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This android version is extremely pure, without any known bloatware or any more apps. The device is a budget offering with the added benefit of pure and latest Android 7. Of course, first we need to know just which tabernacle the beast blasphemes. That evidence will not be presented here, but if you wish to learn more about it, read the seven churches of Revelation. One of the drawback is that the device does not have a bluetooth connection, hence wireless connection is not as easy.

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USSR Championship. C98 Ruy Lopez, Closed, Chigorin. Botvinnik vs Boleslavsky. E67 King's Indian, Fianchetto. Boleslavsky vs I Rudakovsky. B83 Sicilian. Bondarevsky vs Boleslavsky.

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Boleslavsky vs Lisitsin. Boleslavsky vs Smyslov. Levenfish vs Boleslavsky. Boleslavsky vs P Dubinin. B11 Caro-Kann, Two Knights, Vladimir Petrov vs Boleslavsky.

A45 Queen's Pawn Game. Boleslavsky vs M Stolberg. C11 French. Ragozin vs Boleslavsky. A02 Bird's Opening. Boleslavsky vs Panov. C97 Ruy Lopez, Closed, Chigorin. Veresov vs Boleslavsky. Boleslavsky vs V Makogonov. Keres vs Boleslavsky. C15 French, Winawer. Boleslavsky vs Kotov. B85 Sicilian, Scheveningen, Classical. When Isabella and Alejandro are cast adrift on a quest of their own this dislocation is intensified, whilst things also become annoyingly sentimental if sometimes also affecting.

Convenient co-incidence appears, surely unnecessary when a writer is so clearly gifted as Sheridan. That this returns repeatedly, especially in relation to a parallel storyline about young Miguel Elijah Rodriguez , soon becomes grating in the extreme. The film is thus simultaneously overlong and uncomfortably hurried — a television series would have given this approach room to breath.

By chance, three different art exhibitions in London currently all engage with the same subject — how particular artists considered the old and the new. Specifically, shows looking at Auguste Rodin, Claude Monet and Thomas Cole explore how they each viewed societal developments in their own times, wondered what their work should look like in the context of that and whether they followed, built on or reacted against those practitioners who came before.

Fittingly all three finish on the same date, so you have about five weeks to experience all of them. Eden to Empire. But, as this major exhibition is at pains to point out, Cole actually took a very different view of the great American landscape and what it could be than his compatriots. Born in Bolton in , Cole was an admirer of Turner and his portrayals of nature, but was also aware of how the controversial artist confronted modernity — especially technology — in his works.

Classical ruins surround the rim of this wonderful thing, complete with tiny aqueduct, and the spill from its lake-like bowl dissolves in the wind as it cascades over the side. In the first, The Savage State, an unspoilt expanse of land at the mouth of a river is laden with greenery and inhabited only by natives.

Human intervention begins with The Pastoral State — a stone circle, boat building, farming — but is in balance with nature. I was struck by the bold imagery here; spattered blood, grey-faced corpses and attempted rape all feature. In the final instalment, Destruction, nature is reclaiming the ruins of what once was. Though retaining something of the imagination seen in the Goblet, this is a firmly human and thus relatable morality tale.

A welcome window into a less-well-known British talent who made his name abroad, this was an enjoyable show that rounded of a trio of fulfilling exhibtions. This exhibition is about his response to the built environment around him, in Normandy, Rouen, Paris, London and Venice, whether featuring incidentally or as the principal — sometimes only — subject.

It looks at how painted architecture directly, and at how he used it as counterpoint to the natural world for which he is best known. It considers his selection of structures old and new, and it looks at repetition — how the same topic could be painted again and again yet be different each time. A developing mastery of colour and composition is also seen, with the former employed to suggest weather effects a View of Amsterdam appears as though seen through a rain-spattered window and the latter starting to use architecture as a highlight or framing device.

