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Wonder Womyn is beaten up pretty badly, does she make it out and capture the kidnappers or does she become another one of their victims? After they leave Wonder Womyn snaps out of her trance and assists Wonder Gurl in breaking out of her spell as well. Kayla Biggs jerks her big cock and cums 5: An old nemesis holds a grudge and he has plenty of rope and tape to administer on the hapless detective. Hence we offer you: She decides to take a nap and removes her boots.

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Today, more students are using Questia than ever before. I love the huge variety of topics and tools available for comprehensive research. Yet, it's easy to use and fun. Thank you so very much for being here. I wish I had known about it years sooner. Thank you. An unknown error has occurred.

Please click the button below to reload the page. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. Just call Waking up, she draws her weapon and prepares to fight her way out. Does she break into the case, does she leave with the loot, or does she lose out in the end? This video starts out with our gorgeous heroine in her two-piece Wonder Womyn outfit entering a room where she has been asked to confirm the presence of a ghost.

She is very skeptical that ghosts exist and says so several time as she walks around the room. She even says,"Its not even cold. In the darkness you hear the sound of fists hitting bare skin. Wonder Womyn is in trouble as you hear her moan after each punch. After a moment of silence, the lights come back on and Wonder Womyn is lying unconscious on her back across a foot stool, minus her belt!

She knows there is something there as she feels around the room searching for it. But the lights go out again, more punching and moaning, and when the lights return, our courageous girl is out again on her back. This time after waking up, she feels for the ghost, and touches an unseen object. She attempts to trade punches with it. It's a losing battle as she takes much more then she gives.

The ghost even pulls her around by the hair. After taking what appears to be an upper cut, Wonder Womyn is again KO'd on her back on a coffee table. At this point, it appears Wonder Womyn is in great danger.

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Can she manage to KO her unseen attacker? Or even get away from it alive? The odds are against her!!! But no one looks hotter taking punches then Hollywood.

Having tracked the L. After quickly dispatching the hapless henchmen, the sexy super heroines confront the boss and demand he give himself up. The boss has other plans and soon has the virtuous vixens under his control, entrancing them with a pendant. Are Wonder Womyn and Wonder Gurl doomed to remain pawns for some dime-store wannabe mind controller?

Stay tuned and find out! The henchmen return to practice more mind-control on the enthralled duo before leaving to summon the boss. After they leave Wonder Womyn snaps out of her trance and assists Wonder Gurl in breaking out of her spell as well. When the boss and the henchmen return the Curvaceous Crusaders once again administer their preferred style of justice, knocking the bumbling buffoons across the room.

The cowardly crooks flee the scene, with the buxom crime-busters in hot pursuit. They catch up to the clowns and once again knock them silly. This time though the sniveling sneaks manage to turn the tables on our haughty heroines, taking them down with Insta-chlor.

What sinister fate do these thugs have in store for our slumbering super-babes? Only one way to find out! Having been immobilized by the Insta-Chlor, the caped crusaders are tied to a bench and mind- draining cones are attached to their heads. The boss then taunts the trapped duo, informing them that the cones will send electronic impulses directly into their brains, effectively emptying their minds and leaving them ready to be re-programmed.

When the boss and henchmen leave to check on the control panel, our intrepid heroines devise a plan to turn the tables on their captors and escape their perilous predicament. Will our courageous captives succeed in escaping this fiendish trap? See for yourself! WW enters and is pissed off about having been forced to pose naked for her captors.

She puts her top back on and starts examining her surroundings. Gas is heard and WW soon falls victim to it. When WW awakens, she is tied diagonally across the bed. WW awakens with her arms bound in a device behind her back, as she tries to gather her thoughts and plan an escape, she is tickled by the mysterious man behind the camera and eventually succumbs to a hand over her mouth HOM.

WW enters the room dressed in her two piece outfit carrying her magic belt. She begins looking around the room for clues to a Russian plot to kidnap the president. She walks around looking through the drawers and crawls on the floor to look under the bed, during her search; the POV villain hits her on the head from behind!

The evil man binds her wrists and ankles in cuffs. When she awakens, her attempts to find out why she is there by using the magic lasso. WW somehow resists the powers of the lasso, but her captor begins to tickle her for the information. Does she break or can she hold out? The Ice Queen demands that her legs be looked at and details how she is going to turn this heroine to her side.

Is the Ice Queen successful or does the heroine save the day?? Shot POV from the perspective of the heroine. Wonder Womyn bursts into the room wearing her 2 piece bikini and carrying her belt and lasso. She is acting like she is running from someone. As she looks around the room she discovers some strange equipment. As she is examining a bondage type table she hears gas and is rendered unconscious.

She awakens strapped to the table and begins to struggle violently to get free. As she struggles, she again hears the gas and awakens tied to a wooden wall frame. Wonder Womyn again struggles to break free from her bonds. After another round of gas Wonder Womyn awakens wrapped in a black bag with leather straps. After struggling to the point of exhaustion, Wonder Womyn is again rendered unconscious by the gas and awakens wrapped in a pink material.

