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View this post on Instagram A fruit sticker album! Nicer cities, liveable places. It was published in East Germany just How to make my blog.

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Food blog is a great way to document your recipes, share your love for cooking and become a more creative cook. Here's how to start a food blog. What 20, letters to an advice columnist tell us about what—and who—concerns us most.

Here is a list of spa resorts in Bulgaria with hot mineral pools for the winter season When the weather gets cold, my family and I immediately start thin Everyone wants to look their best because, quite simply, it can help you to feel good, boost your self-esteem and be more attractive to those around you.

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How did you end up in Japan? In college I had a scholarship to do ceramics in Japan. DTT for a little shoot with 'madness' at the bunker after, decided to start work on the renewal of the bunker's cove it's not nearly as bad as most ot Saturday, July 30, Basenji Judge: Erin Roberts, Khamsin Basenjis. Manitowoc, WI It seemed to be the best fit for a thoroughly modern publication with both digital and print formats.

Since The Modern Basenji is a truly worldwide publication, this blog will focus on topics that are generally informative and useful to basenji-lovers everywhere. Co-owner and Co-breeding Agreements: Drafting Made Painless well, almost …. Of course, the agreement should be enforceable — but the most important job of these agreements is to serve as a reminder of what you and your co-owner or co-breeder agreed to at the outset.

Contracts are roadmaps that lay out the expectations and responsibilities of a relationship, whether it is long-term or short-term. If you are worried, at the very beginning, that the other person will not honor the agreement, stop reading right here, and go back to watching that bunny outside your window. Maybe this is because law students are often broke, and tend to eat a lot of Chinese takeout?

Start broadly — you can always go back and add more subcategories later. Your chart will look like this: A will pay for: Your chart will begin to look something like Chart B below. B will pay for: Food for dam and pups b. Feed Fromm Gold to dam and pups b. Vaccinate pups using XYZ schedule d.

Second pick puppy b. First pick puppy b. You can continue adding categories and subcategories — I still find this easier to do with a pen and paper. There are a few other necessary bits required to turn a columns. You will need a caption or title, and simple beginning and ending paragraphs. What goes at the beginning? Almost Perfectly Perfect and Ch.

Breeder B will whelp the litter, and the litter will be co-bred by Breeder A and Breeder B pursuant to the terms of the chart that appears below. A sentence stating which laws will govern the agreement if there is a problem: Using the chart format is helpful when negotiating changes, too.

It is easy to see how useful this approach can be for very complicated agreements with multiple parties, multiple goals, and lots of responsibilities and benefits to be parsed out, but the approach is just as helpful for two-party agreements with fairly straight-forward terms.

Just remember that every co-ownership or co-breeding agreement needs to answer basic questions: What costs will each person be responsible for; What costs will be shared; What is each person required to do under the agreement and when ; What will each person receive in return? If you can make a grocery list, or order Chinese take-out, I predict success!

The Blog does not provide legal advice and is not intended as a substitute for the services of a qualified, duly licensed attorney. Most notably is the Grand Champion GCH classification, recently modified to include four designation levels. Also, the opportunity for Juniors to compete in companion events agility and obedience at national invitationals begins this year.

What is Grand Champion? This new title is an effort to provide our exhibitors with an additional venue to participate in with dogs that have obtained their Championships while assisting AKC Clubs with increasing their entries. It will continue exhibitor participation and camaraderie in our sport while emphasizing breed judging by recognizing quality and breed type.

To keep up-to-date with the competition, a new Top All-Breed Grand Champions list will be available at www. The Achievement Levels give them an opportunity for continued recognition and achievement. Once a dog completes the Grand Championship title, points will continue to accrue as it reaches the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels; there is no reset.

It is also to be noted entries in the Best of Breed class since the induction of the GCH May 12, was up 30, for , over Reserve-Best-in-Show and 5th and 6th Group Placements On the AKC Board of Directors agenda are the amendments to create a fifth and sixth place in groups if a specific number of different breeds are represented in a show, and a Reserve-Best-In-Show rosette.

A final discussion of these additional placements will take place at the June AKC Board of Directors meeting, with a final vote in September of There is also on-going discussion and clarification of the new Four to Six-Month Puppy Class piloted this year. The AKC has received very positive feedback on this program from judges and dog show fanciers.

Master Class in Junior Showmanship In February of , a new Junior Showmanship class was approved and will be implemented beginning November 1, The new class regulation reads as follows: This class will be for boys. The calendar for this class will be November 1 - October 31 of the following year.

All Juniors meeting the criteria for this class are required to enter the Master Class and may change their entry without charge the day of the show if entries have already closed. Once the eligibility time frame for that year has passed all participants return to the Open Class to compete for the following year.

