Sexyfur The Erotic Art Of Bernal Rabbit Valley

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Personally, I think the fact that it's made my Lauren Faust counter balances that fact. Then those new rubberbuns get modified, by adding enough heat to them to melt the rubber partially and on specific points And of course then there was the "secret stash" of stuff other people wanted to see but I couldn't be caught drawing in school. Alps was the first author if I recall correctly. Eh, honestly I can't remember. My next Ustream won't be till next week tho. So all the images are there, just not sure which ones came from specific dates in the early years.

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Hey dude, how's it going! I think I poked you about this a while back but I can't really rememberrrrrr. I was wondering if you would be able to do a few favours for me concerning e Basically I'd like it if my main artist tag said 'Muzz' instead of biodiesel, if that's possible! If not no worries. I love tagging XD its a bit of a perfectionist type thing to see something with the wrong tags.

The other thing was to ask if I could have the ability to be able to delete stuff? Preferably my own art. I've not been through a lot of it lately but there's probably a few things I'd like to edit or remove, but if that's not allowed I understand. Not sure if I can rank up any more than what I already am on there. Love the site though and I'm always willing to help out with tags etc: P Anyway, thanks a bunch dude and hope to hear from you soon!

I dont know what to color her: I typed poll instead of stream XD hahaha sorry. A thank you Content: Not hard to fine since I don't got much up there but if you liek to know more look here: I am very sorry that I haven't replied to this. I'm just now logging in after about a year since I no longer am active on Fur Affinity just logged in to inspect some art that was stolen from me.

If it is still relevant, here is my response to your inquiry about the two drawings that I made for you: I hope this was helpful. The images in question are: Don't have time for things like that. I think I might of accidentally deleted the note with what you wanted for your sketch, can't find it anywhere: C can you reply back with the info please?

Illegal animation on e Hey dude, Could you please remove the following animation: Hiya, I've got your avatar giffed and switched to the right size. Can you please point me which character should I make teh avatar about? XD Remember, no one's supposed to know who drew this! It's a private commission that I did a while back under the grounds that it not be posted online, but it leaked out, and even though I didn't sign it, I'm worried people will recognize my style.

It's not something I wanted to draw at all, but the commissioner talked me into it Oops, knew I forgot something Can I ask you to remove a pic from e What's the point in emailing you when I've already told you who requested their picture being taken down? Just remove the stupid picture, that's ridiculous.

I made a grammar error in a 4 letter name! I've changed it, and reuploaded it! You can tell me about that kind of imstake you know? In fact, I wanna upload that file into my gallery, I dont know if you see any objection to it. I'll post it on my gallery as you see it in.

Your last commission is ready. I was doodling the pose, and had much fun with it. I've spent ay more time than usual, guess I was having too much fun here, even started to pencil her more seriously but, ho well, maybe later! I'm sorry if it didn't made her filthy as you asked, I didn't felt really creative, so I told myself I'm jsut gonna put more erotism in the picture, with more dynamic.

I guess there'll be more projects for her. She got one wicked little pucker here! Have you taken her art down? From what I hear, you've completely attacked her and made it like it was your right to keep her art up without her permission. And keep this convo between you and me. Just tell me at wich email sending it back! I'll be waiting for you to confirm second picture, and thanks for payment, I'll start first picture right away!

I really can't think of anything, so how about you just use your filthy imagination? You think you'd be able to make a payment today? I'd be willing to make it in evening: And, omg, after looking at the ref, she could almost be Frigate's twin sister! I've written an email that got sent back to me, so I figured I'd try here. I've seen that my art made it to your site: I'm noting you to ask if you could please take that artwork down?

It was posted without my permission. Had they gotten permission from me, it would be different.. Also note my paypal adress is slimydoomy hotmail.

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I didn't received any: I'm still relatively newly active to the site and need a bit help to sort things out since I really want to work a lot lately I've lost my job for the summer!

But right after, I'm putting you in if you really wish to, unless you where going for a complete artwork? A journal will be on this evening with all infos and slots regarding products with my first Frigate scatty picture to celebrate this! Hmm, I apologize but the layout is way too labor intensive- Many outfit details, many fur details, just too complicated.

