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Beautiful mature bbw brandy loves a big old facial cumshot I grab her head and choke her a few times until she chokes a bit, but she's not giving up. Allison's composure on set got praise and Celia was lauded for looking fresh and being creative. Right before I think she is about to cum again I stop, make her get on her knees, and lick her asshole already soaked with her pussy juices while she watches herself giving me a rimjob in the video. Her tits are fantastic.

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Recognize a pornstar in this video? Suggest more pornstars Thanks for submitting! Remove Ads. Related Searches: Party Chat. I'm totally envious at this point but I let those two have their fun and just kick back, occassionally grabbing a camera to get some great angles for you.

Then without prompting, Summer turns around and sticks out her ass. She wants to get fucked. Jay takes her doggy style and 5-foot tiny Summer practically explodes getting thrusted so hard by Jay. Again, priceless facial expressions. She's so into it that she doesn't hear Jay asking her to lie down on her back so he can fuck her that way. A slight smack on her ass and Summer snaps out of it and gets moving.

And NOW you'll get to see what's probably the most enthusiastic fuck session of the year. The thumbnail pics here don't do her enthusiasm justice. Summer is absolutely crazy about Jay fucking her. She loves his cock, loves being the center of attention, and loves cumming with a stranger far away from home. At one point, while Summer is on top, she starts kissing Jay and her eyes roll back as she has another orgasm.

I don't recall ever watching a girl enjoy fucking so much. Summer keeps her enthusiasm for sex all throughout the fuck session. There isn't a position she doesn't get off in. When Jay unloads a week's worth of pent-up cum on her face and in her mouth, Summer goes nuts and tries to catch the flying jizz with her mouth, and kisses and sucks on Jay's thigh while he cums.

Seriously, be prepared to be surprised by Summer. This young lady is intense, insane, and insatiable. After this I'm not sure Jay will ever want to leave my side. Fine by me, the girls love him and fuck him accordingly. Bailey needs your help. She doesn't have a pet name for her pussy yet but really wants one, as she mentions in the BTS video. So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with a name for Bailey's snatch.

Send your suggestions in at the contact link at the bottom of this page so that Bailey can choose the best one. She also thinks her eye color is green-ish but everyone else says hazel, which she doesn't like. Let her know what you think. After having had so much fun during her first shoot I invited U of A freshman Bailey back - this time get ass fucked on film. Bailey interrupted her annual family visit to California and flew in for the day.

I'm sure mom would be so proud if she knew her daughter is leaving her to get boned in the ass on camera. Since I already know she's up for anything I have Bailey give me a quick suck and fuck job at the airport parking lot before I make her get topless in the car.

I have her first scene saved on my laptop and since she only got to check out a few minutes of it I have her watch it on the way to my place. She loves watching herself suck and fuck on video and she continues watching the rest when we arrive at the house. As she gets more and more aroused watching the video on the laptop I decide to jump in and have some fun too - I lick Bailey's pussy and fuck her as she's eyeballing herself getting deep throated and exploited on video.

After getting her close to cumming I let her play with herself while she continues watching her movie. I give her the Rabbit, her favorite vibrator, to speed up the process a bit. Bailey is so hot squirming around in her seat trying to get off, I just have to have her suck me off some more. Right before I think she is about to cum again I stop, make her get on her knees, and lick her asshole already soaked with her pussy juices while she watches herself giving me a rimjob in the video.

After some more toy action and fucking I think it's about time to get the still photos out of the way, and then finally go upstairs so I can fuck that little ass of hers. I've been waiting for this since the first time I've met Bailey so you can imagine I'm not all too easy on her when it's finally my turn to make that ass of hers mine.

I loosen up her butt hole a little, first with fingers and then with my double trouble toy. A bit of anal lube and I think Bailey's ready to go. I should have probably spent a little more time stretching out her ass she does not do anal on a regular basis and this is her first - and probably last - time getting ass fucked on video because when I shove my cock in her I can tell it's a little more painful than she had expected.

I try to ease it in but frankly Bailey has this magic over me to where I cannot contain myself and just want to fuck the shit out of her. But trying to be a nice guy LOL I let her have a vibrator so she can play with her clit while I fuck her ass. Her ass is so tight it's hard to not shoot my load right away. But I persist and fuck her ass while she's lying on her back, then take her doggy style.

