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International Perspectives Speakers from Canada, Germany, Switzerland and the United States shared their perspectives on and experiences with building a workplace training culture. Therefore, clarity and specificity when using Incoterms are particularly critical. On the other hand, if FAS is used and there is a delay in the arrival of the ship, the merchandise will be available to the buyer at the dock for several days and, on the contrary, if the ship arrives in advance, the merchandise will not be available for shipment. Search the FT Search. Apprenticeship Snapshot — ePanel Update This is a snapshot of results from the survey completed by those being screened for the Apprentices in Canada ePanel. Typically, the destination is a named airport, terminal or other place where the carrier operates.

Cookies on FT Sites We use cookies for a number of reasons, such as keeping FT Sites reliable and secure, personalising content and ads, providing social media features and to analyse how our Sites are used. Manage cookies. Close Financial Times International Edition. Search the FT Search. World Show more World links. US Show more US links.

Companies Show more Companies links. Is it possible to quantify the need for certified workers? This report investigates demand across sectors to determine need for apprentices. A discussion among apprenticeship stakeholders examined challenges, opportunities and best practices associated with mentoring apprentices.

As new technologies are integrated into apprenticeship technical training, there are a number of challenges associated with increasing technological demands. Employers are encouraged to consider better ways to recruit apprentices by taking advantage of existing resources.

CAF-FCA identifies four major areas where the federal government could have a substantive impact regarding apprenticeship completion and certification. This report examines trends associated with registrations and completions, providing data analysis of the Registered Apprenticeship Information System This guide provides information on how to support the development of Essential Skills interventions in pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs.

Workshops in Aboriginal communities across the country focused on Essential Skills tools and interventions that support entry into trades careers. Getting recruitment and retention right can give employers the edge to increase profits and to grow their businesses.

Employers share their tips and strategies. To help employers improve Essential Skills at the workplace, a series of webinars raised awareness and supported effective workplace Essential Skills programs. Statistics indicate public sector participation in apprenticeship significantly lags that of the private sector.

Though registrations have continued to increase, completion numbers have yet to catch up. CAF-FCA assessed the outcomes of apprentices in comparison to those who pursued other educational and career paths. This study identifies opportunities to support employers hiring apprentices. The path from secondary school to employment is non-linear for many Canadian youth.

How to attract youth to the trades earlier in their career is explored. When this research was completed, the use of temporary foreign workers was not found to have had a significant impact on apprenticeship training. National Apprenticeship Survey data analysis and apprentice perspectives on challenges and solutions are shared. Countering the concern that apprenticeship training is a considerable cost to employers, this report analyzes the costs and benefits of training.

Many Canadian employers are unaware of how apprenticeship training can improve their bottom line. Engaged employers discussed how to spread the word. Stakeholders share their thoughts on the state of apprenticeship in Canada, as well as the challenges brought by technological change and an aging workforce. This report outlines the costs and benefits of apprenticeship for individuals who attend private training providers.

This report describes successful Essential Skills and Apprenticeship initiatives across the country. Based on a survey with apprentices in colleges from across the country, this report outlines the costs and benefits of apprenticeship for the individual. This report provides data on 15 trades, outlining the costs and benefits to the employer when hiring and training apprentices.

This study sets out to identify the perceptions and attitudes of youth and their influencers towards skilled trades and apprenticeship. This resource acts as a guide for employers considering the establishment of an apprenticeship program, with tips, tools and worksheets. This report identifies the major barriers that prevent individuals from pursuing and completing apprenticeship training.

This guide helps workplaces clarify the roles and responsibilities of the apprentice, the supervising journeyperson and the employer. Our members are apprenticeship champions, practitioners and trainers committed to apprentice success. If this sounds like you, join us! Accessing Our Reports Research reports and other resources in this section are available either as free content or for purchase.

Most Recent Reports. Log in to view Sign Up. Facing Change Head-on At the opening session of the National Apprenticeship Conference, delegates explored the key change factors impacting sectors and trades, and considered their implications for apprenticeship training. Apprentice Perspectives Gain insights about the use of smartphones on the job, apprentice attitudes toward automation and technological change and what supports are required for managing these workplace realities.