One of the main reasons I don't take commissions is because of the patience and exceptional detail I would have to put into this kind of design. Another is the fact the if I accepted payment I would have certain expectations to meet in terms of results. I'm sure there are other artists who would look into it though, and I wish you luck finding a style that gets it just right for you.

Sorry, but that kind of thing just doesn't work for me- Not enough flexibility with the results. I'll certainly hear out your idea though. So I'm sending it on here. Delete my e account. My username is Silent-Hunter. I'm partial to GTalk, here. My AIM is 'hashbang'. I -do- have GTalk, though! Do you use any messengers? We should chat in places other than my Stream chat xD.

A sketch would be fine: Do you want my references, or can you find them in my gallery? So now you don't get a blowjob! Maybe half a blowjob. Yeah, essentially all the old crap, before I switched to computer Couldn't figure out what the hell my password was either, but a new account seemed like such an exiciting prospect. If you had an email set you can do password recovery: Do you mean ALL the real media stuff?

Hey Arc, I am having a little trouble here. I'm trying to upload my Cubsitting comic up on there and I don't seem to be able to pull it off. And it seems I used the number to a post already up there for a parent post so, things are all wonky. Can you go in and delete the pics that I uploaded? I don't know if they're gone or not. And also, could you kinda guide me along on -how- to post a comic on e?

This is killing me. In both case, I just wanted to confirm that relatively speaking to the number of commissions I'm having recently, those are momentarily subjects to change, or if you are willing to bargain for a serious commission. I'm open regarding this!

Look forward working with you! What is the price again for inks? I'm interested in getting something of my nasty little aardwolf sanitation engineer and you do seem like the perfect person for that! Do you want it as a. Let me know if you need anything else! Hello, I have a question Content: I have sent an email a while ago, but I never got a response.

Are you the owner of e My art was put on the site unauthorized and I was wondering if you could have it taken down. Two pictures were put on there by a user named Caroway. I don't want to cause any trouble or anything. I just want my art taken down because the user never asked to put it up. How can I get help if no one answers?

Congratulations on getting a slot! Please send a link to a reference picture of your character along with a brief description of the outfit you'd like to see on your character to my inbox: The payment invoice will be sent to your email address once the work is agreed upon. Also thank you for trudging through this tacky autogenerated response.

I promise I'll clean him before I give him back. Teehee, I was going to do that picture anyway ;] No charge. I am not taking requests at the moment.: I cannot do another request for you so soon, perhaps next time or the time after that. Heh, I'm not actualy open for commissions. It's stated twice on my page, I though you where asking for when I would start them up again.

Now I can squeeze one off to it! Alrighty, I'm thinking orange with blue bands and speckles and the pose I'll figure out as I go I'll have to see the character, and yes that sounds easy enough. If there are too many colors or designs I'll simplify but that's all the condition I need to make it fun for me.

I'll certainly hear you out. The main thing to keep in mind is 'the simpler the better'. Above all else I like to keep it down to one character and with a fairly easy pose. Also I may or may not post the result here depending on content. Are you getting my notes at all? OH yea just one thing about the request. Your character probably won't be wearing any clothes.

You don't mind do you? Just a quick note to thanks you really much for removing that piece that fast from e If yes, do you still have contact with the people who are in charge of it now? So a least I know who to contact now. You can check it here: A mane or something?

D And as for a description, would a picture or two do? And yeah, we've got a tornado watch here for once. Kinda crazy, doesn't usually get this bad here in Philly. I saw from your page that you are the admin of e and I need a little assistance.

Artwork I own has been posted there and while I am not going to have a fit about it, I would very much like to be added to your 'avoid posting' list. If you could do this for me, or at least advise me how to get it done, I would greatly appreciate it. Penis, Vajayjay, Sex or wierd fetishes.

Drawing dirty makes me feel dirty I won't draw over complicated characters, meaning I won't draw character with 1, exagerating species of animals in them. Things I will Draw: Nudes minus the dirty parts Nipples are okay. I can draw couples and groups up to a certain amount of people, more than five and it gets difficult to manage I'm up for trying aything new.

Custom species are more than welcome. You know I don't draw bits. I actually just did one for a sneeze fetish recently o. I can't promise anything, but I'll keep it in mind! I also have Riesling he's an albino hippie skunk. As far as female characters go, there's Sinclaire, my dominatrix opossum. I've been on a WS kick lately: I absolutely love her to bits.