And don't think I forget about you Ass-to-Mouth fans either - after banging Bailey's ass while she's on her knees I pull out and make her lick and suck her own juices off my cock. ATM at its finest. When I make Bailey get on her belly and fuck her ass from the top she's near tears but somehow she somewhat regains composure, although it's still clear this position is a bit much, even for her.

She actually does enjoy what comes next though: Bailey on top, cock in her ass, and riding me hard. She still has her vibrator work on her clit so I'm sure that helps. Since Bailey did such a great job licking my ass during her first Scene I have her do it again, and this time I make her rim me out deep and slow until I shoot my cum straight in her mouth. I have her dribble the jizz out nice and slow, then lick it up again.

I take some quick pics of and then it's time for a shower for me while Bailey takes one of the cameras and does some of the cutest shit you'll ever see in a porno. Let's just say Bailey really loves you and enjoys sharing herself with you. Nuff said, check it out.

I promised Bailey I'd buy her the Rabbit since she loves it so much so we stop by at the porn store and pick one up. Her mom is waiting for her back in Cali so we hurry up to get to the airport. I wonder how she'll explain that new vibrator she's got stuck in her carry-on to airport security As a member of ExploitedCollegeGirls.

So this is what happens when a young lingerie model, who is so busy that she hasn't even started college yet, decides to shoot her first porn movie. Instead of the usual glitzy photo studio, 18 year old Shay finds herself in a cramped hotel bathroom, putting on her makeup while this stranger with a camcorder asks her questions.

The kind of questions they don't usually ask on photo shoots, like when she lost her virginity. She hasn't had a lot of different guys in her life and we'll soon see how that affects her sexual know-how. The most interesting tidbit we learn when Shay reveals that she has never masturbated with sex toys before.

In fact she claims to almost play with herself. So of course that's on Jay's priority list now. After exploring her fine ass a little, Jay gets her to remove her top. Her perky tits feel perfect but more importantly this little "invasion" sends a signal to Shay that this isn't going to be an ordinary day.

Her life is about to change forever. Shay knows today will be about sex, but to what extent she has no idea yet. But before anything can happen, Shay needs some serious relaxing time. The girl is pretty nervous and tense about doing her first porno shoot. She picks out her outfit not that it matters 'cuz it comes off in about 2 seconds The girl is ridiculously hot and Jay can't wait to play with her pussy and eat her out.

I'd like to say that she immediately has some mind blowing orgasms but that's not the case yet. Shay is still too tense to fully enjoy herself, but it's clear from her facial expressions that she wants to cum, but doesn't allow herself to do so. Shay keeps biting her lips, either when she tries not to cum, or when she isn't sure what's going to happen next.

Both happens frequently. She is inexperienced with all this and it shows - and we love it! Then it's toys time. Remember she's never had a vibrator in her pussy so she is understandably nervous. After a little while, her eyes glaze over a few times and it looks like she has a subtle orgasm. Her pussy is soaking wet and quivers afterward, always a good sign.

Time to see how she looks like with Jay's big cock in her mouth. She gives a slow and sensual blowjob, and doesn't like it when Jay attempts to deepthroat her. He tries some other more hardcore stuff but Shay isn't ready for that yet. Okay, she's 18 and it's her first time so we take what we can get. Her big eyes on you with that cock in her mouth is enough to make you blow your load over and over again anyway so it's all good.

But we do want a little adventure with her and push her boundaries, so after having Shay ride his cock cowgirl and reverse cowgirl , our stud has her get off him and suck off her own juices from his cock. Surprisingly she does as she's told without protesting. And she's quite excited about what comes next: Jay takes it slow at first but resorts to some hair pulling many girls love this and he again makes her taste herself.

Again we see a mixture of enjoyment and "what the hell am I doing? This doesn't change when Jay fucks her on the desk! But then the one thing happens that will practically guarantee that you'll never see her in a porn movie again: Jay claims that he "doesn't cum all that much", so when he unloads a gallon worth of sperm over Shay's face, hair, eyes, nose and mouth, the girl almost has a panic attack.

She fidgets and jerks her arms around hoping to get a towel or something to wipe her cum covered face immediately. Unfortunately for her, we like to take pictures of pretty faces covered with jizz so Shay needs to endure a few more minutes with that sticky stuff on her. As soon as that's over she runs to the bathroom and tries to remove every trace of Jay's baby batter from her face.