The exhibition is silent on this, disappointingly. Even when he takes this road however other sides of his technique impress, such as the almost monochrome Snow Effect at Giverney which nevertheless drew me in through its complex textures and implied motion, both of which reminded me of Rothko.

The modern city was a touchstone for many late 19th century artists, including the Impressionists, but this show presents Monet as ambivalent to its charms. His ability to differentiate one form of light from another in variant circumstances is seen in the spectacular The Boulevard des Capucines, where two men in top hats stand on a balcony they are almost pushed off the edge of the canvas and watch a teeming crowd of several hundred individually-painted figures on the street below with half the scene bathed in winter sunlight and half in shadow.

The first is perhaps the most powerful room of the show, with half a dozen frames reading as massively enlarged photographs from further away. It is well-curated and superbly hung. The number and choice of canvasses and their considered disposition is a perfect fit for the basement Sainsbury galleries, working with their variety and the clever theming to ensure that things never become overwhelming.

As something of a Monet sceptic, I am — just about — convinced The Credit Suisse Exhibition: The putative originator of modern sculpture visited the British museum repeatedly. He took direct inspiration from what he saw there, especially the Parthenon Sculptures or Elgin Marbles. Uniquely, this innovative show presents the visitor with more than half a dozen instances to examine the source alongside the result.

In both cases this shaped stone into flesh. Architecture is another link between these ages in and of itself, since not only did Rodin at one point go into business making architectural sculpture but The Kiss and many of his other works — including The Thinker, presented here in two very powerful versions including a terracotta — began as components of a vast pair of doors, the forbiddingly titled Gates of Hell, for a Parisian art museum.

With the first of these the Frenchman removed the head from a figure on the Gates, evoking an ancient sculpture eroded by time as the curators insightfully have it and so creating instant if self-assured comparisons with the past as well as supporting his thesis. I wondered at this point whether the distinctive cropping of statues in the paintings of Lawrence Alma-Tadema, a near-exact contemporary of Rodin who also looked to the past for his subject matter, might have aimed for the same reading.

Fascinatingly, Rodin collected items of sculpture, domestic artefacts and the like that COULD have been created by his hero Phidias as inspiration or for incorporation into his work whilst Alma Tadema carefully selected archaeological finds to be depicted in his paintings, even if he often then deliberately mixed-up or distorted materials, periods and scales for effect — he would frequently take say a Roman marble copy of a Greek sculpture and imagine the lost Greek original, or take a bronze bust designed for a room pedestal and enlarge it to Colossus size.

Both men employed the modern technology or photography as an aide. Despite his clear love of the past, Rodin was no preservationist. He campaigned against restoration of the Parthenon, preferring to see it crumble, and felt that buildings in general should, like the human body, be born, mature and decay. Keen only to retain his library of inspiration, he looked to the future whilst referring to the past.

This enlightening show shows both sides of his personality to good effect, and if it could have benefitted from a little extra layering — more context at the start, an audio guide, more on the techniques of past and present sculptors — and a slightly more intimate setting for some of the works than the cavernous unadorned black box of its new temporary exhibition gallery, it is still well worth seeing.

This line of separation then ran south, all the way to the Adriatic, as Churchill said. This was at the height of the Cold War, which had split the country in half and seen culture and the arts deployed on both sides in furtherance of opposing ideologies. In a further touch of showmanship-cum-assertive diplomacy, a rotating red shipping navigation light was mounted one storey higher.

As was common in this period, the hotel has a top floor eating and bar space that today — rather unaccountably — is restricted to daytime hours only. The base of the building takes the form of a wide, two-storey podium that is partially embanked and has a basement. The hotel was originally linked to a large indoor swimming pool complex but this was demolished and the land disposed of in favour of new resort buildings under separate ownership.

A smaller pool now forms part of a spa for the hotel. No matter what their date, almost all hotels undergo regular refurbishment. Unless exceptionally notable, interiors seldom survive these periodic convulsions of taste. In that lobby, veined white marble columns, tremendous polygonal chandelier light fittings and the inevitable veined-gold mirrored glass walls survive, as does an attractive metalwork grille to a retail unit.