She finally gets to see one of her captors as his hand tickles her with an electric toothbrush. Does Wonder Womyn escape to fight another day or was it all "just a dream"? Supergyrl enters the room where General Zod is waiting on her. He offers her a place by his side as when he destroys the Earth. She refuses him and a battle ensues. These two wage and epic back and forth battle with tons of punches, chokes hold, tests of strength, body scissors, full nelsons, and much, much more.

Supergyrl struggles to gain the upper hand on the more powerful Zod and does have him down several times through out the battle, does she win the day or does Zod succeed in destroying here? A mysterious figure is sitting in a chair when his phone rings. He hears a woman's voice telling him that they have the chemical to captured both WW and Supergyrl but they must act quickly so neither is suspicious.

The evil man mixes a powder in water and places it near the couch. WW arrives first for her interview and takes a drink from the glass. She begins to feel dizzy and takes another drink. WW stands to use the rest room and the man attacks! WW struggles to break free but is subjected to belly punching, the full nelson, a sleeper hold, and is knocked out with a tainted cloth.

WW is tied up and placed in a different room. Supergyrl arrives next for her "interview" with the villain. Does she fall victim to the same fate as WW? Or is she able to save the day? Wonder Womyn, following up on an anonymous tip, enters the office of a suspected slave trader. She is confronted by an business woman, played by Jennifer Thomas, and after a brief discussion, a fight breaks out when WW tries to use her magic lasso.

The evil woman and WW tussle and struggle for dominance. There is tons of punches, hair pulling, leg scissors, sleep holders, hammer locks and much, much more. WW is eventually defeated and taken to be sold at auction! Supergyrl soon arrives at the slave traders office to enquire about the whereabouts of WW.

Does she find her or does she become just another victim of the slave trader? Princess Leia enters the bedroom dressed in a new harem outfit after having been sold to a new master by Jabba the Hutt. She is still defiant and looking for a way to escape her captors. She begins searching the bedroom she is supposed to be cleaning for a way to escape. Our heroine soon awakens and begins her fruitless escape again struggling to find a way out of her imprisonment.

Again gas is heard and she is knocked out. This cycle continues as the new master tries to train his new slave to be obedient. Does it work? Wonder Womyn has been trapped while undercover. She is lying unconscious on the floor in a pink top and black bikini bottom. I masked man enters the room and rubs his hands over her body.

WW moans but does not wake up. The man begins a vicious beating of WW's stomach using punches and double axe handles. Things never really get much better for poor, poor defenseless WW. Without her magic belt, she is powerless to stop this evil doer's assault.

She is subjected to tons of belly punches, upper cuts, a bily club to the stomach, and many more ruthless moves. WW is knocked out the entire time and cannot even struggle against this madman's abuse. WW enters her house exhausted after a long hard day. She encounters the Dream Maiden, played by Sumiko, dressed in a white top and short skirt. The Dream Maiden tells WW that she is there to protect her from her evil twin sister, the Nightmare Maiden, who is looking to cause trouble in the Dream World.

The Dream Maiden has WW lie down and helps her fall asleep. An intense back and forth battle ensues full of belly punching, legs scissors, headlocks, and lot more action as each combatant struggles to gain the upper hand. The Nightmare Maiden eventually gains the upper hand and uses WW's magic lasso to force her to explain how to make her powerless!

As the Nightmare Maiden appears victorious, we flash back to the real world and the Dream Maiden looks concerned at WW is jerking in her sleep. She whispers something in WW's ear. Does it help WW? Will WW emerge victorious in her struggle against the Nightmare Maiden?

Hollywood, Santa's favorite elf, is heading to drop off some Christmas cheer wearing a sexy, and festive, green metallic bikini and a Santa hat. Unfortunately for her, she is attacked from behind by a vile henchman of the Grinch! He uses a mysterious object to incapacitate her just enough to give her a solid beat down! The poor little elf only wanted to spread good cheer for the holidays but instead is subjected to belly punching, multiple knockouts, chokes, the camel clutch, Boston crab, back breakers, and much, much more.

Does the heroine recover and save the day or does the evil Grinch steal her Christmas cheer? Get this HOT video to find out!! Hollywood is talking on the phone about booking an audition for a superhero costume catalog. She is looking sexy in print top, black skirt, and high heels. She excitedly leaves the room to prepare.

We next see the doomed Hollywood dressed as SuperGyrl, ready for her big audition, but something is wrong. There is no one around to start the audition! Our poor helpless model struggles in vain to ward off her clueless attacker, but she is beaten senseless. She is subjected to stomach punches, multiple knockouts, the torture rack, back breakers, you name it, this evil villain does it to her!

The poor broken model is left convulsing in a heap. Supergryl played by our gorgeous Hollywood, goes to investigate a call about the possibility that someone has found out how to use an alien technology that is very powerful. Supergryl is very skeptical when she is warned to protect herself.