She is in no mood to chat or joke around at this point and just wants this to be over with. Too bad, really. Shay is a gorgeous girl but unless she gets a lot more comfortable with all things sex, and especially cum, porn isn't in her future. There are always those lingerie modeling jobs I somehow doubt that. When Bee says she's up for anything, she means it. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

When you hear her vata accent it means one of two things: When I quiz her about her likes and dislikes she shortcuts me by saying she's just, "All about fun. We talk about her likes and dislikes and try as I might I can't stump her. She seems to like everything: I'm tempted to ask her if she's into Cleveland Steamers to try to trip her up.

But if you watch the whole video, you'll see she wasn't lying - she's ALL about fun. She mentions that she's hungry and I offer to stop on the way to the shoot, but I promise she'll be earning her meal. Bee readily agrees and we pull over to hit up the nearest value meal. On the way back to the car I remind her that she has to earn it and we detour to the bathroom where I have her drop to her knees and suck my cock.

She doesn't blink an eye and is popping my dick in and out of her mouth like a lollipop in no time flat. I try to get her to deep throat but she's too shy and the best I get is some serious deep mouth, but her skills are tight and in no time I'm rock hard and dying to stick my cock in something else.

Bee agrees and I'm pounding her from behind and trying to keep her quiet while I hit it nice and deep. We can't film the whole whole thing in the bathroom of a sub shop, so we get back to the car and move along to the studio. During our talk Bee tells me that it's not easy to make her cum and because of that the most times she's ever orgasmed in a day is 2 or 3.

To this I think, "Challenge Accepted! Granted it might require everything in the ECG sex toy locker, but it's fuckin' on. This is where the patent pending Exploited College Girls split screen o-face angle comes in handy - you can watch Bee's face as she cums and you can watch how I make it happen with a lubed up Rabbit and vibrator in her perfect pussy.

Now I know all pussy is pretty damn nice, but Bee's pussy? Perfect, if there was a XXX dictionary and you looked up pussy, you'd find a picture of Bee's perfect snatch. After she gets hers I want some so I have her drop to her knees and suck on my cock. The more she relaxes into it the more I want to face fuck her but I can't manage to get the whole thing in there no matter how hard I try.

I even flip her over and have her hang her head off the bed and try to take it all but it's futile, I can't get her to relax her throat enough to get it in there. After the orgasm I gave her I know her pussy is relaxed so I have her get propped up on her back and I slip her my cock as hard as I can. You can tell from the noises she makes that she loves it but I can't get her over the edge.

I'm pounding her hard, her tithes are bouncing and she's into it but I can't get her there. I remember what we talked about and I hand her the vibrator and have her hold it on her clit while I fuck her. That seems to do it, she's screaming at the top of her lungs as I drill her. I finish her off with a classic ECG shotgun cumshot to the face. You have got to watch the look on her face as I land the first two spurts like a sniper, right down her throat.

I always have distance and volume but I rarely have this kind of perfect aim and she gets a mouthful of the sticky stuff. This is probably the best cumshot I've ever filmed. So some of you were like "hey Steve, invite a black girl to ECG sometime" but the problem was that there simply aren't a lot of African-American college girls willing to do porn.

It seems like a cultural thing, spoiled white suburban brats think fucking a stranger on camera is the new cool, but black girls just don't seem to go for it. That is until I finally got a hold of Rhianna! You'll be blown away hehe as I was when you see her.

Rhianna is from a well-off family and attends Penn State that's in the State of Pennsylvania for my brothers outside of the US and half African-American, and half Mexican. Chris Rock refers to that as "Blaxican". I call it a fucking hot and rare exotic mix of great skin and attitude. Rhianna is cute as a button. Well spoken, pretty sharp for her age, and - thank goodness!

Getting slapped and choked while being fucked? No problem for her, Rhianna is into rough sex. Licking my ass till I'm about to cum? Sure thing! I was so excited to do the nasty with Rhianna that I totally forgot to let the cameras rolling when I took the photos and before we started the actual shoot so there's no Behind the Scenes on this one.

But the full movie more than makes up for it - it's fucking hot, brothers, and you'll love watching our seemingly wholesome flower turn into dark nubile fuckmeat that gets treated like the rest of those little college sluts who make the mistake of replying to my "models wanted" ad.