Padded leather half-moon door handles are first seen here and recur elsewhere in different colourways — cream, burgundy, dark green. The double doors to the restaurant are a highlight — their insides and outsides, as well as a frieze-like panel above, are feature beaten metal bas reliefs illustrating a mediaeval feast.

Inside, the serving area is backed by a delightful metalwork screen on an appropriately nautical theme. The foyer of the function hall has many more of the chandeliers, as well as sconces in a matching style. An attractive staircase flanked with deep, padded leather side rails leads down to the lower level of the podium.

Unexpectedly, the guest rooms also show elements of this original scheme. The crystalline light fitting over the full-length mirror, built-in wardrobes with recessed handle, bedside radio controls and hardwood window frames with bronze handles all recall the early s in winning fashion. That this hotel has not succumbed to the latest trend is not entirely a surprise.

Perhaps it is fitting, then, that some of the more positive aspects of that time many decades ago are still with us. I have read the book several times and referenced it repeatedly in my architectural writing, lectures and tours, and yet was cautious when I heard it was being brought to the small screen by the BBC. The actual plot — intricate but conventional — appeared to present few difficulties, but the adaptation would also have to address a key conceit: The real surprise of the resulting serial, which has just finished its broadcast run, is that the former is more of a failure than the latter, yet in truth the entire enterprise must be regarded as misjudged from the outset.

All thanks to the powerful hardware and well-optimized software. We also used the Kodi app to play a few movies. All played really well, without any issues in streaming or content performance. The Amlogic processor ensured that most of the apps opened swiftly without any lags.

Navigating on the home screen and through the apps, was very smooth. Coming to the streaming performance, the dual WiFi band does its job well. The connection was very stable with ultra-fast streaming of content on our media device, without any delay or buffering. The device too can hold many apps and games. Lastly, we tried a few HD games, and we found that the performance was really great.

Every gaming app opened quickly and the rendering were great even on high settings. One thing, we felt that few things, like setting up the inital boot of the device was a bit complex, and not noob-friendly in usage. The Leelbox M8S Max is a very superior device, with great hardware capabilities and pure 6. You also get a 1 year after-sales warranty from Leelbox.

Coming to its cons, the IR remote could have been much better in durability. We expected the atleast Android 7. We also observed a few issues registered on amazon in terms of its performance, but the positive reviews have overcomed the negative ones. More than hundred customer have shown their love to this device, and its popularity is growing in the market. The MXQ Pro comes with great 4k playing capabilities and pure android experience, all this at a great price, which is more than adequate in having a smart and cable-free entertainment for your television.

Plain simple looks, with great hardware and software specifications and superior playback performance, makes the MXQ Pro a must buy tv streaming device in the market today. In addition, this kodi tv box fits under budget, which you get just what you need for all your entertainment needs.

The box is known for its rounded corner and can easily fit behind any television. You can also show the device on the front, making it a great display for everyone. This helps in connecting the wires to the television. This is latest generation processor from the company and is capable of executing heavy tasks with ease.

You also get a penta-core GPU that helps in maintaining great image quality under 4k playing conditions. Here, we felt that the company could have increased the RAM size, considering the competition in the market. To compensate on the low internal storage, you get GB expandable storage through micro-USB slot, which is awesome.

On this android tv device, you get 4-USB ports helping you connect your keyboard, mouse and external hard drive if needed. You also get a ethernet connection for faster connectivity. Another highlight of this device, is the all improved 2. With the device, you also get the IR remote, which does most the tasks with ease.

However, the performance of the device could have been better. We felt the IR remote failed in executing few playing tasks, which we tried. The software performance on this device is blissful and nolags were evident in our test. The UI is very user-friendly, and navigation on the home screen and across apps was swift and clean.

