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She was great with Emily Bloom. This is actually a good question. Zevgari model lyala a, milena d. Daily Teen Girls Regarding porno, I am sure she does not need to make any porno movie, since, if she wanted to follow that field she could do it earlier ,and, frankly speaking, it would be only a stupid choice. Lauren Lee.

Nika N in Leina by Sex Art

Posted on April 13, November 11, Posted on March 21, November 11, Posted on March 8, November 11, Posted on February 28, November 11, Posted on January 26, November 11, Posted on January 24, January 24, Posted on January 9, January 9, Posted on November 24, November 24, Posted on October 12, October 12, Posted on October 4, October 4, Posted on September 28, September 28, Posted on September 27, September 27, Posted on September 13, September 13, Posted on August 29, August 29, Posted on June 28, June 28, Posted on May 12, May 12, Posted on April 17, April 17, Left middle back Chinese character Agencies: Ukraine , fair hair , medium natural breasts , piercings , tattoos Favourite of: She is not afraid to show, spread and touch her perfect pussy either, nor flaunt her pretty anus.

She always has some strange and wild poses which is original and fun. Latest Nika N Tweets. Newest First Oldest First. Add New Web Link. Report link teenporngallery Report link teenporngallery Report link teenporngallery Report link nubiles. What's wrong with this link? Cancel Report the link. Login to create your personal notes about the model.

Essentials Boobpedia Kindgirls Peachyforum Pornteengirl. Premium Galleries - June. Good For The Soul. Good Girl Gone Bad. I don't subscribe to porn sites because there's enough free material on the web to last forever. But I subscribe to Milena's site, because if you want posing and the conveying of beauty and grace that Milena can deliver, then galleries like A. I'm glad she stayed as a nude model rather than going into the porn field.

It would have wrecked her body. She's too classy for 'the trash' anyway. I totally get on with you. Milena is a truly beautiful flower among so many banalities as we'll as too overrated naked models. I like the fact that she always says: I am a " nude " model and she is proud to show her nudity and she has never behaved like a fashion " non nude " model wannabe by the help of pseudo professional photographer which photo studios were ,maybe, opened by daddy's money as well as when they make porno movies by the help of a boy friend or even a toy friend and later they will say: When she works with Emily Bloom they are quite similar to each other regarding the way to work in adult industry is pure joy , nothing else.

I wish only the best to this awesome young babe! I'm a member of her personal site, milenaangel. True, I wish she'd be open about it, especially in her videos, and bravely not hide it anymore with garter belts, hand and forearm blocking it She's way too popular and famous.

Why would openly revealing the scar hurt her career? I'm human and this is my body! Many fans adore you, Lotus Flower! The way Milena expresses herself and her beauty is legendary. The scar on her belly? How old are the most recent pictures, is she still modeling? She must be in her mid-to-late 20s, right? She still looks like a teen, crazy genetics.

Hard to come up with a younger looking adult model. WOW almost a body double for Olivia Grace, but they are different girls right? Whether thin, a little heavy, just right, shaved, unshaved; her grace, natural confidence and erotic intensity always makes me thank God for models like Milena. Still beautiful and I hope she keeps posing for years to come.

I give full agreement to the last comment. I expect her unknown shots and videos in that site. Resemblande to Audrey Hepburn? Yes - I see the resemblance to Audrey Hepburn! It is because she manages to be both innocent and sexy at the same time. The combination is irresistible! I wish we could see her in person. She is a perennial favorite. Both cute and beautiful.

I'm kind of sad by how her lovely breasts seem to have lost their perkiness in recent sets. Like she lost weight - which she absolutely did not need to do. I hope she is not ill Since no one else has pointed it out, I will: Her resemblance to Audrey Hepburn is something that keeps popping into my head whenever I see her www.

Also there is absolutely no photographic proof anywhere that she ever was pregnant or had a baby so even if it looks like a Cesarean scar until someone has proof that she was pregnant and has a child its not a Cesarean scar. It doesn't it more to the left where she had her growth you need to get your eyes checked. Also its somewhat to high to be a Cesarean scar.

Again check out Piper Perri sets if you want to see what a real Cesarean scar looks like. Doesn't cut clear across her belly? What photo are you looking at, and are you blind??? Here is the link to the photo. The scar is exactly in the middle. My favourite thing that she's done is the Hegre "Sexual Surrender" video with Emily Bloom in which she goes down on Emily and drives her wild, all while smiling and laughing.

It's obvious that they get along. And I love when she leaves her bush all natural, too. It's not a C section scar since it doesn't cut clear across her belly its mainly on the one side of her body. If she really would have been pregnant at some point there would be pictures of her pregnant out there somewhere its not like she is Eva Mendes who did a excellent job in hiding her second pregnancy from the entire world.

The most achingly beautiful, cutest, and sexiest girl I have ever seen, with the most beautiful personality to match. I think the proper way to characterize the scar is that it's consistent with a C Section. She could have possibly had some intestinal surgery. I think it is a C Section scar but I don't know her so can't say. But, other than that, damn, she's cute as hell!!!! Please before you retire do a seamless pantyhose set.

I can't believe no photographer has picked up on this. You are up there with the best models ever but to not have you photographed in a tartan skirt and tights is a sin. I guess she's not camming anymore. Someone asked her on twitter and she said she's not doing it. I will be honest with you, I am completely in love with her since her indian, horse photoshoot came out.

I only wish she did actual boy girl sex scenes. LOL its not classic C-section scar. If it where a C-section scar it would be a lot closer to her vagina and across the middle of her belly not on the left or right side of her belly those scars are from growth being removed or appendix removal scars.

People need to actually see a real C-section scar or google it before they claim that a model has one. Personaly, i couldn't care less if its a c-sect or not. I just wished she wasn't so self consious about it. In photo sets it gets photoshoped, but in videos she doesn't get completly naked anymore.