You know you're being too loud during sex when the hotel's cleaning lady "accidentally" walks in on you. Yeah, that happened. Jay and Pam are getting it on, and all of a sudden the door opens up and the maid walks in. No knocking, no "hello, housekeeping! But you can hear the woman talk to someone outside the room for several minutes before that happened, and Pam doesn't exactly stay quiet when she rides Jay's cock, so there's no way the maid didn't know what was going on.

Looks like Pam needs to tone it the fuck down when she's getting banged. Or the maid needs a membership to Exploited College Girls. So, about Pam. She's a freshman at UT Southwestern, which either means she's wicked smart or has rich parents. She denies the latter so it's gotta be the former.

She does seems a little brighter than most of her peers, but that doesn't mean much these days. UTS is pricey and one great way to come up with the tuition money without becoming a slave to student loan repayments for the rest of a girl's life is to dabble in porn. First off let me say that Pam isn't the typical porn girl type.

She's too shy, too inexperienced, and too wholesome to be the next Jenna Haze. In fact I'm a little shocked she showed up today for this at all. But I can see her go on to do more shoots in the future just for the money. Except, having her face and hair covered in cum at the end of today might have been enough for her to swear off porn forever.

She really hated that. But we'll see. Jay picks Pam up from the airport. After the usual chit chat he gets her to show us her puffy nipples while they're driving to the hotel. She isn't overly shy about that but clearly it's also not something she does every day on her way to school. Time to push her comfort zone a little bit.

By that time you've already figured out she's not the ultra slutty type so not surprisingly the answer is 'no'. And frankly when she sucks him off it looks like she's never given a blowjob before. Which kinda makes this even hotter. Did we just get a girl that hasn't been sucking cock like a whore since High School? It only gets better though. I think one of my favorite parts about today's shoot is that Pam doesn't look or act like a pro at anything she does, and I mean that as a compliment.

She loves some of the stuff Jay does to her, but when she doesn't, you'll know it. When she gets tired, you'll know it. When she's about to cum, you'll know it. She's adorably unaware of which camera to look into but fear not, Jay places the cameras so that you get to see her face at all times, regardless of what she does , and she spends a lot of her mental energy just trying to figure out how to handle that big cock properly.

And she succeeds for the most part, I must say. Let me know what you think of Pam or if you ever see her anywhere else in the future. Because she really shouldn't be doing this type of work and if she does Note to Pam: Just sayin'. An angel like this should NOT be doing porn.

But since Chelsea decided to go for it anyways just broke up with her boyfriend so Okay, I can't do that. I mean, look at her! Chelsea is a up till today wholesome, all-American girl. She doesn't even pretend to be into other girls, she doesn't do drugs or other stupid shit, and has only had five men in her life.

Well, make that six as of today. She's about the furthest thing from a slut or a porn whore as you can imagine - and yet here she is. She can actually string words together to form sentences that make sense! Imagine that! Obviously she has never had sex on camera, for money or otherwise. And I actually believe her. What a nugget I've found there.

She is so genuinely happy and smiley the entire time that I have to summon all my evil internal spirits to do what I usually do. But once my mind gets there, oh boy I love making girls cum. Fucking love it. Chelsea cums easily and there's so much pussy cum on me after a few of her orgasms I wonder if she is even aware of how truly orgasmic she is. Speaking of cumming, our little blonde, blue-eyed SDSU cutie enjoys having her ass licked even though you can tell she feels quite naughty for even just enjoying this.

That's not the only thing she discovers about herself today. Surprisingly, Chelsea doesn't shy away from even my most hardcore antics yes, she does THAT for me too , but it's clear a lot of this stuff we're doing is new to her. She's an eager little learner though and just like with her school work, she puts her entire being into this shoot.

She is in the moment at all times, trying to figure out if she likes something or not. She doesn't complain if she's not into it, although there are a few moments that are just a bit too extreme for her. At least there aren't any tears. At least not many. There are some fun revelations, espcially at the end when I drive her to the airport. Let's just say she's in a unique living situation, and she really doesn't understand the gravity of what she has just done Chelsea is one in a million, brothers.

Girls like her are the reason I started this site. Pure magic, I tell you. How to make a college girl melt in three simple steps: One, get her comfortable and make her laugh. Our 20 year old Nica has a blast getting her picture taken, and Jay's smooth advances and touches throughout heighten her anticipation. She craves the attention and loves feeling like a star for the moment.