Every app we tried opened very quickly, without any sluggishness. We must say that the company has helped optimize the software part to compliment the average hardware. However, over prolonged usage the android tv device does gets heat-up which causes the device to slow down in performance, but that too only if you are running a high-intensive application or gaming. You also get few pre-installed applications that can help you get-started with the device.

Another negative part is that on-screen steps to setup the device could have been better and clear for newbies. The MXQ Pro stands through its word. We ran a full HD movie, streamed it over the internet using our WiFi. The image quality is exceptional, with stereo sound output. We also ran our favorite streaming kodi app over the ethernet, and we found the performance was great in streaming, without in breaks.

We however, liked a 5GHz band too on this android device. The android tv device has the capabilities in running 4k ultra HD quality videos, with ease and without any shuttering. In terms of performance, the UI feels snappy and the movies, music, and any app opened really quick.

We also tried a few games, every game we tried played well, all at medium settings. Finally, we tried the IR remote, and we found the IR remote very responsive in usage. The remote is very productive at all angles. However, after usage over few hours, we found the remote failed in performance, and had its own way of accessing the television.

All and all, we loved the MXQ Pro 4k which stands out in the public, with its attractive pricing and great features. The Minix Neo U-9 H is known for its best and ultimate home theatre experience. This android tv device comes with great hardware and software capabilities, and has all the features ideally found in a great android tv box.

The Minix Neo U9-H like we know is famous for its great entertainment features at your home steps. In addition, it is extremely powerful streaming device, compatible with dual DRM support. The device also is powerful to play through the Kodi. Minix Neo U9-H is an ultimate home theatre system for you television.

You can experience the best of entertainment through this small box that has all the capabilities in terms of hardware, software and company brand value, making it worthy of mention on our list here. Buy on Amazon. The Minix Neo U-9 H is a compact tv box, with slick looks that is evident across all product lines of Minix. The box is square in design, with a smooth piano finish across the body.

At the top, we find a flat Minix branding, with standard ports on the sides. You also get the deattachable wireless antenna for your internet needs. You can easily fit your android box at the back of your TV or on the front, likewise, both the position looks good. The USP of the device is that the company has made provision to cool the android tv box and prevent overheating, thus improving performance.

Overall, we loved the unique design of the Minix Neo U-9 H. The build quality is superb and the all matte housing of the box is exceptional and sturdy. This processor is known for its speed, stability and silent-performance, under strenous tasks. For all your media needs, you also get a 16GB internal storage that satisfy all your entertainment needs, which you can view offline.

You also get 3 x USB 2. Finally, you have support for 7. Lastly, you get an basic IR remote that you can use to control your entertainment needs on the TV. The performance on the IR remote is really basic, without any exceptional functionality. The Minix Neo comes with the Android 6.

We atleast epxected a Android 7 update, which the company should roll out soon. On boot, you get to view the home launcher of the device, which is very similar to the Metro design. Tile-like layout helps the user to easily navigate across apps, making it very easy to use the device. The menu icons were pleasing to the eye and visually appealing. The interface is very smooth, without any hiccups of break.

The company has done a very descent job to optimize the software, with the powerful hardware specifications. One of the highlight of the device is that the Minix Neo U-9 H comes with bare minimum application, and with not bloatware. You can install any amount of apps from the Google PlayStore. Overall, the software experience was really great, with no problem in performance and navigation.

We felt that the overall UI experience could have been more android-like, rather than a windows device. We ran a 4k movie streamed over the internet using the dual WiFi band, and found that the video played really smoothly without any lags or known buffering. The WiFi signal was strong enough for the connection, and the image quality was great, without any pixelation. The Dolby surround sound too played really well, making it a truly home theatre experience, all by sitting on our couch.

We also tried the Kodi application over the ethernet connection, and our Tv sitcom played, buffer-free, and seamlessly. The picture output too was great. We also tried to play a NetFlix epsiode, and the performance here too was great and exceptional. As a whole, the Minix Neo U-9 H stands by its name of being the ultimate home theatre android streaming box in the market till date.