Perhaps something with your possum and my dickgirl skunk, with Sinclaire dominating her and marking her, perhaps? Not at the moment but seeing as your the first I think to ask if I do you can make the first request. I have organised a little competition details in journal and you can win a free commission. So if you keen for me to draw something for you perhaps submit an entry.

You never know, you may win. My favorite character is Colin "Neil" Ennismore, the stoat I've been drawing a lot. That could be a possibility Not usually, because I'm too backed up with commissions, but I'd be curious to hear it But how does a person go about getting one? Then those new rubberbuns get modified, by adding enough heat to them to melt the rubber partially and on specific points I get it, now.

Images that represent the character maybe. Basicly it would take reference material. But I did take a shadow-commission recently. You on AIM at all? I was wondering, do you take requests? Thank you, I totally appreciate it: I'm a bit daft, and I'm not entirely sure how to go about the removal of an image of mine that someone posted to e As you know I don't mind my art being posted on your site at all, but there's a piece on there that holds sort of a old emotional significance to it that I've since removed from my own FA gallery , and if it's not too much trouble, could I have it removed?

There's no rush, of course, and I really seriously apologize if there's an easier way to delete it and I'm just missing it.. I know there's the delete option, but it seems I can't use that, and I didn't really want to 'flag' it if it wasn't necessary.

If there is an easier way, if you have a moment, could you explain it to me? Thank you very much for your time! Can I ask you something? How come none of the admins on e will answer my notes, IRCs, or anything else? I need to talk to an admin! Already blocked the guy at FA, but thought I'd give you a heads up on someone who's openly admitted to trolling.

Look for comments by a 'fartpaw firekidney': P Comment comments made on the piece FA: And doesn't even seem to be a diaper fur too. Seems he's just a troublemaker. His FA page is devoid of watches or faves. Also his e account isn't even a month old. Might be a ban-evader?

That's about, oh, six dollars and twelve? I think I've already seen one reason why many don't voluntarily post to e From a completely worthless 'Artist needs to learn basic anatomy' to complaining a chakra glow wasn't the right color. Which might technically be true, but wowzers x3 It's not for the thinskins, that's for sure. An amusing observation checking up on status xP.

Sure, I could sketch out something if you'd like. I like drawing red pandas: Not sure what a c-boy is, though. Could you explain that one? I know you like red pandas and I have one, Meredith, but he's a c-boy and I know that a lot of people dislike drawing them even if it's nonsexual , so..

Essentially, a male but with a vagina, no breasts and female internal reproductive organs. Sure, I could do something like that. How come you don't answer my note? Actually, I think I have it figured out. It's the annoying "implications" system, where it adds tags based on other tags. I apologize, but it doesn't seem to be from you.

You also posted it right before we attempted to, and when clicking submit, it just redirected to your post. Not sure how the hell it's getting fucked up like this, though. Also, would've been nice if we'd had the chance to post it ourselves. What do you have in mind? If you catch me bored while streaming I might be able to sketch something, but I can't really promise beyond that.

If you could do me a favor tomorrow if you're up and up to it If you're going to the grocery any time, could you pick me up some OJ? Low acid would be preferable. Basically, I'm coming down with a summer cold or something like. I'm starting to feel like complete shit. I hurt so bad tonight I almost started to cry. I am an e user that has been blocked with no warning.

I did not violate the TOS, and no one is answering my notes on the site, or to my emails to admin e I thought I might be able to contact you here. Can you please respond if you get this note? You can keep the file up, just don't link back to me. I didn't draw it and I don't want random idiots going through my files.

I wanna refund you for one of the headshot commissions you got from me ages ago that I haven't completed only ever finished one. I basically way underestimated how much work they were and crazy undersold myself, and just don't have the time to spend on them now for the price I charged.. I'm really sorry for how long you've had to wait, so I'll be adding a little extra to compensate!

Wanted to ask what your Paypal address was as it's different from another email I have for you. Hope you're feeling better. Posted in that journal, see if you can guess who it is, heh I plan to start in a month or so since i finally got the last of the materials in the mail a day ago to make my final revised version. I'm short and with a fairly light frame, so the standard big heads and stuff just look so silly on me.