Going in confident as always she finds that the technology is real, and it is powerful enough to hurt the girl of steel. Now reeling she is put down on the ground where the villain played by the ever sexy Goldie tells her she will turn out Supergirl's lights, and proceeds to do just that. With the maiden of might down for the count, can she recover in time and defeat this technology, or will she simply be destroyed and left for dead.

Find out in another exciting adventure for Supergryl!!! Wonder Womyn enters looking sexy in her bikini. She starts stretching to get ready for her next interview. The man she is to interview is late and she begins to wonder out loud if he is strong enough to pass her test. He soon arrives and after a brief explanation of the Wonder Womyn Test, they begin.

Wonder Womyn has the man put her into a fireman's carry and he holds her up to touch the ceiling, then she wraps her legs around his waist and he holds her while she does sit ups. These two grapplers co-operate to bring you piggy back rides, lap sitting , cradles , arm lifts, side lifts and over the shoulder torture racks, WW on the man's shoulders, and much, much more.

To take things a step further, Wonder Womyn also has the man do calf raises, squats, and bicep curls while he is holding her. Wonder Womyn even gets to show off her strength by lifting the man! If you are a fan of lift and carry, then this video is for you! Wonder Womyn is unconscious and strapped to a table by heavy duty medical restraints.

As she awakens, she struggles to free herself from her bonds. Who is this woman? Well, Wonder Womyn soon learns that she is there for one reason, and one reason only, and that is to tickle our poor hero mercilessly! Poor Wonder Womyn tries to bargain with the evil woman as she struggles against her bonds and endures tickling on her feet, ribs, armpits, legs, knees and much, much more.

Can she escape or does she remain trapped and strapped to endure more tickle torture? Carissa and her gang are fresh off their defeat of Wonder Womyn, looking to make another score. Next up for them is none other than Super Gyrl. With the recent disappearance of Wonder Womyn, the Maiden of Might is on high alert. When she gets a tip in Wonder Womyn's whereabouts, she must follow up.

Carissa is armed with kryptonite dust, and kryptochloroform, that and her sneaky innocent personality. Will she be able to take down another Superheroine, get this hot vid and find out!!! The talk soon turns to Carissa's disdain for WW and how she thinks WW takes work away from the police department.

Hollywood defends WW and the argument soon turns into a violent catfight! This is Hollywood at her absolute badass best! She literally wipes to floor with the seemingly inept Carissa using stomach punches, full nelsons, leg scissors, choke holds, and much more to subdue her struggling foe. Hollywood leaves Carissa knocked out on a table as she leaves the room.

As Carissa awakens, WW enters the room and confronts her. The superhero says she has heard the nasty things that have been said about her and another catfight starts! Things don't get much better for WW as she is subjected to the same punishing holds and moves that Carissa received earlier and is left in a heap on the floor. Carissa then uses the magic lasso to get WW to reveal how to make her helpless.

The defeated hero reveals that if she loses her belt, lasso, boots, and bracelets she is defenseless. In a final humiliation, Carissa has her reveal her identity as Hollywood! WW is left unconscious on the floor. In the final scene, Hollywood reenters the empty room in her black leather dress to regain her belt, lasso, bracelets, and boots, however, as she strips to her USA bikini and begins to spin, Carissa enters and delivers another beatdown!

Does WW recover and emerge victorious or is she defeated yet again? Get this HOT video and find out!! The battle is on and as usual the bad guys are on the losing end and wind up on the floor. However the over-confident maidens of might drop their guard while demanding the Black Widow give herself up. Holy ring around the rosy!

What do these vile villains have in store for our glamorous duo? The virtuous vixens can only watch helplessly as buckets of lethal poisonous fog are placed at th eir feet. While Black Widow and her henchmen make their exit the fog starts to fill the room. Holy fog out! Will the Curvaceous Crusaders be completely cocooned by a pair of abominable arachnids? Tune in and find out!

From the Hollywould Productions Archives Our story begins with Jewel M dressed in a hot black pleather bikini top and short shorts and Coral S dressed in sexy camo talking about finding "the ring". Coral says that she is going to go "pump Hollywood for information. Hollywood leaves and meets Jewel in another room. An all out catfight, full of plenty of hair pulling , belly punching and wrestling moves, breaks out between the 2 grapplers and Jewel ends up knocked out.

Enter Coral who appears to be helping Hollywood subdue Jewel. Hollywood and Coral then interrogate Jewel about the ring and Hollywood again knocks out Jewel with a hard punch. Hollywood asks Coral to watch Jewel leaves and tells Coral that she will be back. Coral then revives Jewel and they plot against Hollywood and beat her up when she returns This story has more twists and turns than you can imagine.

It is full of knock outs, belly punching, belly close ups, struggling , leg scissors, wrestling holds, and more betrayals than you can possibly imagine. Who will be the ultimate victor? Will they find the ring? Get this HOT video and find out! This is Hollywould Productions like you haven't seen it in a long time! An evil organization bent on destroying Supergyrl sends one of their most diabolical agents to confront her played by Tilly McReese.