Finally, we tried gaming on the box. The performance was smooth, at medium settings, without loss in image quality and sound settings. Every app and game we tried opened very quickly and played well during our testing. We just felt that the IR remote was not enough for the gaming experience, and we felt the need for a dedicated gaming air mouse for all our gaming and entertainment needs.

The hardware and software specifications are well-aligned in giving you the best performance to play movies, tv-shows, music, videos, etc. The negative pointers of this android streaming player is that is comes with the outdated android experience, less familiar UI experience, and expensive to buy and maintain.

WiFi In the new year, GooBang Doo has started with a bang and launched the latest android streaming box for the Canadian market. The new tv box made with pleasant and sophisticated design, with great hardware and software features, makes it a great buy in the new year, along with its strong 3dB wifi connectivity. The icing on the cake is the free mini keyboard that we all love to have with a android box.

Read below for more details. The entire body is made from superior aluminium that looks really elegant and beautiful with an all body black look. The aluminium shell also helps in dissipation of heat, aiding in long-lasting performance from the device. Overall, this tv box looks like a compact wifi adaptor with a 3dB antenna for strong wifi connectivty and a great illuminating LED display, showcasing the date and the type of connection WiFi or LAN.

The company has spend a lot of effort in designing this device and is quite evident in what we saw. The android device is very light-in weight and tiny that it can easily fit at back any television you need. The device comes with the latest Amlogic Quad core Cortex A53 2. You can use the expandable storage to expand your space upto GB using the external micro SD card slot.

The device comes with a strong 3dB antenna that supports a 2. You also get a 4. With this device, you get a single IR remote that is mediocre in performance. Along with that, you also receive a wireless mini keyboard, which we feel was great, given the cost. We skipped the IR remote and tried on the mini keyboard.

We were amazed with the responsiveness and performance of the keyboard. The keyboard comes with a mAh rechargeable batteries. Here, the major negative point was that many customers were unable to connect the keyboard easily to the android tv box. The performance over the Android software was great, with the navigation onscreen was very fluid, without any lags.

The company has done a great job in keeping the software completely bloat-free. You only get the bare-minimum apps needed to run the device. You also get the a great looking launcher with a pleasant home screen to access your apps. The onscreen steps to start the tv box was very helpful and useful for newbies using the tv device.

We first tried playing a 4k video streamed over wifi to test the connection and the performance of the video. The 4k video just ran fine, without any lags or hiccups. The image quality was great with adequate color and contrast and with a theatre-like sound quality. The H. The streaming was quick, with no drop in signal, all thanks to the 3dB antenna.

We expect the same type of performance using the LAN cable. Next, we tried the Kodi app to stream our favorite Tv show, and here too, the media played very well, without any issues or worries. We also tried a simple full HD movie from our internal storage, there too the performance was really great.

Lastly, we tried a few games. The gaming performance on thsi device was great, and it was completely fun using the mini keyboard. Also, most of the apps were very fluid and opened very quickly, without any delay. The device stands very strong in terms in the hardware and software capabilities that it brings to table of entertainment.

The performance of the device was on par, and we loved the mini-wireless keyboard, which we received. You also get a 1 year warranty support from the company for any issues that you face. Coming to the negatives, we felt that a dual band or 5G wifi connectivity would make this device more future proof. Also, there is no instruction available to connect to the wireless keyboard, which is troublesome for few users.

Also, a few user faced a problem in using the device, but those were a one-off scenario, which can be fixed, if you talk to the support. Overall, we were impressed with this android tv device, and we greatly recommend this box for your entertainment needs. The Pendoo X8 mini is a great featured packed android tv device made for streaming content media with ease.

One thing that we loved of the Pendoo X8 mini is the compact design. The box is pleasant to the eyes and feel very light-weight, yet has a great build quality. It can easily fit in the palm of your hand. This makes it a great streaming player to hook it behind your television. You also receive a well-designed wall mount that comes with a magic sticker to stick the android box against your wall, thus preventing drilling or messing up your walls.