Though there has been no official word from the Westminster Kennel Club NY or the National Dog Show FL , rumor has it only Best Junior Handler wins will become the deciding factor in eligibility for either of these two invitational shows. The change in Junior Showmanship with the addition of the Master Class will also change how Juniors currently are ranked by breed, group and top Juniors in the country beginning November It will no longer be possible to receive over ten wins in an Open Class, and then continue to work towards dogs defeated points as done in the breed rings and maybe pick up a few Best Junior Handlers too.

This is especially true in the Open Intermediate and Open Senior Classes that are often large in entries. Juniors are not totally in disagreement with the changes, but its unfortunate few if any were asked for feedback on such a large change in their sport. If the goal of the Master class is to offer an opportunity to earn Best Junior Handler wins towards invitationals -- and provide a very competitive opportunity for juniors ages 9 - 18 -- make it truly an invitation to participate in the Master Class too.

The American Kennel Club plans to recognize participation of Junior Showman in AKC Companion Events, and to provide a venue for experienced exhibitors in companion events to mentor the younger competitors at a national level. The first year will be open to any junior with a junior handler number, with following years by invitation only.

John was a breeder of Standard Poodles and used some of the early imports as models for his Cyberdogs project. Unfortunately John passed away of a heart attack before he was able to publish the results of our experiment. Given the recent inclusions of native stock and discussions that have followed, I felt it would be interesting to share the outcome of this experience.

The Cyberdog program consisted of importing a theoretical breed new to the country where we lived. It started with a limited foundation stock of Cyberdogs. Professor Armstrong decided to run a simulated breeding program with eight breeders participating and founding a hypothetical breed. To begin the program, each breeder was assigned a dog and a bitch that were litter mates.

Two inherited defects existed in some of the foundation dogs — one an early onset defect and the other a late onset. Since these dogs were imported, little was known of their backgrounds. However, a few of the dogs were known to be related. Some dogs carried one genetic problem and some of the others carried the other defect, but none of these foundation dogs carried both.

This was all the information we were given to start this program. No one knew which dogs carried what genetic disorder or which ones were healthy. From this point everyone was to breed hypothetical litters. As the breeding program progressed we were given additional information and most breeders shared any information that they learned about their own dogs.

Since this was basically a Diversity List, six of the breeders immediately went after diversity by breeding to males as distant from their bitches as they could get. One other breeder and I believed in linebreeding and, perhaps occasionally, some inbreeding. Since she had line-bred she quickly discovered this and was able to determine where it came from so.

In a few generations she had clear stock. My dogs carried the late onset problem and fortunately it showed up in my first litter so I knew it was there before I had gone too far down the wrong road. With late onset problems breeders can get into trouble quickly before they realize it. Both problems proved to be recessive in inheritance.

With further line-breeding this, too, could be eliminated. The study was based on 10 generations and in that time the other breeder and I knew exactly what we had and where our one problem might be hiding. Given another few generations we could have eliminated it entirely. Seeing the results other people got from using our dogs helped add to our knowledge as this information was shared.

The health problems were randomly computer generated within their possibilities. The other six breeders thought they could control problems with out-crossing their stock. Some of them started with the early onset problem; some had the late onset problem and at least one of them had clear dogs with no problems. Everyone kept records that were shared with the group.

After three or four generations, these six people started seeing the problems. All their pedigrees were the same hodgepodge of the many foundation dogs and now they all carried both problems. Since none of these breeders had line-bred, they never discovered which of the foundation dogs were the healthy ones. These were the dogs that should have been used for back-crosses and line-breeding.

Now it was too late. Now that the six people had already incorporated everything into their breeding programs there was no diversity left. The two breeders who line-bred their stock had healthy dogs with only a few carrying one problem, and they knew where to expect that defect to show up. So they were ahead of the game.

Population genetics preaches diversity and that diversity is mistakenly equated to anti-line-breeding. And yes, diversity is necessary in the whole population. However, short of God, who controls whole populations?? The main problem I noticed is that most people try to apply population genetics to individual breeding programs and cannot separate the two in their minds.

The only way to keep diversity within a breed is by line-breeding. Another breeder must line-breed on a few different dogs and establish another line. A third breeder should line-breed on yet some other dogs to establish yet another line. A fourth breeder — etc. NOW we have diversity! Even if all are descended from the same limited number of original ancestors, by having different lines, we maintained diversity.

When you line-breed and run into a problem you can always out-cross. If you are already out-crossing and run into a problem -- and you will -- where do you go then? No breeder can maintain diversity by himself, and any attempt to do so will lead to disaster for the breeder and the breed. It takes a network of breeders working together with individual lines to maintain diversity.