Apprenticeship Snapshot — ePanel Update Summer This is a snapshot of results from the most recent responses from the Apprentices in Canada ePanel survey group. Apprenticeship in Canada: Research Insights, Trends and Observations This report summarizes research findings focusing on several important themes in apprenticeship. Quality of Workplace Training: Apprentice Perspectives Increasing employer involvement in apprenticeship and improving the quality of on-the-job training are strategic priorities for the apprenticeship community.

Apprentice Survey Results To better understand apprentice experiences in traditional block-release apprenticeship technical training to attend several weeks of training at a college or union training centre and alternate training delivery approaches , CAF-FCA surveyed apprentices in blockrelease technical training. CAJ — Flexibility and Innovation in Apprenticeship Technical Training This issue of the Journal brings you six excellent articles that highlight very different approaches to addressing the issues and concerns around access to technical training.

Apprenticeship Snapshot — ePanel Update This is a snapshot of results from the survey completed by those being screened for the Apprentices in Canada ePanel. Apprenticeship In Canada Report This report summarizes research findings of the last 24 months, focusing on several important themes in apprenticeship, including registration and completion trends, employer hiring practices, apprentice mobility, essential skills, journeyperson career pathways, and the importance of mentoring.

Building Blocks for Youth Success in the Trades Participants at this roundtable session discussed priority competency areas for apprentice success, identified gaps in youth-readiness and suggested additional supports required to encourage youth in skilled trades careers. CAJ Vol. Studies from Canada, New Zealand and Switzerland Hiring and Retaining Indigenous Apprentices: Should the carrier fail to take the goods into his charge at the time agreed, the seller must notify the buyer accordingly.

Proof of delivery, transport document or equivalent electronic message Provide the buyer at the seller's expense, if customary, with the usual document in proof of delivery of the goods in accordance with A. Unless the document referred to in the preceding paragraph is the transport document, render the buyer at the latter's request, risk and expense, every assistance in obtaining a transport document for the contract of carriage for example, a negotiable bill of lading, a non-negotiable sea waybill, an inland waterway document, an air waybill, a railway consignment note, a road consignment note.

When the seller and the buyer have agreed to communicate electronically, the document referred to in the preceding paragraph may be replaced by an equivalent electronic data interchange EDI message. Checking-packaging-marking Pay the costs of those checking operations such as checking quality, measuring, weighing, counting which are necessary for the purpose of delivering the goods to the carrier.

Provide at his own expense packaging unless it is usual for the particular trade to send the goods of the contract description unpacked which is required for the transport of the goods, to the extent. Packaging is to be marked appropriately. Other obligations Render the buyer at the latter's request, risk and expense, every assistance in obtaining any documents or equivalent electronic messages other than those mentioned in A.

Provide the buyer, upon request, with the necessary information for procuring insurance. The buyer must B. Payment of the price Pay the price as provided in the contract of sale, B. Licences, authorisations and formalities Obtain at his own risk and expense any import licence or other official authorisation and carry out all customs formalities for the importation of the goods and, where necessary, for their transit through another country.

Contract of carriage Contract at his own expense for the carriage of the goods from the named place, except as provided for in A. Taking delivery Take delivery of the goods in accordance with A. Transfer of risks Bear all risks of loss of or damage to the goods from the time they have been delivered in accordance with A. Should he fail to give notice in accordance with B.

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Employers share their tips and strategies. Workshops in Aboriginal communities across the country focused on Essential Skills tools and interventions that support entry into trades careers. Impact of Technology on Apprenticeship in New Brunswick This research explores technology trends and their impact on the skills required by apprentices, as well as implications for the delivery of apprenticeship training. Youth Apprenticeship Across Canada Discussion Event participants learned about youth programs across Canada and initiatives designed to help youth transition to skilled trades careers. Journeypersons shed new light on career progression in the trades, pointing to good pay, interesting work, full-time employment and job satisfaction as career benefits. This issue of the Journal brings you six excellent articles that highlight very different approaches to addressing the issues and concerns around access to technical training. Key Elements and Types.

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When the goods do not constitute a wagon or container load, delivery is completed when the seller has handed over the goods at the railway receiving point or loaded them into a vehicle provided by the railway. Actually, FAS is only used for the exportation of some commodities minerals and cereals and, in this sense, the Drafting Committee is evaluating the convenience of creating a specific Incoterm for this type of products.

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