They're posted to my page right now. If for some reason you don't want them up here, let me know and I'll take them down. If you want the full-size versions I can send them to your email about twice the resolution - I downscale when posting them on the web. If you're okay with sketchy stuff, I should have time do to something tomorrow. If I got a colored picture, how long'd I be waiting?

Most of your stuff seems pretty monster-ish, so how about my skossum wearing a monster costume. I would appreciate a response. I and several others have all flagged my artwork up for deletion. I have abit of a sketch going on but I just want to know if you still wanna do it.

If theres any problem with payments we can work something about it, I do like ha;f and half sometimes like.. What a dumb name Oh well. Sure, as long as you're not in a huge rush I have a bit of a queue but I usually move through it fairly quickly. I'm looking for an artist for a colored two-character sex piece, quite detailed and with latex, tubes, lizards and demondragons.

Think you might be interested and could give me a quote? I'm gratefull for having the animations and fun stuff shared there. That's cool cause it gets 'em seen by people who don't like making accounts. You gotta suck me long and hard. Heyo, What be the deal on stuff hosted at e that you'd rather not have hanging around in a permanent gallery type place?

A commission query Content: Sorry for getting back to you so late D:! I saw that you read my note, yet the art hasn't been taken down, I'd appreciate a note back letting me know, thanks. He was trying to harass me too, so I just thought I'd thank you. Thanks for getting rid of Erk again, the guy drives me nuts. I have a few questions regarding the page "e" and it seems you are quite involved with it, so I wanted to ask, if you could possibly try helping me out with one thing or the other.

Or if not, tell me where I could get assistance? Kindest Regards, - BHO. Do you ever, under any circumstances, accept a request? I unfortunately have to turn everyone down though. I checked and it's not attributed to you or anything. Lately I've been getting request every hour or so and I've already agreed to 4.

So, as much as I'd like to say yes to nearly everyone like the whore I am, I've been forced to become a lot more picky. What kinds of things don't you draw? The issue is that If I'm not going to enjoy drawing it, I'm not going to draw it. I really should specify this on my page.

Hehe, that'd be awesome, sure! I wouldn't mind taking a commission "under the table". I know you've said you're not going to do them, but I feel I have to ask, especially in light of what you just uploaded. It really made me want something by you again: D We'll see if I'm going to draw them some day x3. I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused you.

I'm giving out refunds to all my commissioners for being abcent for so long and not completing my commissions in any timely manner. I'd like to give you a refund so I can wipe my commission slate clean and get back to building up my art self-esteem again. I just want to have a fresh start after I had to leave due to bad times. Anyway, I just needed your paypal address so I can give you your money back may take a couple days for me to send though so don't worry if you don't get it imediately.

Thanks, and I'm sorry about all the drama. If word ever gets out, then BAM this account gets the delete hammer. No offense, but you can just unwatch me. You don't have to leave a goodbye note, if I irritate you so! If that seriously escalates into anything further than you probably should call some friends in to keep an eye on your backside.

I can't do much myself from Japan but that offer of calling up some friends was serious. If it gets hairy and not just a troll seeking attention if you don't mind giving me an address this sounds creepy I understand so if you say fuck no I'm not going to get offended for my friends I will call them and see what they can do.

About KangasaurusRex and utahdingo Content: Thanks for the heads up. Check his recent journal where he calls you a pedophile. I know some people can't, or don't like to. I'm not very good at them x3. Sexyfur art found on e Content: There's a drawing of mine that was posted to e without my permission. I sent an e-mail to the admin e-mail quite a few weeks ago, but the image is still there.

Not to mention that I flagged the post for deletion, but still nothing. If you could please have it taken down, I'd greatly appreciate it. If I could be added to the "Do Not Post" list as well, that would be great. The image in question is here: I'm trying to be more organized. Netx time I open them I can just put you on the list.

Any specific pose you want as the front page image? I understand what your saying. I was just wanting to get to a stable spot before i slowly transfer the content to another site and get a much better more accesible server going. I wasnt expecting it to shit itself mid progress. If I wanted to get something involving my red panda and you sometime, would that be okay with you?

