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Channel Results. They can have all the disease-filled orgies and rapes they want in the big house. Chris could feel her lips spread for him as he began to enter her. From eating tide pods to snorting condoms…. See questions and answers.

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See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention fire and ice felt like icyhot said he felt burning sensation feels like ice condoms condom cold pack trojan boyfriend feeling partner sex pain burns painful stop wash.

Showing of 40 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. One person found this helpful. Found them slimy and thicker than I expected. We just used one out of the pack before getting rid of it. I bought the 3 pack just to give these a try and I instantly became hooked. My only complaint is the freezing feeling down there that you experience until you wash your area.

Yea so there condoms Nutin special other than the lube didn't like burn me up but kinda felt it, nut seriously who posts coments on condoms lol If they did, youre either extremely oversensitive, or lying. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed using these. Feel a bit thicker than a normal condom in your hand but in use, feels like its not even there.

I ordered 4, only got 1 pack. When the title reads FIRE. IT literaly means fire. This type of condom is unpleasant for women. I tried to brave it out, thinking maybe I was too sensitive, moreover, the Ice part cool the existing heat. It was a horrible experience for me! If you are one of those pain loving daredevil then this condom is for you.

If not, I say try trojan's his and her Ecstasy condom. Yeah it's exactly what it advertises.

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It goes cold first and I don't know if Trojan knows this or not but dicks can't handle cold very well. Then it gets hot, really hot. Oh and this is extremely important! Don't even think about using these condoms if you've just shaved down there. Your skin will feel like it's on fire and will become very irritated.

Same things goes for the ladies. Take it from me, these stupid condom's ruined my birthday sex because 3 minutes after I put it on me and my wife had to stop because our skin was on fire. And taking it off won't help, it will continue to burn till you wash off whatever chemical they put on it. See all 40 reviews. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Its my first time. Thank you very much! Hey thanks for this post. I have struggled with condoms being too tight width but ok for length.

The website is theyfit. Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately they only ship to Europe at the moment. There are also My Size Condoms with 7 available sizes not as much as TheyFit , from 47 mm to 69 mm width, they are available on amazon. I have a needle dick with 6.

Rather unusual and rather disappointing. Would snugger fit condoms be long enough? I am 17 and my gf and I had sex for the firsttime recently and the condom broke. I want to find something that will not let that happen again. Hi, which condom did you use? Guess depends on the day I guess. But regular size condoms seem tight, and once killed my erection before I was gettin ready to have sex, talk bout a mood killer lol.

But I purchased trojan magnums which seem to do fine but seem to fit great but is that the best condom for me? Let me know if you try any of them. Im 17 and my length is 9. I tried different condoms and they all seem to be tight and the other ones were to loose. What do I go to? Twisted pleasure is a regular size condom, and you need a large one! Check out the large condoms section in my condom size chart.

Most normal size condoms support the length of my penis I am having trouble picking one that fits comfortably. When I put one on I find myself struggling to get the condom over the head of my penis as well as getting the condom to the base of my penis. I believe In need a larger condom but I am not sure if im big enough. Hey, I am 18 and I am 6 in length and two in width.

Hi, I wrote in this post how to measure your girth you can loop a piece of string around your penis and then measure the length …. Hi, I need to know your girth read above how to measure it in order to give you any suggestion…. My Length is 6. Which size Condom would be the best for me? Or better yet put the sizes of the condoms as a circumference measurement — that seems like it would be much more accurate… someone could have a flat penis that may not measure the same as a round one.

Regarding your second suggestion, most manufacturers display the condom width measured when laying flat, so my guess was that it would be more helpful for guys to know the condom width. From your comments, there seems to be a lot of confusion! We are getting married in December and we want to know the right condom for me to prevent pregnancy.

My length is 4 and my width is 1. What would be the best condom for us? Thanks for your help. Hi, sorry for the wait. But it would be even better if you could find a smaller condom, at perhaps 45 or 47 mm! If not, go with one of the above mentioned. Let us know how it goes. I am 17 years old and my penis is 6. Hey im 14 and me n my girlfriend are gunna have sex soon n im just making sure i get the right size condom.

Ive tried trojan something and lifestyle something they were both too small. My penis is 7. I have tried Magnum but they still feel so tight. My girlfriend always says it hurts her too much. Is there any ideas for stretching her out and will some lube help? What lubes work with condoms for guys with large packages.