You can also expand the storage space upto 32GB. The specifications of this OEM tv box is pretty decent and is common in most of the device listed in this post. Next, the Pendoo Mini comes with the standard 2. You also have to connect the IR receiver so that you can use the IR remote control. Since, we broach the topic of the IR remote, we tried the performance of the remote.

We recommend using the more advanced wireless tv remote, to help you achieve more, while you sit and enjoy your tv show. The Pendoo mini comes with the latest android 7. The device only comes with the pre-installed kodi app, thus helping you save a lot of internal space. The on-screen navigation is pretty intuitive and easy to understand for everyone in executing tasks with ease.

This was the highlight of the device, making it a great budget streaming device. Next, we talk about the performance of the Pendoo X8 mini tv box device. We first tried in running our favorite tv show on NetFlix through our WiFi connectivity. The connection on the WiFi was really smooth, and stable, without any drop.

The image quality was really great and the 4k playback ran exceptionally well, without any buffering or lags. The sound quality was theatre-like and picture experience was unique. We next tried running a media through the kodi app. Again, the kodi app opened pretty quick and finding an apt source was very easy. All thanks to the HDMI 2. We loved how this device stand trhough to its 4K playing capability that too upto 60Hz.

All this, at a budget cost, than the ones been offered in our list on the Best Android Tv Box Canada. We finally tried playing a few HD games, that too at high settings. However, you need to buy a wireless remote to run the games easily, as the IR remote was not too user friendly.

Pendoo X8 mini — Demo. Excellent hardware with pure software capabilities, plus excellent budget pricing, makes the Pendoo X8 mini a great buy in the list. You also get 1 year warranty and support with OTA upgrade makes it a much desirable option. Also, the hardware could have been much more advanced, given the cost the device is been sold at.

You also get a lot of mess in connecting the external IR receiver, which we felt could have been in-built to the device. Given the above pointers, you can make a defined choice in selecting the best android box for home. Today, we present the Bqeel X9T Pro, a more premium variant in android tv boxes from the company.

This device is more of higher variant that has all the required features, needed in a tv device. Right from the hardware and software, every function that this device provide helps in fulfilling all your entertainment needs, without worrying about the future. Bqueel X9T Pro has great hardware and software capabilities, that is evident on the spec sheet.

The company has added all the possible features to the tv box, without compromising on build quaility and performance of the device. The Bqeel X9T Pro has a very plain design. The top of the tv device has a plain branding, with a simple, yet elegant spotted design. You also get a soft-touch power button to power on or off your tv device.

The Bqeel X9T Pro is a very light-weight device, and can be fitted behind your television, or on the Tv stand. We loved the compact nature of the device, however, we felt that the device offers no ventilation, given the hardware it offers, the device is prone to few heating, over a prolonged use. The hardware specifications is one of the highlight of the Bqeel X9T Pro.

With this, you get the Mali-TMP3 graphic processor. These two components combined, pushes the tv box to extreme limit. The specifictaion of this tv box is mind-blowing, with the specs, more than enough to run every media with ease and without lags. The onboard storage is more than enough to accomdate all your favorite movies, tv shows, music, etc.

For streaming and internet needs, you get a dual band 2. With this specification, you also get 2 x USB port, latest bluetooth 4. Moreover, you also get an IR remote. The remote performance was mediocre, and can be used for only basic media needs. You can try out the mini wireless keyboards for great performance. Given the cost, the company should have provided a wireless keyboard, which would had been much more loved and appreciated.

In terms of software, the company has done a great job and added an optimized and secured version of Android 7. You do not get any bloatware apps installed. Everything on the device is super fast and smooth, and we did not feel any lags in moving between apps, or opening apps. The home screen is very fluid, all thanks to the powerful hardware and optimized software variant.