Armed with Krypto-chloroform the agent is able to subdue the maiden of might, but not without a fight. She tries to draw blood from Supergyrl in order to learn from it in order to defeat her permanently. When she can't do it, she goes with plan B. Her organization has provided her with special goggles that if Supergyrl willingly uses, she will solar flare, draining her of her powers making her easy pickings for the villain.

But why would she do it. Maybe kidnapping her sister would make Supergyrl put herself in the most perilous position she has ever been in, beaten and powerless in front of her most deadly adversary. Will she do it? Detective Hollywood returns from another hard day fighting crime as Wonder Womyn. She is dressed in a white blouse, black skirt, black nylons, and her Wonder Womyn boots.

She is carrying her Wonder Womyn suit. Detective Holly then puts on her black high heels and starts doing some of her computer and paper work that she needs to complete. As she walks around the room, she bends over and picks things up, falls out of her shoes, rubs her aching feet, and dangles her shoes from her toes.

Foot fetish fans, this video is for you! The video focuses on Hollywood's feet throughout the video. Scene 1. The battle is on and as usual both bad guys get the worst of it. However the boss manages to get the drop on our unsuspecting heroines and they soon find themselves taken hostage a t gunpoint. What do these evil doers have in store for their caped captives?

Scene 2. This time though the boss manages to take the buxom crime busters down with a couple of well-placed bonks on the head. The captured crime fighters are then strapped down to a mattress while a couple of industrial sized stitching needles hover ominously overhead. Will the trapped duo be stitched to death? We hope not! Scene 3.

Completely immobilized, the glamorous heroines can only watch helplessly while the henchman chains them down and the boss calls the main office for instructions on how to dispose of them. What terrible fate awaits our heroines? Only time will tell! Wonder Womyn enters the room disguised as Detective Hollywood wearing her sexy black leather dress and black heels.

She begins searching the room for clues to the whereabouts of the Foot Fiend. As she moves around the room searching, she occasionally picks up her feet like something is making them hot, but continues searching. Eventually the floor gets TOO hot and WW begins to dance and high step in her heels because the floor it too hot for her feet.

She tries to leave but the door is locked! She then realizes that the Foot Fiend has trapped her in his diabolical lair!! WW seeks refuge on the couch and removes her shoes and blows on her feet. WW gets so hot that she removes her dress to reveal her sexy USA bikini. The struggling SuperHeroine continues to try and escape by using various objects in the room to stand on to protect her feet and returns to the couch to blow on her feet when they get too hot.

Does she get away or does the Foot Fiend have his way with her feet in the end?? Get this HOT video today!! Wonder Womyn, wearing a sexy red top and Daisy Duke shorts, arrives home from a relaxing day at the beach. She removes her shirt to reveal her WW bikini top. She sits down to watch a bit of TV before turning in for the night. Suddenly the door bell rings and she goes to answer it.

Before we know it, she is thrown on the bed by a masked attacker and after a brief struggle she is rendered unconscious. The villain ties her wrist behind her back and her ankles, he then begins to tickle her. As WW struggles, she is able to get her hands free but is quickly subdued without her power belt, her hands are retied in front of her and she then begins a new round of tickle torment!

WW is subjected to tickling of her ribs, knees, and especially her feet. She eventually passes out from the torment. When she awakens, she is tied to a door frame with her arms in the air, a new villain arrives to tickle her some more, he eventually removes her Daisy Duke shorts and applies some "special devices" to the tickling of poor Wonder Womyn. Does she get away? Or does she become a tickle captive?

Wonder Womyn enters the lair of the Mad Scientist looking as sexy as ever! She talks to the commissioner on the phone and tells him that she will check out the lair and turn on the news for more info on the Villanova. WW sits on the bed and turns on the TV. She begins to get a strange feeling as she is watching the TV. A strange voice commands her to remove her power belt, WW in a trance like state replies, "Yes, Master" and complies.

WW is then commanded to remove her bracelets then her boots and she willingly complies with all the commands. WW is then ordered to rub her feet and she again willingly complies. WW is ordered to remove her costume and put on a bikini. She is then told to continue to watch the TV and eat fruit and snacks slowly After she is done eating WW is commanded to taint a cloth and knock herself out, does she comply??

Does WW break free of the trance or does she now serve the Mad Scientist? Check out this HOT video to find out!! Wonder Womyn played by the gorgeous Hollywood enters the office dressed in her full costume and looking sexy as hell. She is talking to the commissioner about a burglar alarm that has gone off.

Since it appears to be a false alarm, Wonder Womyn prepares to leave until she is met by a scared office worker played by Carissa who is dressed in a sexy black mini dress and high heels. The office worker tells Wonder Womyn that she was hiding and is afraid that there is still someone there and ask Wonder Womyn to check the security logs.

