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Why do all the girls crave to kiss the same girl. Furry animation compilation with sound K views. Now I can't contact him anymore. That's when she allows herself to fall for Chat Noir. Silly kitty , she thinks, but there's something nice about being held by him.

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She groans as he fills her, and at first he keeps his rhythm slow and steady. Floating in a sea of sensation, Marinette's mind wanders, wondering just how she got in this position. But she doesn't mean sexual position. How she somehow became the lover of Chat Noir when she had previously spent so much time rebuffing his advances.

How she finally decided to let that damn alley cat into her heart. How she finally decided that the best thing she could do for her heart was to let Adrien go. At least in the romantic sense. She was going to see him today. For so many years he was the one she wanted. Of course she now knew that he wasn't perfect, but flawed Adrien was just as good.

But he'd made it perfectly clear in past conversations that he's used to people using him and Marinette just can't bring herself to pursue him romantically when it's likely that he'll assume that she's just using him, too. It breaks her heart, knowing that Adrien doesn't have many people he trusts — Nino is the only who really comes to mind — so she decides that she'll become someone he can trust as well.

And to do that she can't be a love interest, she must only be his friend. That's when she allows herself to fall for Chat Noir. To let her silly kitty into her heart. To leave her school girl crush on Adrian behind. Things have been going well for her and Chat Noir.

This means that Chat Noir's infamous bad luck is bound to rear its ugly head sooner or later. She buries her face in her pillow again, wishing that the void will swallow her whole, like, right now please. Her face is burning in mortification and she can feel the blush crawling over her skin like a thousand fire ants. Chat slides out of her, and for a moment he's too stunned to speak.

Marinette starts running through the Worse Case Scenarios and each is equally terrible. She may not have any prior sexual experience, but even she knows it's bad when you moan the wrong guy's name in the middle of intercourse. It's as Marinette is wishing that she would just dissolve into thin air that Chat Noir finally finds his voice again.

Marinette freezes because that is definitely not what she was expecting him to say. She expected some variation of, "Who's Adrien? She does not expect the soft awe in his voice as he asks her how she knew.

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With an almost painful slowness she removes her face from her pillow and peeks over her shoulder and oh holy shit that is a very naked Adrien Agreste sitting on his haunches on her bed dear God smite her now and save her from this nightmare.

She scrambles for a sheet because holy hell she's naked too and they should not be naked together and she's too frazzled to think clearly because if she weren't, she'd realize it was futile because they spent most of the night before having sex, and not five minutes ago were at it again.

He seems completely unfazed by his nudity. Indeed as Marinette scrambles for a blanket or a sheet or anything , he's placidly sitting at the end of her mattress completely naked, watching her with amusement in his green eyes. Adrien smiles because it's so Marinette. This is the girl he remembers from secondary school, the shy, bumbling, inarticulate mess that also had such strength and passion and courage.

So long as she wasn't talking to him, anyway. She blinks at him, eyes wide, and then she groans and drops her head into her palm as she sighs. He's laughing now, and she looks up at glares at him, but that only makes him laugh harder. The thing was, you couldn't talk to Adrien but you talked to Chat Noir and I saw this whole other side of you face to face and I…I liked it.

I'd seen glimpses of it when you would stand up to Chloe or were helping out one of our classmates, and I wanted to see more. So I started to visit you as Chat Noir just to talk. Which, uh, led to the kissing. Which led to the, um…". It's only in the last six months that you've been able to hold a conversation with me, as Adrien, without stuttering or stammering.

She sighs because she knows he's right. Talking to Chat Noir was easy. Talking to Adrien was not. She opens her mouth to reply, but her stomach growls loudly and she groans in mortification as Adrien struggles to smother a chuckle. She lets the blanket drop and she preens a little when she hears him suck in his breath now that he can really see her.

She retrieves her pajamas and slips them on, motioning to Adrien that he should get dressed as well. They enter the kitchen and Marinette's eyes widen as she looks at the cheesy destruction on the counter. Plagg, as it turns out, is in a cheese coma on the couch. He's curled up on a pillow with something small and red and Adrien's not quite sure what he's looking at.

The cat shaped kwami yawns and then blinks, his wide green eyes looking blearily up at his chosen. Time to go already? The little red sprite thing yawns and stretches, and soon it's floating in front of him with wide blue eyes. She looks at the black cat kwami and at her own kwami, and puts two and two together in her head. Marinette giggles and rolls her eyes affectionately as the two kwami argue over the best food: Adrien, on the other hand, is confused because Marinette doesn't even question Plagg's appearance.

Which, hey, is great because he'd really rather not have to deal with her freaking out over it and asking a million questions. Buuuuuut, maybe she could ask one or two? Is that too much to ask for her to at least be a little bit curious about his life as Chat Noir?

He turns his attention to Tikki as she lectures Plagg about all of the wonderful cookies in the world, and notes that she looks a bit like a bug. The cocky smirk is identical to his Lady's as Marinette shakes her head. Oh God, she knew this would happen. She knew that he'd be disappointed when he realized that the amazing and wonderful Ladybug was actually the boring and awkward Marinette.

I'm awkward and clumsy and just all around uncool, and you're probably wondering why you even liked her in the first place and mmmmph! Adrien cuts her rambling off with a kiss. He's been trying to resolve his feelings for Marinette and Ladybug for almost a year now and to learn that they're one and the same resolves everything.

His Lady is also his dearest friend and he can have them both, he doesn't have to choose. Of course this is both the right and wrong thing to say, as Marinette bursts into tears. Happy tears, but tears nonetheless. Meanwhile, on the couch, five years of pent up emotion come rushing out.

Who the hell cares about their plans for the day? They had lost time to make up for. In the most miraculous of ways. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sometimes the person you're looking for has been right in front of you the whole time. Five years you two idiots wasted. Part One of the Out of the Bag Series. Instead he's doing something.

He taps on the glass of the skylight and waits. But Chat Noir… She lets out a groan and her head drops to the sketchbook. Im willing to do it all. I am a simple straight up nature boy lover boy who has been connected with mother earth and thrive on the bond of what it truly means to love a sacred feminine flower of the feminine Flower of desire and pleasure.

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