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Another Great Mom Video. Me playing outside a nice day 1. Japanese Thong Ass Jeans Off. Busty Asian teen Harriet Sugarcookie cosplay solo. Creaming the bitch who fucks like a god damn dragon. I'm what my sister calls a "cool" brother as I'd cover for her. My only rule was that she not turn into some three dollar slut that would fuck anything that caught her eye. You don't want your sister to turn out that way you know?

And for the most part, she's done such. I lied for her to our parents so she could live and be a normal girl. I wish I knew why our parents started acting like Nazi's about sex. They'd never hassled me about it. But Macy sure as hell got hell from them. As far as the whole "three dollar slut" rule of mine, well I can honestly say she broke it a few times. Once with my bandmates.

Again without getting into specifics I had come home from a store run and find my sister being taken by my best bud and lead singer while also with his brother who's our drummer. But again I chose to be "cool" and not say anything. Not to her at least.

THEM, they got hell, and I told them she was underage at the time they just about shit themselves. I promised to fucking call the cops if they ever did it again. That was last time we practiced band at my house. She got a bit pissed at me but then I covered for her again and she couldn't complain too much.

I can't get too critical of her because of her friends. My sister is the youngest of the bunch and I am proud to say once I was a legal adult that I didn't touch them. She and her friends now came into my view. All wearing bikinis which made my cock stir. My sister herself, fresh off her eighteenth birthday, the same brown hair and eyes as me. Her best friend, bottle blonde Jackie whom I've fucked three times, once when she was fifteen and I was still weeks before I was eighteen, then after her eighteenth twice more natural blonde Lisa whom IS the kind of three dollar slut I don't find attractive Lisa I know for a fact has blown half the neighborhood.

Then there's rusty haired Missy, who's a lot like my sister with strict parents and she wants to live life her own way. I've helped cover for Missy too. Her I've never banged though I'd like to, she's pretty hot. Louise, another fake blonde, bookish nerd girl who loves video games and blowing her boyfriends while they game. And last but not least, Leah, pronounced Le-ah Jackie's adopted Asian sister.

Of all my sister's hot friends it's Leah I've thought about fucking the most. Maybe it's the Asian girl stereotype I'm not sure but Leah is your typical Asian beauty, slim, small, perky tits, long shiny black hair that makes all her friends jealous, vivid green eyes. Perhaps most of all it's because Leah is the one girl I know of all my sister's friends that isn't easy.

Leah was adopted into Jackie's family after her mother suffered complications during Jackie's birth. They wanted another so they adopted Leah. Leah and my sister happen to have the same birthday so the connected right away. Leah I know for a fact has had only a few boyfriends, maybe two or three, and only fucked one of them.

If you're wondering how I know so much it's because my dear sister has no filter and tells me everything. She knows I've banged Jackie for example. But I never told Macy I was really into Leah because as much as I wanted and still do want to fuck Leah's hotness, I don't want it spread among the group that I do.

I'd much rather it happen on it's own. My sister has offered to set me up with her friends if she feels I want to get laid. In her mind, that's her way of repaying me. And Jackie always told me I was awesome afterwards so they must've all heard. Girls talk. And talking they were.

Macy was chattering about some hot new outfit she was going to buy now that our parents couldn't stop her because she was a legal adult. I tuned the girl fashion talk out and found myself looking at Leah, who's back was to me. Nice round ass on that girl, I felt my cock hardening and not wanting to be laughed at by all my sister's friends nor look like an idiot in front of Leah, I rolled to one side and drank more lemonade.

Sure enough they moved on, and their voices got fainter, then were gone. I rolled back over and sighed. I finished my lemonade, went back inside and poured another glass, then went back outside and resumed my lounging in the shade. I'm not sure how long I laid there, but I was going over a song the band was trying to learn when I heard my gate open and looked up.

Leah was back, alone, still in that hot black bikini. Controlling myself I just waved and she came over and sat down on the next chair. I didn't want to go to the mall. Jackie and I stayed home. I go upstairs to watch TV in the air conditioning, then go downstairs after a bit for a drink and Jackie is sucking James Veers cock in the kitchen.