As Wonder Womyn begins to check, the office worker injects her with a poison strong enough to kill 12 African elephants! Wonder Womyn is down but not out. The office worker pushes her advantage and gives Wonder Womyn a hard beat down. Wonder Womyn suffers punches to the stomach, knockouts from upper cuts, leg scissors, choke holds, multiple knockouts, and she is stretched out almost to the breaking point!

Does she survive? Or is she captured to be sent to her enemies as planned? The Lone Ranger, played by Hollywood in a sexy white bikini, enters the room, with her gun drawn, looking for the Golden Avenger, played by Robin. The Lone Ranger is there to take the Golden Avenger to jail for her crimes.

The ladies exchange some trash talk as the Lone Ranger removes her gun belt and the fight is on! The Lone Ranger takes the early advantage and knocks down the Golden Avenger with some belly punches and once she has her on the ground puts her in a tight leg scissors. The trash talk continues as the fight goes on. The Lone Ranger puts the Golden Avenger in the camel clutch, and tries to get her to shut up with a hand over her mouth.

The Lone Ranger continues punishing the Golden Avenger and then knocks her out with a sleeper hold. As the Lone Ranger is getting her gun belt back on, the Avenger recovers and attacks! She presses her advantage and beats down the Lone Ranger with belly punches and soon knocks her out with a sleeper hold.

After the knock out, the Blonde removes the Lone Rangers mask and wakes her up with some hard belly punches. The Lone Ranger really suffers in this match at the hands of the Golden Avenger. But does the Lone Ranger recover or does the Golden Avenger rule the day?? Taken from home security camera footage: Agent Hollywood has been dispatched by the president to recover a stolen data disk.

She is dressed in her white tank top, sexy Daisy Duke shorts, and high heels. While she is busy looking for the disk, she is knocked unconscious by a masked man. He ties her to a chair and begins to interrogate her. He starts by ripping her tank top to reveal her animal print bikini. He then unties her and begins to beat her down with belly punches, stretching holds, gut stomps, and many more punishing moves.

Agent Hollywood is knocked out repeatedly and ends up being stripped down to her bikini only. Does she outlast the interrogator or does she reveal her mission? Hollywood enters the frame wearing a new hot, white super hero outfit with a red cape and her red boots. She begins with some basic warm up routines to get her body ready for the Superheroine Workout.

Once she is warmed up, she stretches out her body, does Pilates exericses, works on her abdominal muscles, and does several yoga poses. If you are a fan of Hollywood and her rocking body, this video is for you. You get to see a little bit of how she stays in such great shape!!

The video begins with Lena hiding kryptonite rocks under the ring. Super Gyrl arrives and removes her boots. The ladies start out with Super Gyrl showing Lena some moves. Super Gyrl gives Lena an upper cut that knocks her out of the ring and she retrieves the kryptonite! And the beat down is on! Does she survive to fight another day?

Wonder Womyn is staggering around and appears to be suffering after a severe beating, she is dressed in an ultra sexy gold bikini top and black bottom. The villain enters the frame and begins to assault Wonder Womyn. He announces to the audience watching over the web that the more money they pay, the more he will beat her up!

He continues his beating of WW as more money rolls in. Poor Wonder Womyn is sujected to hard belly punching, bear hugs, sleeper holds, knees to her abdomen, double axe handles to her stomach, and she is slammed into furniture. Wonder Womyn has absolutely no strength to fight back!! Wonder Womyn is knocked out repeated and the villain then offers to give her limp body to the highest bidder!

Does Wonder Womyn survive this beating and escape to fight another day or is she left in a shaking heap? Agent Holly is searching for important documents when she is attacked and KO'd with a tainted cloth by a villain in a Spawn mask. He quickly ties her up and leaves. Agent Holly recovers and spins into Wonder Womyn.

Wonder Womyn then confronts the villain who has been waiting for her. They engage in a violent seesaw battle and WW eventually knocks the villain out but unknowingly has lost her lasso in the struggle. The villain recovers and finds the lasso. The villain uses the lasso to force the struggling WW to tell him how to take her prisoner. He forces her to remove and drop her belt. He then beats WW unconscious using belly punches, and various holds including a surfboard camel clutch.

In the end, the villain removes all of Wonder Womyn's accessories, leaving her in just her costume and pantyhose. He then ties her tightly and lifts and carries her over his shoulder to take her to her next encounter In his most devious test yet, the sheik has sent The Predator to test how far Wonder Womyn will go to serve him.

The Predator is a perverted minion of the Sheik who takes pleasure in putting women in bondage and making them uncomfortable so they struggle in order for him to punish them for disobedience. The story begins with WW kneeling in her Princess Leia slave attire and waiting. The Predator enters and tells WW of her fate if she fails his "test.

Does she pass his test or does she fail and get sent to the brothels? Last we saw wonder womyn was tied up and KO'd We now see her still KO'd but her arms and legs have been untied The villain is securing her hands over her head. He removes the tape from her mouth, places the super heroines boots, Power belt and accessories on the bed. The perpetrator says Soon your worst night mare will begin!!

