My First Time At A Nude Beach

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She spread her legs and I dipped a finger into her very wet pussy and searched for her G spot. Do you want to ask me anything? I don't see much difference there, do I need to do anything else? Do you use a vibrator or dildo? She thought about that for a full minute but timidly pulled up off her top. My hard on subsided somewhat to firm but not sticking straight out.

enjoyed so much. AWKWARD AS FUCK. Intro music sounded like the theme from Prometheus. Lonerwithaboner420 I fw this Totally unprofessional he needs to be given a good talking toand she needs her bum spanked Very, I would have sued his ass Did anyone else notice in a few scenes there was something strange with her right tit, almost like an implant malfunction.

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Finally with pushing and withdrawing a few times I was all the way into her and stayed very still for her to get used to the feeling of it inside her. When couples that want to get together they go back into the dunes for privacy. I asked if she was OK and she said "Fuck me, please fuck me. I don't know if it would ever fit inside me. Does a lot come out when you ejaculate? I stuck my thumb into her ass and wiggled it while pumping with all my might. OK, I've never had one. We road in silence for a long while and I asked her what she thought of the experience.


  1. Well, it was enlightening and not at all what I expected it to be.
  2. She arrived about a half hour later wearing shorts and tank top.
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  5. I'll admit it sounds interesting but scary at the same time.
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She resumed playing with my cock and I played with her outer lips and dipped a finger between them to play with her clit. Finally with pushing and withdrawing a few times I was all the way into her and stayed very still for her to get used to the feeling of it inside her. She got the idea and stoked me to a full blasted erection then she pulled back to look at it. I let it drop and the conversation drifted to small talk. Do you want to? She laughed and asked it I always used one.

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