Ouu, I have to admit I do like your cuntboy red panda. His colours are loveeely. I'll probably use him if I get to do this: XD aha, I suppose I could do something with Onyx, he never gets let out to play with anyone, dawwh. What character would you want me to draw of yours? If I get a free moment then I'll see what I can do: I've got a lot of work to do x.

Though I did have an idea for a character. But since this is a milking pic, c-boys don't exactly work Well, what character do you want in the pic and can I have ref of them? Did you see this? Do you know the heights of your characters? Quite the height differences.

This should be interesting. I'm willing to draw one, two, or maaaybe even three characters in a single picture. I don't really want to do anything pornographic or weirdly kinky though—you'll notice I'm keeping my gallery pretty clean nowadays. Got anything in mind that you wanted to see?

Doing something fun and anachronistic, retro, crazy steampunk stuff: Hook me up with some references. So what can I do for you, good sir? Hey, just letting you know I made an entry for the contest - I uploaded it to e and FA, but it would be better if you used the FA link on the contest entry journal. Did you want any of the listed addons? Sure, did you want it under the 50 cent deal?

Hmm sorry about that, your note must have gotten lost in the sea of notes somewhere. I can't seem to find your first note about commissioning me, but I do have the second note of links to refs. Could you please remind me again what you wanted? What you had in your mind?

I have put a rough: If I make a "futa version", the dick is like an humain or an animal? I'm hoping you can help me out. Each time I click Delete, and give my reason, I'm told "Access Denied" and prompted for my username and password as if I weren't logged in. I need to delete these per a request made by Michael Russell.

Can you please either delete them for me or tell me what I'm doing wrong? Flagging them for deletion seems to have worked but I can't actually delete them myself. I'll think on it. I haven't had a lot of time to work on art since getting back to school, or haven't managed my time well enough to find it - either way.

I do have extensive experience, as is evidenced by e I would be interested in sketching up something for this contest, however, these days I have been busy with my nightmare-grade education haha. I barely even have time to finish up my ongoing commissions I already hate myself for making my commissioners wait this much.

So yeah, due to time and other issues, sadly I'll have to skip this contest - but browsing thru the entries which have been submitted already, I couldn't possibly add anything in quality, there are some superb stuff to choose from. Thanks again for telling me about it, though! I had seen some of these going around, I'll look into it and have a scribble later, see what I can come up with.

I considered it and will probably enter. The last time I watched you must been when we still were both FA admins and you know that been ages in itself. P I haven't forgotten about your other note as well. Maybe if I get a bit more art time I'll throw it in there as well. Already working on an entry.

If I had more time on my hands I'd definitely take a crack at it, but as it stands I'm totally buried in a mountain of work of my own making XD! Thanks for the interest though! Hmmm i'll see if i can draw something for this contest: If I have time, I'll take a stab at it. I looked at this, and considering almost all commissions are done, I may just give my hand a try at this.

I don't really know anything about it.. Monoth's blue otter thing is ridiculously adorable there. I couldn't find admin email on e, but I thought this also had a good chance of reaching you. Sorry if I'm contacting the wrong person, or going about it the wrong way. There are a couple of my images that were recently posted, my "Good Bitch" series.

I'd like them taken down. Here are the links to each page: If there's any more information you need, let me know. I think I'll just pass on this one. Sorry, but I'm not taking commissions. Especially if it involves masks and tubes like in that recent submission! Then let me make this clear. I will never draw gun fights in my pictures. I may think about it if someone decides to pay me for doing so.

But that's about it. Info is in one of my most recent journals: What, is that a new way of saying guns? So nice of you to ask now. Requests are closed until further notice and you graciously missed the requests I was offering one journal back. It's because my character is in it x3 I don't want him in porn. Not just yet anyways. I thought considering that Elix had uploaded that picture that you had done for him, that it wouldn't be a problem, provided I kept who did it anonymous.

But I've removed it. What part of "keep it to yourself" was hard to grasp? I thought I was on the mascot deal. It's cool but I'm just curious whats going on now. At the moment, I am taking commissions in place of requests, to save up for a tablet so that my art can be drawn fully on the computer instead of on paper and scanned.