Line-breeding and in-breeding get a bad reputation because popular studs are overused. The big winners owned by the politically correct individuals are bred to most of the bitches. Their problems are spread throughout the breed and the use of animals that are not big winners or properly owned is lost along with what diversity they could have offered.

It is easy to bask in all those good experiences you may have enjoyed in the beginning. As you read this, consider what we can do to keep our sport alive and growing; consider what we can do to welcome everyone because without growth, we all suffer. No one was willing to help us. But when we would ask people questions about how the shows work or if anyone would be willing to give us a helping hand, we got a cold shoulder.

Some acted very competitive while others acted like we were somehow below them and their standards. No one offered help or advice. We walked away, went to no more shows, and, without any help, began to breed our dogs. They were from good lines, with champion parents. We thought we were doing things right. I do not want to place blame on anyone but ourselves, but I do believe that if the people in the basenji community had taken even just a minute to explain to us that we were going about things wrong, we would have tried to make changes sooner so that we could do things right.

The little girl I had sold three years earlier and had never heard from again. I had written, I had called, I had left pleading and frantic messages, but never heard a word. But what had happened? This was not the name of the person I had sold her to. Carefully, gingerly, I sent out a probe: I am her breeder. These were two young people who were enamored with the breed, and my little girl.

The dog had been sold to their mother, who had purchased her and a male, both on show and breeding contracts, and then another female. None of us breeders knew she was getting other dogs. The woman became very ill, and gave the dogs to her son and daughter-in-law, but did not put them in touch with the breeders of these animals. The post was filled with love for the dog: Unfortunately, they had already bred not only my little girl, but the other female as well.

I gave the situation careful thought before responding. One impulse was to get angry, to excoriate their impetuosity. They obviously loved the basenjis, but were proceeding without any guidance. I started at the beginning by explaining the three types of breeders: Puppy mills, backyard breeders, and reputable breeders.

Puppy mills are places with pens or cages of dogs in a barn that churn out as many puppies as possible for profit, not bothering to check if these puppies are sold to good homes. Backyard breeders are people who have two pets and just have puppies without much knowledge of the breed. Reputable breeders are not in it for the profit, but for the love and welfare of the breed.

They strive to preserve and improve the breed and to decrease the incidence of genetic health and temperament problems. There are two general activities that identify a reputable breeder: I personally am not that fond of showing, but understand the importance of finishing championships on most of my breeding stock in order to measure their quality against the breed standard.

However, in order for my new mentees to get some momentum in the show ring, they needed support. I offered that support, but because I live a considerable distance from them, I enlisted the help of a friend who lived near them. I forwarded the entire e-mail trail to my friend, who immediately wrote them and welcomed them to the basenji world. I explained to my new mentees the tests that I do on my dogs, and asked that they test theirs.

The puppy bitch I sold had been tested by a certified canine ophthalmologist when she was a puppy, but her hips and thyroid had still to be done. This bitch was from two and three generations of tested Probably Clear Fanconi dogs. Still, I recommended she be tested before being bred again. I sent them a photo of their little girl when I still had her, stacked for show at five months.

I explained that both her parents were champions, and that her sire is on the Stud Dog Honor Roll. I asked if they would give the show ring another try, explaining that while some. I suggested we all go to some shows together, betting we would have fun. In their next email, they announced they had decided not to breed again until they had done the health testing.

And they would like to try showing again, despite their experiences with the basenji people the first time. I think we both remember how that opened up a whole new can of worms on the basenji forums. We felt jumped on, chewed up, and spit out by some of the people on there because we had not had our testing done. It was discouraging that still, no one wanted to offer any advice other than to tell us how we had not done health testing.

We were scolded as if we were children and again made to feel below their standards. They joined a forum and discovered that they themselves were the hot topic de jour. They read the comments criticizing the information they had put on their newly established website. At first, they thought the criticism was about their website, and tried to assure everyone that they were still working on it, adding that they would be happy to answer any questions, that their goal was to learn and to become respected breeders.

While some people posting offered constructive feedback on how their website could be improved with links to health testing and providing the registered names of their dogs, others were unrelentingly critical, saying the website was of no concern, that puppy mills have websites.

And indeed, this is what came close to happening. I suppose I can understand why! Our goal, though, is to be responsible breeders. I admit that maybe we did jump the gun and should have learned more before breeding our dogs. Though we might not have started in the correct manner we are looking to change that. We came here in hopes of meeting people who are knowledgeable and are willing to share that knowledge with us so that we can make responsible breeding choices.

