witch in The Passing where she is the bride left at the altar.

Here, she is dressed in a tattered gown and veil with her loyal wedding guests surrounding her, still awaiting the groom. She serves as the "Crescendo" event of The Riverbank , sitting outside the steps by the gazebo. There is a sound system near the tent that can be interacted with. Upon activating it, it will play music, which this Witch seems to dislike. She will get angrier over time, before exploding and attacking the player who turned on the sound system, regardless of how far they are.

Upon being startled or killed, a horde will descend on the team. Her behavior is still the same as stationary Witches, so the same tactics can be applied onto her. A Witch will growl threateningly at first, and may also stand as a warning. If left alone, she will eventually return to kneeling and sobbing. She will only attack upon being startled, homing in on specifically the character that startled her; however, if she is blocked by another Survivor in pursuit, she will attack that one instead, ignoring her old target.

There is a long list of things that she does not appreciate:. The achievement "Cr0wned" is awarded for killing a Witch with a single shot from any shotgun. Despite the implication in the name and common FPS logic, it is actually inadvisable to aim for her head: As the Witch has health points and a shotgun blast does just slightly over that, every pellet from the shotgun must hit the Witch or she will only be startled if the player is using a tier 1 shotgun they will not have time to fire a second killing shot before the Witch can incapacitate or kill them.

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The group stopped for a second and Louis looked at Zoey, "Are you sure there's a witch here cause I don't hear anything except the horde outside. Live Cam Models - Online Now. Not a free member yet? If left alone, she will eventually return to kneeling and sobbing.

The one thing keeping her alive are her eerie human-like features. The page you are trying to access: This doesn't make any sense. Oddly, the Witch in the games is portrayed as flat-chested, while in " The Sacrifice " comic they have considerably larger breasts.

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