I have taken requests in the past, but right now, I need the money. Teeeehhehe goood boy ; 3. Sadly I do not D: Hit me up on AIM maybe? I do use MSN. Huh I never recived that message cause I was waiting and such. I never heard back if you are pelased withthe colours so far I willbe workignonthe up till FC as soon as I hear form you if not I willget it done after FC.

Question about TF2 server Content: I just bought this server, so: Hello I hope I'm not bother but I've been struggling to make a TF2 server of myown but I haven't been able to configure it the way I want, would you mind meeting on IM and maybe explaining me a few stuff? The deal was, she writes it, I do the a page by page illustration for it. She said I could rewrite to my liking.

I wrote maybe two pages worth before saying screw it. I felt like I was doing twice the work that I should be for a collaberation x3 I might pick it up later, or come up with my own story if I have the time for it. I have flat colours laid out I can show you spots willcomin after ive shaded the blues whats your emailaddy?

D I'll have it all inked up for you later today then. D this sounds awesome. Yes I moved again, shhh! On e, would it be possible for you to be able to change the main tag thats included on all my art on there as just Muzz and not biodiesel? Its been bugging me a while, just never thought to poke you about it. I still frequent the site cause I'm a tag nazi and love tagging things XD Anyway, hope you had a nice christmas and a good new year!

I figured that's what you wanted and already did the rough sketch. I like tubes and stuff: Send me the info on what you want, lol. She didn't block me, she's only ever kept one person blocked for a long period of time. I personally erased my message i had planned on leaving and sent it to her as a note instead.

I hate public conflict, didn't feel like starting a fight with her publicly. One for me, one for my bf. I'm leaving for work in a few minutes, so I'll work on 'em tonight, hofully the'll be up then too. Sure, you can always try. Requests I do very rarely.

Don't count on it. Get better as soon as possible. It'll run until January 12th. And how've things been, anyway? Though I'm guessing it will take a while before it shows up? Two studies at the same time, is not a good thing for my health ;D But other than that, great: That page is just a boring redirect now, I plan to put stuff there later: You rock by the way, much better than waiting weeks for a reply from Dragoneer.

I was wondering if I could place an ad for f-list o e? I wasn't able to find any info about it on the site itsef. I want to place one of those smaller ones, like the bad dragon ad that's up right now. This is the image I would want as a banner image, linking to f-list: Hi, since AIM tends to mess up with my bad connection I'm sending you a note here Sorry, I dont really have the time for requests.

C Sometimes I do commissions, but thats about it. Im now colouring I need your refs tho. I can for the life of me imagine why you'd want to do that But I suppose there's no harm! So what character do you want draw for the kiriban? And whatever you feel like drawing, provided it doesn't involve: Sorry bout the delay in payment.

Have a good one! Sexyfur image on e Content: Hey man, how goes? Just wanted to let you know that there's a Sexyfur image on e at the moment. It can be located here: I could draw you a chibi sketch of whatever character you wanted. Unless I do freebie arts every now and then, I normally charge: Unfortunately, no I'm afraid.

It would be whatever price I mentioned in the auction - I put flat rate shipping prices for each, to make things easier. How much is shipping to PA? I'm pondering bidding on one of your auctions. I got lots of refs in my gallery: But nowadays things are different and I need to earn money from somewhere But it's most definitely okay.

I tried opening my msn and aim. You probably noticed that I already checked this message and didn't replied back. I was at school and too busy to respond to your note, so I deeply apologized. I'm sorry, but maybe next time when I'm really free. I guess you're near lansdale. Hey, you're pretty near indeed. I don't know why this keeps happening D: Yeah, let me get the scratch together to toss to you.

I need to update that website so badly too.. Hook up with me on IM and I'll wire you the funds for this year. I'm wondering if you might be able to paypal me something for it this year: I do trades sometimes though o0o. I might consider it. I would like this taken down please.

I can see where I made my mistake.. I went to your help pages and your forum pages and your wiki pages.. I did not upload this, nor gave authorization to have it uploaded. Normally, I would not care all that much, but I don't hold the copyright on this character, and as such, I can not control who uses this post for what. Also, this has not yet been published on CD yet also.