Two, let her talk about herself and steer the conversation towards sex but without sounding like a pervert college kid. During the interview Nica talks about her first time, her High School sex experiences, likes and dislikes, and what gets her off. Pay attention and remember the last part.

Soon Nica is putty in his hands. Just about the perfect situation here with Nica: Not sure how Jay does it but yet again he gets our first timer to orgasm again and again with his magic. Nica is surprised when he makes her cum for the first time just by rubbing and fingering her.

Add a vibrator to the mix and the fun keeps going. Jay keeps focused on her clit at all times, even when he fucks her, and that just pushes the girl over the edge every time. I can practically see her fall in love with the guy with every orgasm he gives her. You'll see what I mean. Definitely a connection there. There's lots of hot flirting and sex talk throughout the entire shoot.

This stuff is real, and I love it. So will you. Nica is somewhat of a late bloomer sexually but now she's making up for it with a vengeance. Actually, that's not quite true because she has been dishing out blowjobs and let herself get eaten out since she was in High School. But no cock was allowed to actually enter her pussy until just recently.

She may be enrolled at nerd haven Virginia Tech but, like Nica says, girls there often are just as horny and slutty as at any other college. And she proves the point. Judging by the video and from what Jay tells me, Nica is a great lay, but really what gets me going is how "in the moment" she is at all times. She is really into the whole thing and that just makes it so much better, doesn't it?

Other highlights: Jay's insanely large cum shot covers Nica's entire face and she doesn't complain about it. That alone makes her tops in my book. Before that, as I mentioned, we get to watch her cum about a million times, and she gives head with lots of eye contact you'll love the POV.

After the cum facial Nica wipes some of the remaining sperm off her face and rubs it around her pussy to masturbate with it. Natural lube, ya know? Really, the whole thing was absolutely brilliant to watch so that's why Nica's video is an hour and a half long. You won't mind or notice, I promise. You'll probably notice that on Claire's titles it doesn't list a university. That's because Claire is a senior in high school, and like all 18 year olds is great at making decisions and planning ahead, in this case choosing her first grown up job as a co-star in a little internet porn.

Fortunately for us it looks like Claire got an A in Sex Ed. If there is a better example of the word 'spinner' I don't think I've ever seen it. Claire is probably 90 pounds soaking wet and trust me, she gets soaking wet in today's shoot - Claire is a squirter! The reason she's joining me today is the one I love the most - she just loves sex. The fact is, the best updates I shoot for ECG are always girls who forget about performing and just lose themselves in the session.

Claire is definitely one of those. When I get her settled in makeup and a cute outfit, she gives us a little insight into the sex life of an 18 year old. Aside from the endless giggling it's actually surprisingly wild for a girl who was a virgin as recently as the last Breaking Bad season. We'll find out before this session is over that Claire is full of surprises.

The first one is when she hops up to strip: I have her grab her legs and spread for me and sure enough, her pussy is soaked. She mentioned that she loves G-spot stimulation and she was definitely not lying. I slip a finger in her and she lights up, within a minute or two she's already orgasming and before long she busts out more. I grab a toy and her enthusiasm for it is just off the charts.

I'd say she's as giddy as a schoolgirl Between the toy, the pocket vibe, my fingers and some anal beads! That's also when she squirts for the first time. The next surprise is when I have her drop to her knees to suck my cock. She just goes crazy for it. Between licks and sucks she moans, "Oooh, I love this cock.

After a fantastic BJ and some asslicking, she lets me fuck her in every possible position and in every one of them she orgasms at least once. I even get a chance to put her ballet skills to use by fucking her standing up from the side, yet another ECG first.

She shows me how I can make her squirt and sure enough, it works. Look closely and you'll see Claire's teen pussy shoot out girl cum again and again. Before I splash Claire with her first facial we try to figure out how many times she came during our session, she says ten, but after re-watching the tape I counted 12 for sure, and possibly as many as I have a huge load built up from fucking this prima ballerina and when I unload on her face she's smiling and giggling the whole time.

I don't know if I've shot a girl this enthusiastic about every second of the shoot, ever. Monika is already wet when we take the photos look at the juice spot on her panties, and the pussy close-ups Taking a girl's pics often makes her feel desired and when Monika says she sometimes feels 'ugly' I know this hottie is going to appreciate the attention she'll be getting from her photos and videos here.