He starts punching away at Wonder Womyn's stomach and ribs. He then pulls out a cloth and saturates it with some KO fluid! Wonder womyn is out again When she awakes she is tied to a chair and gagged ready for more of the same. Does our super sweetheart get out and get revenge? Or will she be forever punished?

Wonder Womyn is busy working on her computer when she receives an emergency call from the commissioner. She is informed that a group of kidnappers is using a fake audition for a new horror movie to abduct a young actresses. Wonder Womyn agrees to bring them in.

Wonder Womyn arrives in a HOT short red dress and is told to take a seat by an off screen voice. As she is waiting, she is struck from behind by an unseen force. Wonder Womyn is beaten down and knocked out repeatedly by an invisible attacker. She endures belly punching, being thrown into the wall, slammed onto the bed, multiple knock outs.

Wonder Womyn is beaten up pretty badly, does she make it out and capture the kidnappers or does she become another one of their victims? Elwood however turns the tables on our unsuspecting heroines and manages to take them down via a concealed dart-gun. He then informs the trapped duo that they are to be preserved as human statues for the trophy room at the new arch-villain corporate headquarters and proceeds to coat their succulent bodies with a special compound.

Will our heroines be posed and preserved for posterity as prized works of art in some remote rumpus room? Get this hot video and find out! Now in hot pursuit of Elwood, the heroines encounter the henchman in another room but Elwood is nowhere to be found. What nefarious fate now awaits our caped captives?

Other fetish elements include suspension, rope bondage, leg irons, chains, on-screen tying, panty hose, bare legs, high-heeled boots, super heroines rendered unconscious then carried off. Wonder Womyn comes home tired after a hard day of fighting crime. She is trying to enjoy a nice lollipop, but is too tired, so she decides to take a nap. But just as she is ready to rest, she is HOM from behind!

The belly punching beat down is on! Wonder Womyn realizes she doesn't have her belt and the villain takes full advantage of her in her weakened state. Poor Wonder Womyn is beaten down yet again. Wonder Womyn's mid section takes an absolute beating in this video! She also has her body stretched out only to have her poor stomach beaten again.

For belly punching fans and fans of a one sided beat down, this video is for you! Wonder Womyn has been called in by the General to help interrogate a prisoner. Due to the prisoner's dangerous nature, the General asks WW if he can use her lasso. WW agrees and shows the General how to use it. The General forces our patriotic gal to reveal how to take her prisoner!

After subduing her with a knock out substance the General removes WW's bracelets and boots before waking her up. The beat down is ON! WW is subjecting to brutal belly punching, she is knocked out repeatedly, and slammed into various objects in the remove. Can Wonder Womyn escape or is this just the beginning of a very bad situation for our heroine? Livewire begins by shocking our Super Heroine with her powers.

Soon an all out catfight begins. Livewires uses scissors, chokes, belly punching, Ko's and many other holds to subdue our heroine. During the course of the battle Super Gyrl struggles and is shocked over and over again by Livewire's powers. Will Super Gyrl survive to fight another day or will Livewire electrocute her for good?

Get this HOT video to find out!!! Wonder Womyn has been returned to the sheik from her time in the dungeon. She is still proving to be not as cooperative as the sheik would like. He is considering sending her to the brothels, but decides to give her one more chance if she can pass an inspection by the inspector.

WW reports to the inspector who verbally abuses her as he examines her. The inspector then begins assaulting WW's body with belly punches, back breakers, and abdominal stretches. After causing her to pass out, the Inspector informs her that she must pass one final test. He then puts her in bondage cuffs and hogties her, leaving her to struggle for her freedom.

Did she pass or will she be sent to the brothels?? After a long hard day wonder womyn is going to relax for the evening. She is tired and is going to take a nap Unbeknownst to her the perpetrator has snuck in and grabbed a weapon and hits wonder womyn over the head, hard!! From that point on he is asking the struggling wonder womyn where the chip is but she is pretty out and dazed from the hit on her head There are sleeper holds, punches to the stomach punches to the face, Head slams, bear hugs And Elbows into wonder womyn's abs.

If you're into one sided beatdowns than this Hot video is for you!!! Villain "Razor" is hired by the mob. He sneaks into a warehouse looking for a flash drive that was stolen from wonder womyn he hides waiting for her to come home. The superheroine enters wearing a very short dress and thigh high black boots, she is incognito and doesn't want anyone to know who she is , she enters talking to the commissioner about the flash drive that she nabbed from the mob, tells the commissioner she is incognito and she will be fine.

Suddenly the perpetrator confronts our superheroine and makes sure she spins into her sexy two-piece wonder womyn outfit! Wonder womyn takes off her laso quickly and wants to erase the villains memory. Somehow the villain got wonder womyn's flash drive when she went into her spin.