The original post is here: Dunno when I'll have cash again, we just moved. I always like to get some art from you, when I can. I was not able to draw the picture. Because it was too good at former picture, and difficult for me. I'm afraid lost the psd file so i just draw a new one: You should post it. Yes, I know that skull is awful. The bells of Old Bailey Content: Okay,Please wait for a while.

Then, it sleeps today. I don't use any messengers as of now other than steam, which is constantly set to away or snooze ; however I occasionally load up meebo to talk to specific people in a more in-depth conversation. Using messengers takes up too much time in my normal day. I tend to rely on email and systems such as the one we're currently using to communicate to talk to people online.

Not sure whether you got this note there - I want to replace a pic that I posted last night with a more recent version that has some very small adjustments - how can I do that without deleting the original and reposting completely? This is the version I posted on e Can't wash anything, 'cause the dishwasher is busted. But they're gonna get us a neeeeew one: D Can't wait to have you here: At least they're fixing it: P A bit behind, story of my life.

Kinda passed out and slept for about hours this afternoon. Gonna finish up the piece for DK then crash out. Also, kitty's had some sneezing fits today. Think he's better but I'll let him rest a bit more before I move him over. Also, don't want Miss Kitty catching anything too. He's mostly just stopped up, so it's cycling through: I should be over tomorrow.

I'm gonna get this DK piece done really quick before I get wrapped up in moving since its gotta get done like yesterday. Once I've got it all finished I'll head over, prolly this evening. Gimmee a call if you need anything sooner. Wouldn't e generate enough money for your general well being and all that? Don'tcha have some pennies saved away for rainy days? I apologize for being so curious about your financial status - it's just that the subject greatly interestes me.

I wouldn't mind helping out; however I would be more so interested in building up a communicative business relationship in the process. If I were to donate money, I would prefer that it in some way begins a bond. Yes, I am 18 or older. Become a patron. Who is JB? HI, I'm Jeremy Bernal aka JB and I've been illustrating professionally since the 90s, with a background in traditional animation and airbrush.

I'm going to keep doing what I do best --drawing pinup stuff of hot bunny chicks in compromising adult situations, usually while partially dressed in killer lingerie. Maybe I'll draw some hot not-furry chicks as well. My normal production is full illustrations per month. Here, I'll add extra stuff you can't get there, like layered PSD files, special sketches, etc.

Be sure to check out the different reward levels and find one that you like. I'll use the revenues from this here gallery to help fund side projects like my GunBunny game --check out http: What do you get for your patronage? Here's the deal: Pledges are processed instantly here; this means you will have instant access to the latest batch of stuff.

I post web-resolution art and sketches here in the Patron posts, and all the larger files like videos and PSDs can be accessed by dropbox links sent via PM. Because most of the art packs end up being around 2GB in size large, layer-heavy PSD files , I only have so much room on dropbox so I must clear it out every couple of months. So the high-res stuff is up for a limited-time only.

High-resolution and higher tiers get to vote on which sketches I will complete in full color. Conspiracy Room Patrons' picks are kept on the wheel. At the start of the sketch session, a Patron-only spin is made. This ensures that at least one Patron sketch is made per sketch session.

You may choose the same thing twice, or choose another person's suggestion if you like it, to increase the odds that that idea is drawn. Rules on OCs: Ponies, Starfox, etc , b appears with one of my characters, and c you are ok with it if it goes on to become a full illustration for use here and on my other sites. I am allowing you access to my work with the understanding that you will not spam it all over the internet for free; please respect this request, as my art is how I pay my bills and feed my family.

I have plenty of free gallery material at the following locations which you may share and repost as much as you want: FurAffinity Weasyl Tumblr. Sketch Patron:

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So we can take an image and make it a "come here big boy" image, or a "job well done" image. He doesn't really know much about these recurring characters. And more people see trolls for what they really are. As you've said before, many artists have joined and left the ranks of SF. P And I'm pretty free about things too. Also, don't want Miss Kitty catching anything too. Woulda shoulda coulda. I will come to stay with you on a temporary basis until I have some kind of indication she knows what the hell is going on on her end since it seems its not been the case for the past few months.

Engrid poster by Jeremy Bernal:

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The secret stash was never infiltrated by unwanted outsiders. I have taken requests in the past, but right now, I need the money. Thanks for doin business with me. I usually save it for last.

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