The app screen looks very elegant, and beautiful. You do not need to change the launcher. In terms of apps, you get the basic Google apps that helps you in all your entertainment needs. The Kodi app is already installed, which helps you in viewing live tv and movies. In terms of usability, the software is very-well designed to help any lay person in using this tv box. However, the manual provided is very basic and can be challenging for any non-teh savy person to get lost in using this device.

And, this tv device sticks to its name and delivers truly in terms of performance. We tried playing a full HD movie from NetFlix. The internet performance was really great on the 5G network, with super fast streaming and experience a buffer-free performance. The entertainment factor was truly high, with superior image and sound performance.

We then upped our ante and tried running a 4k movie through an external memory card to test the performance. The experience was amazing, the movie played quite well without any problem or trouble. We then tried a few high-end games, and the performance was really great.

Only you need to plug in a better wireless remote or use a gaming joystick to enjoy the experience. The Bqeel X9T Pro is an ultimate device, with great hardware and software capabilities. If you intend to buy an android tv box that you wish to last till yrs, then this android box is a must buy. It is truly a premium, yet value for money device that can help you in eliminating your cable cost, without compromising on tv quality.

Bqeel X9T Pro Type: Today, we review another android box. The brand is a relatively newer brand that sell the tv box in Canada. The device overall packs a lot a much with its bold design, and unique air remote. The business in tv boxes are hotting up and this offering by the brand is enough to be in the limelight.

The hardware, software specifications are great, with in turns, shows it in the performance. The cherry on the cake is the 4-in-1 wireless keyboard-cum-tracker-cum-IR remote. The design is the highlight of the device. This streaming box is very flat, slim and lightweight, easily portable across everywhere in your home.

You get a glossy black finish on the top, with size of the device, being extremely compact. This device can easily fit at the back of your tv or you can keep this elegant tv streaming box on the front to showcase the box to your guest. The device has a minimal Maxesla branding on the top. You just get a power button, that you need a long press to power on the device.

You also get a blue button that glows, once the device is on. Coming to the back area, all the ports are neatly stacked at the back and at the sides, giving you access to connect to your television. The company has also made arrangement in providing adequate cooling, for prolong usage.

Coming to the hardware of the device. The hardware specifications are very good for the cost that the device is being offered under. Next, on the connectivity front, you get wireless A 5G wifi connection would have been a better option, considering the trends in telecom at Canada. Next, the device comes with 2 x USB 2. In all, you get all the standard hardware specs, required to run your OTT device quickly and skip your cable tv.

Next, we check out the highlight of this device, is the air remote. This is not your ordinary cheap IR remote that you get with most Tv box. This is an upgraded an a full-fledged dual IR remote. On the front you get a decent plain looking remote that has all the normal functionality, which you can find in any device.

Once you move the remote to the back, you get a full QWERTY wireless keyboard, with a unique trackpad that acts like a keyboard and a mouse. You do not need to buy an external wireless keyboard for this tv box. Simply, remove the connector and plug it to your tv box. Your wireless remote will be automatically connected for execution.

You can use your 6-Axis somatosensory mouse upto 15 feet. The performance of this wireless remote was really good. However, we are a fan of the joystick style keyboard. Nevertheless, the experience was great in navigating onscreen and scrolling to our favorite tv show, and movies. The version of Android is very stable and complete secure than the previous version.

The software version seems a lot more optimized, given it is a budget streaming box. The home screen looks very plain, yet simple, with all the apps neatly stacked for easy access. You can easily navigate to the application you want. Opening and closing of every app was fluid, without any lags.

The homescreen looks very vivid and easy to play around. The company has done a great job in keeping this device bloat-free, with addition of minimum android apps at your disposal. You go to the Google PlayStore, and install your required app easily. We started by connecting the HDMI port to the television, and pressed the power button.

Do note, you need to press for a long time to power-on this tv streaing box. The blue button on the front indicates that the device is on. Next, we connected our wifi. The signals were strong, even though our router is in a different room. We started by playing a full HD movie through NetFlix. The streaming was smooth, without any lags, all thanks to the H.

