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By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Anal cheating. Vixen Videos: Bondage - Just like men, older women love younger pussy and in this exciting we have a very hot milf doing just that with this hot young brunette!

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I am a female so I can be pretty sure she wouldnt ask you to do it if she wasnt sure it was clean. It does feel good. My hubby loves it if I do it to him too. Gard3nHos3 , lil peachie and Heat like this. Sep 15, Messages: Windsor, Ontario No Response. I told my bf to stop because of the health risks. It felt absolutely amazing, and he liked it, but it's not safe.

Nov 22, Messages: I can understand why some people wouldn't want to do it. But if it were that unsafe there would be a whole lot of gay men dieing from unknown causes. Dec 21, Messages: May 12, Messages: Well, you can get hepatitis from kissing or eating at Denny's too. But to answer your question, just kiss it, lick it and let your animal instincts do the rest.

Nov 27, Messages: Dec 28, Messages: Go for it, just remember before you get down and dirty, make sure she is good and clean. Oct 17, Messages: Are there people who actually go down on stinky ass? Nov 13, Messages: Apr 11, Messages: Aug 22, Messages: I'll never forget the first time I did I was eating her out, and I just had to, so i did, and she loved it.

You can get yeast infections in your mouth from eating a woman out too May 1, Messages: She may toss your salad in return. It feels pretty incredible. May 3, Messages: I plan on licking my wife's asshole and pussy on every occasion I can Absolutely love when guys do that.

Do you know how many nerve endings there are down there? It feels really good. A lot of guys like to have their ass licked too. It's all about preference. Try it out and see if you like it. No biggie if you don't. No ass licking does not do anything for me.

Deep ,hard anal sex.. But then I like really rough sex. I can "submit" to a girl by being so turned on by every inch of her that I can even lick her ass I've never tried it, so I really don't know.

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I'm not opposed to it, so if I ever find out I'll let you know: My guy did that and I didn't stop him, it felt nice but I'm baffled as to why he'd want to!

I made him wash his mouth though before letting his Tongue back in other area, can't mix and match. If done right i feels so good. After a good clean shower. Lmfao I just literally cried laughed so hard.. Im the girl with the jellybeans question.. Well people suck on dick and eat the vaginal area out Soo they same could be said "Why the fuck would you stick your tongue in a place where piss comes out of?

In starting, my Girl hesitates for showing me her Ass hole. But when she know that I really want love her asshole, she allowed me.

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I absolutely love to lick her pussy and ass. Orgasm - Not sure if girlfriend liked ass eaten. We glad to see everyone on our site who came to us for the first time or returned for a new dose of porn adrenaline. Sep 22, Messages: Gang Bang - Don't have an account?


She never went further than standard sex positions before, but today she sucks his cock like a pro and gets fucked in the ass moaning out loud and begging for more like a sex-hungry slut. Check out these great close-ups with her taking some nasty backdoor fucking. They both lick and suck each others butt hole like real pros! Riley Reid Videos. This cute petite teeny is really aroused tonight.

It's all about preference. So they get undress and began to lick each others asshole, this turned them on so much they were cuming like a geyser! Her boyfriend took her on a romantic date and now it's time to thank him for the efforts by sucking his firm creamy cock and taking it balls deep in her juicy pink slit and narrow ass hole. Lesbian - Shorts -

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