The Villain demands wonder womyn surrender! When WW wakes up her and the villain go head to head with punches kicks and throws. Giving everything they've got! Get this exciting superheroine video now and see who prevails! Once again in hot pursuit of the elusive arch-villain Elwood, Wonder Womyn, played by the ravishing Hollywood decked out in her traditional costume, cape, and boots, and Wonder Gurl, played by the stunning Francesca Le, equally resplendent in her famous costume, cape, and boots, find Elwood in his office and proceed to toss him around the room.

However Elwood summons his two henchmen for assistance. After quickly dispatching the henchmen the maidens of might call on Elwood to surrender. Elwood however has other plans and his two henchmen manage to sneak up on the unsuspecting super heroines and take them down by hand-gagging them with tranquilizer soaked cloths.

The heroines are then bound hand and foot before being carried off. What nefarious fate awaits our slumbering beauties? Tracking Elwood back to his office, the Curvaceous Crusaders confront the arch-villain as he plans his next move. Taken aback, Elwood still manages to turn the tables on the two and once again renders them unconscious.

The sexy duo then find themselves suspended over vats of boiling wax while Elwood gloats about how he will do away with them before sauntering off. Trapped, tied, and helpless, the glamorous pair struggles to get free. Will our heroines escape this diabolical demise? Or will they wind up as preserved wax sculptures?

Our heroines once again confront Elwood and demand he give himself up. Elwood declines but before he can leave the duo dispense one of their patented super heroine-style beat downs and knock him across the room. Standing over him the haughty pair repeat their demand, but Elwood immobilizes the heroines by shackling their sexy high-heeled boots together.

The two then find themselves chained to a winch about to be pulled apart as Elwood blathers on about taking them down before he exits. Will the sultry duo mange to escape, or will they be stretched to their limit? Wonder Womyn has just checked into her hotel room after a long trip.

She is looking forward to some well needed rest before she meets with the local police department. Soon after she falls asleep, the Spectre enters and removes her boots. Wonder Womyn awakens and finds her hands bound! Her belt, lasso, and boots are missing. He continues to assault Wonder Womyn until she becomes unconscious.

The Spectre eventually moves Wonder Womyn to the bedroom of her hotel where he continues the assault on our poor heroine. Wonder Womyn is eventually left unconscious with her tights ripped off, but only after the Spectre takes time to admire her feet… Does Wonder Womyn revive and get revenge on Spectre or is she tormented over and over?

Get this download and find out! Hello Superheroine fans! Please allow Hollywould Productions to introduce you to our latest superheroine, Miss Marvelous! Mild mannered Caitlyn Tarver played by Hollywood has longed for adventure since retiring from her life as a super model. After taking several kickboxing classes, she feels that she is ready to fight crime as Miss Marvelous, or so she thinks.

Vile" has escaped from prison and is terrorizing the city, Caitlyn decides she has finally gotten her chance to make a difference; she changes into her crime fighting outfit and heads off to take on Dr. Unfortunately for Miss Marvelous, her kick boxing classes are not enough as Dr. Vile pummels her after she enters his lair. Does our lovely MM prevail or is she just an inept superheroine wanna be?

Buy this awesome video and find out!! Wonder Womyn is missing, and the Maiden of Might is on the case! Desperate for clues to the alleged kidnapping and the perpetrator , she scans the room, but her super-senses betray her — the walls are lined with lead! But, the revelation provides little solace for Supergyrl, as the nefarious nemesis quickly wields a weapon primed specifically for her — a Kryptonite Stunner!

A single blast staggers our heroine…a second drops her to her knees, in agony…a third brings her to the brink of consciousness! This video starts with Wonder Womyn coming home from a hard days work resting on the couch. When in walks newcomer Diana she wants to know what jail Wonder Womyn put her daddy in The superheroine is not able to give out that information so Diana challenges her to a match.

Wonder Womyn accepts the challenge but decides to take off her power belt to make it an even match. Wonder Womyn has the upper hand, WW puts the villain in all kinds of holds and moves, but just when Wonder Womyn thinks she has finished Diana, Diana comes back with a hard object and hits wonder woman over the head knocking her out. The sexy villain attempts to tie Wonder Womyn up with her magic lasso.

Does the villain succeed or will Wonder Womyn wake up in time to avoid defeat?! While cleaning up she discovers a tainted bag of drugs, Her suspicions were correct this woman is definitely a drug peddler. The woman confronts Holly and the battle begins! As the undercover superheroine punches the villain the villain goes down and Hollywood is able to turn into wonder womyn ,dressed in her 2 piece patriotic bikini and power belt and boots she goes after this feisty dirty blonde!

Sindy escapes and gets some cheap shots in on our SuperHeroine. Including a sleeper hold that nearly puts WW out. Sindy punches and scissors WW and finally gets in a devastating face sit which further weakens her, but Sindy is not done , she pulls out yet another dirty trick , a tainted soiled cloth! WW is now out cold! She then takes off WW's power belt, Calls the police and tells them that it was WW who was caught stashing drugs in the villains home.