The picture quality was good with great audio quality. The device truly stands by its performance. The device claims to run media in 4k upto 60 FPS. The apps were fluid. We tried playing a sitcom through kodi, and here too the device does not dissappoint.

The performance was consistent, over the ethernet connection as well. We also loved the picture clarity over HD. We immensely loved the performance of the wireless keyboard. It was very conveinent, in accessing the web, or writing a document, or surfing, playing on the tv through the wireless trackpad. Full marks to the dual remote. We say yes, and another yes for the wireless dual keyboard remote.

The design, build quality, compactness, coupled with superior software and hardware specs, made us love this OTT tv box. The budget is bang on and is worth every penny. We feel not to include any cons on this device, for it will loose on it elegance of performance. Glossy Black. Today, we review the MX10 android box that is made for performance and one of the newer device in the year The hardware specification of the MX10 completely blew us away, indicating that technology is indeed heading towards a change.

The company claims that the MX10 is one of a kind media tv box that will really help you watch ultra high HD quality media content on your television. The performance too claims to be phenomenal. The MX10 is a brand new tv 4k tv box, launched in the early This device comes with the latest cutting-edge hardware specifications and with the all-new Android 8.

The device has great looks with plain compact design. The performance is very strong on papers, you can catch-up on the detailed review on our post below. The MX10 is a premium looking compact tv streaming box. The box is similar to an apple tv device. Looks like the company is influenced by the apple culture. The build quality of the MX10 is really good, with a full-body plastic body, with a good-looking black finish.

The box is completely compact and can easily be fitted near your television desk or you can also mount at the back of your television. Overall, we found the MX10 a premium looking device that looks really good in our living good. Even the ports are neatly stacked at the sides and at the back, and you get a clean look on the front.

You simply get a cool looking blue light on the front, indicating that your tv streaming device is powered on. With these specification, we can say that the performance of this android tv streaming box is bound to be exceptional, given the excellent memory management.

Next, you get a fast HDMI 2. Out of which you get a 1 x USB 3. For connecting to your internet, you get a faster 2. Along with the MX10, you also get an IR remote, which is quite descent in performance. You can use the remote to perform basic operation in navigating across the television.

We however recommend a wireless mini full keyboard that will be productive in your quest to entertainment. For more information on android keyboards, click here. On the software part, the MX10 comes with the latest Android 7. The UI of the device is very fluid and vibrant, with a bright home screen.

All the apps are neatly stacked at a single place, and you can easily navigate across the screen to view your favorite app. The MX10 had a good collection of application that should fulfill your entertainment needs. More importantly, you get the latest Kodi Overall, the experience was great, with most of the UI being very fluid, and smooth. All thanks to the fluent processor and RAM management.

The company has provided an update to the MX You can now download and install the latest Android 8. After we conclude with the aesthetics, we now look at the performance of the MX We tried out a full HD movie from our internal storage. The image quality was really great with stereo sound output. Next, we tried running a 4k video through NetFlix.

The video played out very well, without any lags. The buffering was also fast on the WIFI, due to the latest bandwidth compression technology. So to conclude, the performance on the media was good, with superior buffer-free and lag-free effectiveness. To further test out, we tried a 3D movie to try out the performance. The 3D blue-ray movie played out quite well, but we still advice to view a 3D film for a more better experience.

No doubt, this feature makes sense for a quite enjoyable 3D movies for kids in the summers or winters. The MX10 has the capabilities to run ultra HD 4K x px quality media content with ease, all thanks to the new and improved hardware that runs beneath the tv box. We next tried out a few games.

The games too played out well, even on the high settings. However, the IR remote is not apt for playing high-end games. You need to buy a wireless keyboard for more better user expereince. The MX10 does not have a bluetooth connection. You will always need a USB bluetooth adaptor for connection. In few places, the internet connection on WIFI or ethernet had a frequent drops.

This made watching or streaming media difficult.

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The video played out very well, without any lags. For more information on android keyboards, click here.

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