And thats a pitty because, scar or not, she's a goddess. I'd love to see her camming again: If the scar was to remove a growth on her left side, then why does it extend 5 inches past the midline onto her right side. It is a classic C-section scar. LOL the scar is definitely not a C-section scar. Its from a growth she had removed on her left side which can easily be seen in her first couple of Hegre Art sets.

As for the variation of breast size its due to weight loss. Also weight gain and weight loss and pregnancy are not the only reasons breasts can naturally vary in size the menstrual cycle can also cause fluctuation in breast size. I just wanted to thank you for your well done research into the matter. I had been trying to figure out why Milena's breasts change shape so drastically between some of her sets between the years.

I know a number of things can cause change in breast size in shape the biggest 2 being pregnancy or weight fluctuation. I kinda guessed pregnancy was the likely cause but your detective work exposed the smoking gun. Thats one less mystery I have to distract me. I think we can all agree your story was a lie, you just said you had a picture now your making excuses smh anyways believe what you want to believe I'm done with this fake bullshit that almost made me dislike.

I think we will have to agree to disagree my friend. Neither one of us has any proof about what the scar is from. The photo linked below August 29, shows it very clearly. Perhaps if Milena reads this she can post something on her blog site about the origin of the scar, although I certainly respect her wishes to remain silent if she chooses to do so.

I think we can both agree that Milena is an absolute dream girl, and one of the most beautiful women on the planet! It's a new email I created cause I might get scammed just like the claire evans page and it's my backup email. Thank You for that prolonged response but I was not angry I was being sarcastically hysterical because you said she was pregnant when she never was, to answer your last question well I am not mad because of your lies that scar right there is nothing more but an internal surgery, she never had a c-section, gave birth had sex and got knocked up nobody knows who or whatsover bullshit, with no single proof I don't think I will ever believe your story and don't worry if you can't show her pregnant picture you don't need to I know it doesn't exist your welcome.

And if you think I am indenial? Milena's initial sets with WeAreHairy were posted in late , and the scar does not appear to be there. However, the First Movie video has a corresponding photo set Latika which was posted on March 24, In the Latika and First Movie shoots it clearly appears to be summer time, so these were probably shot in the summer of I don't know how long it takes photographers to release material, but my guess is it takes several months at a minimum.

So, when did she have the baby? My guess is that she did her initial shoots in for both WeAreHairy and Met-Art, and then had the baby sometime in She then resumed shooting in late or early Don't ask me to post those photos, as it is clearly against the rules. There are plenty of Met-Art members here who can look at the high res photos and confirm what I said.

As for who got her pregnant, I have no idea, as I do not know her personally. Why did want to get pregnant? Well maybe she didn't, but I hope it isn't news to you that most women do want to have children at some point in their lives. I'm getting a little long winded here, so I'll address the other questions later, but I have a question for you.

Why are you so upset by the fact that Milena has had a child??? I will try to answer your questions. First, How do I know she was pregnant? Easy, because she has a C-section scar. Second, When did she get pregnant. This is actually a good question. As I mentioned in my response to beerpatzer, the scar is visible in the Hegre Erotic Beauty Massage video.

That is the first video where it is visible, and it was posted on September 24, It is also visible in the Wax On, Wax Off video posted a month later. The Hydref photo set from Met-Art was posted on April 24, I have all of Milena's Met-Art photo sets, so I went back through them to see if and when the scar was visible, starting with the very first set still one of my favorites, I might add.

I don't have her stuff from WeAreHairy, but from their tour pages it doesn't appear the scar is there. The first Met-Art photo set where the scar is clearly visible is Luv, posted on March 26, see photos 48 and 49, scar is visible just above her garter on the right side, also on photo In her next Met-Art photo set "Place" with Agni posted May 2, , she is wearing a see through garter, and the scar is clearly visible under the garter in photos 1 - 6, 10, and 32 best in photo 4 , and above the garter in photo She wears this same garter in the set "Tenute" posted 3 years later on March 24, , and again the scar is visible in photos 33, 34, and In the set "Aledias" posted June 3, , the scar is visible beneath her garter in photos and So definitely by March when the Luv set was posted , she had had her baby.

A comment on what someone notices is not a reason2go postal. How the fuck did you know she was pregnant?! When the fuck did she get pregnant?! Who the fuck got her pregnant?! And Why the fuck would she want to get pregnant?! Haven't you got a theory that maybe she had an internal surgery or some shit like this involving under that stomach like that or something nobody knows whatsover fuck?

Plus her nipples would clearly change! Her TITS would freakin' enlarge! And you would crystal clearly as a diamonds in the roughly SEE some stretch marks!!! The photo from the Met-Art photo set Hydref shows it most clearly, but it is also visible briefly in the Hegre video "Wax On, Wax Off beginning , the Hegre massage video ending , and the Amour Angels video "Pink" at 5: A woman has a couple of months between the time she learns she is pregnant and the time she starts showing a baby bump.

Milena could have easily booked two or three shoots in that interval, which would have provided enough material to be released in the next year or so. Most photographers will shoot 8 to 10 photo sets in a days work. As for the left side "growth" noted by anonymous from South Africa, that is an incisional hernia that resulted from the C-section not uncommon.

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I think we are both on the same side. If she really would have been pregnant at some point there would be pictures of her pregnant out there somewhere its not like she is Eva Mendes who did a excellent job in hiding her second pregnancy from the entire world. Today is her birthday!!! Milena and emily bloom are two stunning petite babes with the youthful beauty and angelic charms. Mariah Milano for Naughty America Sep 09, Ranking 63 last month. Posted on September 27, September 27, Sensual Girls.

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