Yo Peter, yes lube will surey help. Hey, I am 15 and growing but I recently got a new girlfriend and she wants to have sex. I am 6 to 7 in length but my girth is a disappointing 3. I measured and it is actually closer to 4 at the base of the shaft and 4. Hey Pete thanks for the advice what kind should I get if she lasts longer than I do? Suggestions on what I should get? My length is 6.

What would you recommend? I measured it properly, length: We just had sex for the first time together and the condom he used was too tight and broke after a few seconds. I am only 16 and my length is a little over 7. But I have never bought condoms before and I am limited as to where I can get them.

My closest option within walking distance is our BP gas station. Can you help me? Hi Greg, there are plenty of articles here that will help you get the best experience…start with the Popular posts section in the sidebar top -right. Plenty to choose from, regular sized condoms should be ok for you 2.

What do you recommend? Also, is that a good size? Thank you so much! You can try mm condom width. I bought Coripa 75p, 29n. The thing is that when you put a condom, you do not want to be cautious about semen getting out of the condom when you continue to have intercourse even after having come. Most of the condom are max mm long for normal width guys. I bought kimono large microthin.

The thing is that I would need mm long condoms without them to be too large. The girth of those condoms is perfect. My gf and I are going to have sex fit the first time.. Which condom would be a good fit for me. My girth is about 5. My problem is with the girth most condoms I use be way too tight or somewhat loose.

Hey, my erect length is at 5. Please reply thank you. My penis is 21 cm 8. HI, I seem to be in the same boat as a lot of these guys…. After measuring myself with a piece of string and then using that up against a ruler I have arrived at the following measurements: What size would I need, as when I use the usual ones, it is sometimes very difficult to get it on, I get many splits, and roll-offs and I really would like to be a bit safer.

I happened to get lucky this morning with some random hottie and just went and bought some regular ones durex extra safe …. Which size should i buy.. Hi well, considering the girth, a 51 mm width should fit, eg. Thanks for the help! Hey my length is 6. Need your help on finding the best fit condom Pete. Problem is that the base is just a tad tight but I guess I can work with that.

The major one is that the head part of the condom seems a bit loose and seems like its sliding off at the tip. Thanks for your help in advance! I would rather suggest a straight fitting condom, eg. What other condom what you recommend to try out in my case? Okay, so my girlfriend and I are planning to have sex for the first time and I want to find the right condom size. I bought and tried on some trojan bare skin ones, but they felt really tight and wanted to slide off.

What condom would you recommend? Id prefer something thinner and pleasureable for us both, but safety comes first. Check the large sizes sections above, there are no 64mm options there as they are not available in the US yet, so go with the largest width that you can find. Im from the southern U. And the only problem I can imagine is that the large condoms may fit the girth, but a lot of them are for longer than 6 inches… would this be a problem?

I was thinking Trojan magnum larges or XLs. Could you please help me find a snugger fit condom with extra strength? Lifestyles Snugger Fit and Caution Wear are 0. Extra strong condoms are usually 0. I think you have nothing to worry about, you can use any of those two mentioned.

Hi everyone, my boyfriend needs help finding the perfect condom size. We discovered that the Trojan ultra thins would cut of his circulation so we upgraded to Trojan XL. The XLs are making his penis turn purple and leave a really deep ring. The width is obviously the issue, but what condom would make him comfortable?

I have used normal sized condoms and had them ride up on the base when more vigorous intercourse is being performed. I used one of my roommates magnum and this did not happen no matter how vigorous we got. I got more magnums and the same thing. The condom always stayed in place and secure.

Does this make sense? Is the regular size riding up because it is too snug at the base, like a shirt that is too small riding up? I tried Sir Richards brand and there regulars were too small, the Extra Large fit well. This website is the most comprehensive and informative information on condoms that I have found. I am completely impressed that you have been maintaining this site and comment section actively for almost 3 years.

I cannot even begin to imagine how many men you have helped here, including me! I am also amazed at how many people cannot use the vast resources here to figure out their needs without your guidance! That being said, I have a question that I have not seen here unless I overlooked it. I guess you are using this formula: So if we take a condom with a flat width of 2 inches…its circumference is 4 inches.