Now it's WW who will be going to jail not her. Next scene opens WW is now out of jail and is going back to the scene of the crime to look for her power belt. This further irritates the now powerless superheroine. The sexy villian puts a beating on WW, she even asks her to worship her feet, which she does.. The evil girl takes Wonder womyns lasso and starts whipping her over and over with it.

WW is down but not quite out. Sindy leaves the room. WW gets up , finds her belt and puts it back on. Get this hot video to see which one of these hot ladies prevail!!! When an ancient stone tablet goes missing, Wonder Womyn Hollywood is tasked to uncover the culprit and recover the relic. Finding the artifact is almost too easy, but escaping the clutches of the marauding menace proves far more difficult: Defiance or Defeat?

With the temptation of all-consuming darkness promising an end to her anguish, what choice does she truly have? Following the events of HP wonder womyn enslaved, Wonder womyn was able to escape the clutches of Afrika before being delivered to her buyer, a wealthy sheik in the middle east.

In the ensuing two years, wonder womyn has returned to her crime fighting ways and has put the incident behind her. However, the sheik does not want to give up on his "prize" so easily. Adriana played by Roxi has been hired by the sheik to recapture wonder womyn and send her to him.

Adriana has set up an elaborate scheme whereby wonder woman has been contacted to get creative guidance to a movie about her and her crime fighting ways. Our story begins with wonder womyn arriving for what she believes is a training session with Adriana. Wonder womyn walks in and is greeted by Adriana who introduces yourself and explains that she is looking to understand about wonder womyn and her wrestling moves.

Wonder womyn is excited to help and says that she should remove her boots and belt before they began to make it a fair session. Wonder womyn shows Adriana several moves such as the Boston crab, surfboard, sleeper hold. Adriana fully KOs wonder womyn. Adriana is wearing wonder womyns outfit and power belt. Wonder womyn is powerless Without her belt.

Adriana delivers a severe beating with gut punches crotch shots, Full Nelsons, surfboards, backbreakers camel clutch, Boston crabs bow and arrows , and various holds designed to stretch wonder woman to the brink! Does our super heroine turn back into wonder womyn and take Adriana in or is she KO'd, tied up and delivered to The Sheik?

Watch this video and see! The Evil Francesca has snuck into Wonder Womyn's house, she is preparing Wonder Womyn's home testing cameras to film her big plan for our SuperHeroine. Wonder Womyn dressed as Holly in her civilian clothes comes home from a long day of fighting crime to get some shut eye. Our evil villain is hiding near the couch.

She sneaks up on Holly and wakes her up then KOs her out. Francesca says "You think you're tired! You just wait for what I have in store for you! She decides to tie up the helpless hero. She takes her rope and threads it through Holly's undergarments to give her a sexier look.

She begins to beat Holly around the room with face and stomach punches, more wedgies Stomps and Spanks. Holly wakes up and struggles in her bondage while Francesca starts to beat her with a billy club. Watch this video to see if Holly gets out of her ropes and gets revenge or if the evil Francesca gets her way with Holly!!!

Caught in a perilous web of despair and intrigue, Wonder Tomi can only look on in abject terror as the sadistic siren takes great pleasure in tormenting her! HOM lovers rejoice! This production will have you gasping with delight! Relieving the stunned heroine of her mystical bracelets and Belt of Power, and stashing the extraordinary accoutrements away for safe keeping, the malicious menace binds the dazed diva in ensorcelled trappings while he goes about his devious deeds.

Rendered powerless, our dazed yet determined heroine desperately and vainly struggles to escape the confines of her captor. But, does Wonder Womyn have the physical strength and willpower to break the magical ties that bind her before the lethal enforcer returns — to make her the ultimate sacrifice!

After a gruelling day overpowering the towns criminals, American Dream Hollywood returns home and lays down to sleep - innocently dozing off in the safety of her own home Will the villains destroy our lovely superheroine or will American Dream defeat both menacing rogues? Buy this superb video to find out.

One thing is for sure - sweet dreams are made of this But she doesn't recognize Randy in her shirt and jeans and hair in a pony tail. She shows Randy a picture and of course, Randy denies knowing "that girl". Dark Angel still wants to search the place and proceeds to do so. When Dark Angel starts to leave, Randy clobbers her, knocking her out.

Randy removes her gun belt and ties her up in a chair.

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She is dressed in her white tank top, sexy Daisy Duke shorts, and high heels. Don't miss this as Wonder Womyn battles Sexy Stacy in a hot, steamy supervideo!!! Things never really get much better for poor, poor defenseless WW. It adds up to a spectacular debut that shouldn't be missed! Evil and his outlandishly sexy nurse played by Stacy!!! The rest of the afternoon, cute little Michelle and her sultry buddy Victoria relive their Sweet Bondage Memories. Wonder womyn takes off her laso quickly and wants to erase the villains memory.

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