However, I am starting to get the impression that some members of this community have no desire to help newcomers and would rather push them away then take the time to give some guidance. How can anyone expect to keep this breed strong when there are people that love this breed and are trying to become more involved but feel pushed away. I understand we may have made some mistakes.

We started out as owners who loved this breed and never had intentions of breeding our dogs. So yes, I am sure there are some things we should have done differently. But, we WANT to learn. You have chosen to breed first and use the accomplishments of others as the selling point for your dogs which most people are not going to be very receptive to and has probably contributed to the attitude of others you have encountered in the breed.

The hostility was coming at them, not from them. I do not believe the experience these people had is unique. I recounted this story to a well-established breeder, and she replied that her early experiences had been rather similar. This breeder is a researcher, and her response was to read voraciously, but not everyone can learn on their own.

I remember long hours spent over coffee in the kitchens and dining rooms and back yards of older, experienced breeders. My phone bills were out of sight from the hours and hours spent gleaning facts and information, talking long distance in the years before cell phones. My mentors and I would travel together to shows. They insisted I keep up to date with the latest health tests and breeding practices, and I absorbed years of knowledge and experience.

I realize now that I did not appreciate my mentors enough at the time, especially when I see that today mentoring has all but died out. Criticism is not mentoring. Constructive criticism is a good thing, but it is not effective until trust and receptiveness are established. Civility, support, interest and encouragement are the important first steps. Harshness turns people off, and we get situations such as this-- people go off on their own and breed on their own.

Instead of new fanciers, we have another back yard breeder; the breed loses. We have so few young, enthusiastic newcomers to replenish our ranks. Who will carry on after we are gone? On a positive note, our young people have, with our encouragement, joined the local kennel club and have attended handling classes. My little girl dog has been to two shows; in the first, I handled her, in the second, her owner handled her and was thrilled to win Reserve.

We have shows scheduled together in the coming months. And lastly, the dogs are getting their health tests. Judge Lori Grootemaat had a very nice entry of basenjis for the B Match. The bunny is her prize for finding the Easter Egg that held a prize number, as well as the liver treat she pursued. This is her second time winning one of the prizes.

Jigs is very good at finding the eggs and opening them. We are an equal opportunity club--fun for all dogs, not just basenjis. As you can see we had other sighthounds Irish wolfhounds and Podengos come to join in. The weather was great--warm, but not hot. A bit overcast and breezy. Besides the fun events and the coursing some puppies and dogs were microchipped.

Unfortunately Mother Nature paid us a visit forcing the event to be cancelled. The superintendent is Foy Trent Dog Shows, http: Contact Lisa Marshall, Show chair, for more information at , brkls wi. Actually, many adults could use it too. The Apache Junction police department and some Cub Scout troops have expressed an interest in using the video for programs.

We are an equal opportunity club. The Greater Chicagoland Basenji Club is giving up our traditional middle of June Specialty date--at least for the time being. Clubs are changing dates and places making it difficult to find an affordable spot to hold an independent specialty. If we receive permission it will be on November 19, More information to follow next time. We will report on the fun and success next time.

It has been a long, cold, dreary winter but the weather is finally starting to look up. People are starting to get interested in more shows and events. We had a fantastic time with 70 basenjis entered. I included some racing pictures of some of the dogs entered. Those results are also posted below.

The Conformation judge is breeder judge John Forbes. To learn more about the show, visit http: So showing is a hit-and- miss thing throughout the spring, summer and fall. And we all know how much basenjis love the rain. Thanks for reading The Modern Basenji! Meisterhaus Tail of Intrigue Ch. Merlea Sun Dancer Ch. Sir Datar of Horsley Ch. Hai Aari Tshiluba Ch. Marabasi Karosel Pied Piper Ch.

Tinas Coma Mumbo Jumbo Ch. Akuaba the Yodelman Ch. Sonbar Brite Genuineoriginal DC. Akuaba in Corduroy Ch. Moores Perfect Pride Ch. Akuaba the Red Fox Ch. Comet of the Congo Ch. Hamio of Hills Half Acre Ch. Lager Sun Tzu of Bentlage Ch. Peregrine of Rossanty Ch. Kibushi Prime Target Ch. Tinas Coma Top Hit Ch. Blucrest Sun Runner Ch. Cavalier of the Congo Ch.

Chobi Capt Benjamin Pierce Ch. Glenairley Black Trellis Ch. Merlea Dancing Bugleboy Ch. Reveille Hoo Wants Roses Ch. Serengeti Tri-Tan Trouper Ch. Windrush Enyekutu of Bojak Ch. Ajali Proudlaan Aja Augustan Ch. Akuaba Candu High Stakes Ch. Akuaba in Blacque by Candu Ch.

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