And the diameter is 1. I wrote something about this before — in this post. So that condom with a 2 in width would be perfect for a guy with a 4. What condom do you suggest, also mi penis is wider on the top than in the bottom. My penis is about 8. Ima 23 year-old Asian with a I had previously tried Trojan XXL but they way too tight.

Hi , My erected penis length is 4. So I remeasured everything and I am 6. Which condom should I use for a comfortable fit? Thanks for your help! Hi my name is Josh. My penis is 6 inches in length. The exact circumference and such is unknown for me. I was given Magnum Condoms is that appropriate? Which type of condoms do you think would be most appropriate for me?

I really need help, I have a very massive…erm genetalia 14 inch errect, 8. My penis is 7 inches on bone but I have a wart which increases it to 8. Hi im 17 and im getting ready to have sex with my gf for the first time. It will be first time for both of us so which condoms should i get? My girth is 5. Problem is in my country i can only get durex and maybe some trojan.

Durex condoms slightly vary in width from market to market so be sure to double check in the store Durex usually displays nominal width on the packaging. Hey I have a date this next weekend and I was wondering what size condom I should wear I am seven inches in length and five in girth.

Thanks for any help! So I tried Trojan Magnums but they still feel too tight and the ring leaves a mark at the base where it was. What should I try next? I also seemed to never be able to climax with the magnum condom on. What do you think? Hey guys im only 14 so a bit young for going into a store yet i am 7.

Are there any options for me? Please help, all my research has led to nothing yet! Me, and my girlfriend are thinking about having sex. My penis is about 7 inches in lengh, and 5. Exactly what condom size should I use. So I am trying to find the best condom for me. I am about 5. What would you, or anyone in this situation recommend. Joey and Miguel — a custom fit condom would be your best bet, as even the biggest condoms mentioned above might be too snug.

My dick is 8 inch long and 5. What should I buy? Would regular condoms do the job? And honestly I get pretty worried about the protection part so any specific condoms to fit the need? So the most pleasurable and safest condoms are those that match your size. The Average Penis Size There have been numerous penis size studies, and although they somewhat differ in their findings we can use them as a reference point.

An article on Wikipedia [ 3 ] draws a consensus between three studies: Average length of a penis is approximately What size condom for 6 inches? To found out how to measure it check out this post or follow these simple steps: Measure the circumference of your erect penis at its widest point or, add some fun to this step by letting your partner do this for you.

You can use a piece of string to measure it, by looping it once around the thickest part of your erect penis. Choosing your best condom size: Condom Size Chart — US The table below provides a simple chart of the different condom sizes offered, and respective brands for each size.

References Smith A MA et al. Does penis size influence condom slippage and breakage? August 28, World map of penis sizes. March 26, 4. Find Your Perfect Condom Infographic. October 24, 0. How Condom Width is Measured. November 22, 6. About The Author Pete. Best condoms April 2, Pete July 11, Larry h July 2, Aaron August 17, John August 22, Pete August 22, John August 24, John August 31, Small condoms or snugger fit condoms August 29, Pete August 31, Carl October 19, My penis is 6.

Todd January 26, Pete October 19, Brian October 20, Pete October 20, My penis is exactly 6 inches and pretty thin, what condom do you recommend? Benny September 25, Michael October 15, Mo August 7, Mike May 30, Pete November 5, Jt November 9, Billy November 9, Yohipy November 19, Girth no clue and a large felt tight so do I go bigger.

Pete November 20, Jaya November 29, How effective are condoms December 1, Jordan December 5, Robert December 12, MK December 21, Gary December 29, I had no idea I was big no wonder regular condoms always felt so tight thanks. Brandon January 18, What size would I need? Pete January 21, Keith B January 26, Pete January 30, Pete February 1, Jay February 9, Pete February 11, Pete February 21, John March 2, My length is 6in and my girth is also 6in, what would you recommend?

Dave March 4, My length is 5. Pete March 8, Pete March 21, Jake March 22, Pete March 24, Shanden April 4, Pete April 6, Mcdougart April 9, Pete April 12, Pete April 19, Richard April 28, Pete May 17,

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Jim lloyd March 26, Andrew September 29, I want to know who the hottie in OP's original link is. In other words, if your condom is too small there is a much higher risk that it will break and endanger your safety. Chris and Mablean discuss issues relating to divorce. Live at the Apollo Tony Rock. Kelis performs "Caught Out There". Carl October 19,

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