She is a little nervous when we start the video - her first - in earnest. But that quickly subsides when the topic drifts to sexual things. I actually meant her body but I don't mind the confusion. Not surprisingly she answers her boobs are her favorite part on her and I can tell why. Her tits are fantastic. Large, all natural 34 DDs that bounce and sway whenever she moves or gets fucked.

I got my first peek at those funbags earlier when Monika got ready in the bathroom and we got the interview quesitons out of the way. The minute I start unwrapping and touching her, Monika gets that look on her face that's a clear invite for sex, and anything that comes in between her getting fucked is nothing but an unwelcome distraction to her.

Like talking. She must have been ovulating because most girls aren't usually that sensual this soon in the game otherwise: Just a few seconds of fingering Monika's sensitive clit and she's swooning, eyes closed, and her voice cracks a little when she answers my questions. Monika really wants it. That's my cue to stop the yapping and start getting Monika in a comfortable position so she can cum.

I'm thinking I'll have her use toys but she's already starting to masturbate on her own and lovin' it. So am I, our busty blonde is about to cum and all it takes is a bit of touching and fingering. She has a great orgasm, with her body squirming and shaking, and everything. You'll love it! Sex with Monica is great, she enjoys it as much as I do and her pussy juice covering my cock as I fuck her is testimony to that.

If you're a boobs man, you'll love watching her big tits bounce back and forth as she's getting it. Monika makes me cum with her oral skills, and then keeps on stroking my spent cock to squeeze out the last remaining drops of jizz while she watches me squirm. Her facial expressions tell us she lives to make men come and clearly enjoys the power she momentarily has when she makes us orgasm.

That's one spunky redhead, our 20 year old Cori. Jumping up and down on the bed and goofing around like she owns the place. Yeah, she's comfortable with herself, alright. She's a lot of fun and open to to just about anything. She lets me examine her insanely goegous pussy and doesn't mind any of our advances. It's not until a little later until her boundaries get pushed too far.

But it's kinda her fault. You'll see. See, there's one problem with girls who think they need to prove their adventurousness to everyone. They push themselves to show off how nothing fazes them, until the point when it does. From Cori's total coolness about the whole thing you would think that she's basically a little college whore who fucks a fraternity for sport every night, but pay attention during the interview and it turns out Cori is actually surprisingly Really, she's the type that teases and flirts, loves to show off her body, and makes you think she's practically sex on legs.

But today is her day to prove herself, and put her money where her mouth is. Or Jay's cock, rather There's some suprises in store for her. But first Jay starts his seduction slowly, taking time to let Cori talk about her naughty self, and get undressed. After a few minutes of exploring her ridiculously tight body, it's time to see how fast and how often Cori can cum.

Jay's pussylicking magic helps, but the vibrator is what puts Cori over the edge and makes her cum so hard that her clit is too sensitive to touch. Now that Cori got off, it's time to step up the hardcore a bit. Cocksucking time. It all goes very well, Cori enthusiastically sucks Jay's big 'un and he cheers her on to go deeper and deeper.

Cori wants you to think of her as the ultimate porn goddess so she deepthroats herself. And then again. Milking Big Black Dick Properly. Cum Eating At The Gloryhole. Suckin a big Dick in a Public Toilet Urinal. Big muscled black gay boys humiliate white twinks hardcore Sucking Cock With Cum. Cum drenched black at bukkake party.

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She craves the attention and loves feeling like a star for the moment. In less than three minutes she has her first Sybian powered orgasm. Really, really well. Crystal jerks faster and faster at just the right spot and BOOM I shoot my cum load about 8 feet across the room. ABC Television Network. Why does that matter? I have two of the cameras on her face so you see her suck and enjoy the pussy licking from the best angles.


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  • Note to Pam:
  • She gags twice and tries for more, but her involuntary body movements push Jay's cock out of her throat so she can get air.
  • She takes to it and admits that she loves to turn guys on, and it turns her on.
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  • thing I've facial download watch blaxican videos free girl, great
  • I promised Bailey I'd buy her the Rabbit since she loves it so much so we stop by at the porn store and pick one up.

My new bbw white girl suck good dick. Whenever Crystal is in Phoenix she stays with her boyfriend so I drive her to his place after we're done. I put her on the spot and demand that she drop to her knees and provide validation.

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