So I went out the back. I don't want to listen to her fuck, she's too loud. Doesn't surprise me. And Lord knows that's rare. You must've been impressive. Feel free to try it yourself sometime. In fact, you're the only one of Macy's friends that isn't! Honestly that makes you a hell of a lot more appealing.

Look all of Macy's friends are hot but your sister, been there done that. Missy I can't say, she's shy but I doubt she's a virgin. Louise has been know to blow the guys in her gamer league as they marathon on Call of Duty. You though, you're totally hot, nice, and not an easy girl.

So yeah Leah, that makes you more appealing to me. Hell that's how I fucked Jackie the first time! I've kept my attraction to you from my dear sister because she'd have a field day with it Leah. And you know it. I like you girl way more than that. I'd not just bang and boot you.

Your sister yeah. Most of Macy's friends, yeah. You, no way Jose. Was she serious? I had to say something before she made a move. Think fast dude! It's just like I said. I like you girl, I guess I'm saying is I'd want to do more than just get in your pants, hot though that is. I'd want to be your boyfriend, if were you willing to have me.

Only a faint longing. I was about to ask what when she got up, walked three steps to me, then laid down on me kissing me. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her back. We made out in the heat, my hands going low to grab her hot ass. She broke the kiss with a pant and I heard her whisper "I've wanted this since I first heard Jackie talk about you.

I was just too shy. So are we together? I brought my hands up and slipped them over her perky hot tits. She moaned loudly and I undid her bikini top quickly then was cupping her tits barehanded. She moaned loud, her nipples erect already. My cock was rock hard and poking out of my shorts as I kissed her hard, my tongue finding hers and swirling around each other.

Then I broke the kiss to loom in her beautiful eyes for a moment before lowering my head and my mouth found her nipples. Leah moaned louder as I sucked on her perky tits hotly, my hands groping two fistfuls of her hot ass. She kept moaning as I swirled my tongue around each nipple.

Hers were rather dark. I sucked them hotly, then bit down gently but firmly. Leah shivered above me and her hand slid down to grab my cock. I sucked harder as she worked it out then stroked it. I came up to kiss her mouth again hard, which she returned, then she slid down. My shorts came off and she started sucking me.

For a girl that had only had one sexual boyfriend she sucked well. Licked my cock head perfectly then sucked it in whole, her head bobbing like she was bobbing for apples. I moaned real loud, secretly wondering if Jackie would see this if she came out later and if she did I vowed I'd tell her that Leah was already better than she ever was!

Then Leah started swirling her tongue around my cock head, stroking me with her hand and I had to work no to writhe. It was like she was reading my mind! I ran my hands through her silky black hair and groaned. I tugged on her hair a bit and she started going faster. She continued for a few more moments then when she took a breath I lightly pulled her up. Clean shaven!

Seems that all Asian women are hairy thing is a myth they enforce in porn. I think she knew I was thinking that because she chuckled. Then I pulled her to be, kissing her stomach, then laid her down, opened her legs and returned the oral. Her pussy tasted damn good and I licked her up and down, thrusting my tongue into her wet hole.

She moaned loud with her back arching, cupping her own tits. I focused my attention on her tiny little clit and rolled it with my tongue, making her moan even louder. Her hips started bucking after a time and I could feel her tensing up. I came up to suck on her nipple, looking in her eyes, my hand rubbing her clit fast, her moans non-stop.

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What My Filipina Mother Taught Me About Asian-American Beauty:

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Light skin and little pink nipple boobies feel good. She was perfectly happy with that. The flight was paid for from one of the ongoing health system contracts and she stayed in Birmingham with the sponsor's son from a previous marriage. HD TV bra girl. Delighted, she was really pleased she made that video. So I chatted her up and gave her plenty of time before I suggested she come with me after work for sex, but once it was agreed, she was quite happy to do the video too.

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