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Why not, loose, our limbs recline. It appears no where in his actions, except where it is wanted to excuse villany. Lots of blessings for you. Vincenzo , 01st f November, Maybe you should support that. Their sour grapes are waaaay over the top!

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Cant say Im happy with what Im reading. I am absolutely disgusted the cabal have done this to such a beautiful country! Their sour grapes are waaaay over the top! I just wish the good guys would destroy these HAARP facilities and arrest those who are responsible for such mindless destruction and suffering on such a grand scale. I am wondering if this has had anything to do with your present situation?

As I said, this has been going on for the best part of a month. Comment by aneeson on November 15, 5: It is nice to hear the big turd Soros and his minions are being pursued and dealt with. Here in Portland Oregon Soros idiots are trying their best to cause mayhem. Who do you choose! With love of corse.

In a pigs eye it is! Leave now or face the back! His evil expressed in his own words…. Video about what I have expressed before in this blog. I just read an article about a few American soldiers who had returned home, and kind of woke up, now feeling desperate over acts they committed in Afghanistan, murdering whole families,under orders.

Like Abu Garib, I think the leaders must be imprisoned, not the 19 year old ordered to do it. Or yhe leader should be inprisoned forever, let the privates serve a year,then get counseling Same horrors in Viet Nam. They are now stealing 10 yr olds to force them to fight.

Indeed how can we go from Hillary dead, and no election to how great everything will be with Trump? He is certainly softening his rhetoric and seems to be making concessions. Jim Stone may be on to something. How do we understand this? Daughter converted as well.

And many of us have been grateful to be able to keep our kids on our insurance till 26 since the working world is currently dismal. Thanks Melissa for the info that Prebus and Gingrich abandoned the neocons earlier back. A local newspaper published a Trump vote demographic profile of voting here in Jersey and one statistic really baffled me.

The orthodox Jewish vote Hassidic, Chabad, etc. What do you all think? Info welcomed as always. An excellent post by one of my favorites, Michael Hofman: Those are the cement overcoat guys. I was relieved that his demeanor and rhetoric has been subdued since the rabid pre-election debates.

He answered that was because those were the only people with any experience in government! I liked it when he spoke about eliminating the war and how much money that would save, but unfortunately, that was NOT one of his top priorities, which were: And that this whole crazy thing kind of started as a dare… to see who might love the deepest, no matter how lost the others became.

The Great Light and the Very Dark. Did Shakespeare ever dare to portray this stage? No Super Moon visible in NJ… they Chemtrailed the hell out of the skies, so we have nothing but a blanket of fog to look at. Guess what, just did some research, and not only were no Smartmatic voting machines used in the election, Soros does not own Smartmatic, nor the Canadian company who bought out Diebold, which was owned by Republicans.

This according to MSM in my country. Yes you heard that right..

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Comment by siggi on November 15, 1: Clearing through lots of issues. I definitely needed to take some personal time and work through all the mass consciousness effects that have clustered around this election. The next days have me too busy to post any updates but hopefully some time after that I will finally address the Big Mess TM that we are working through now.

Comment by nightsinger5 on November 15, 9: I have not follow this topic but here are one article on it. Comment by wolfintimber on November 15, 9: The Groooovy Cosmic Knostics! Yuk, but not relevant here. There were wikileaks concerning use of Smartmatics in Venezuala, to possibly rig an election.

Another Daily Caller article asserts that Smartmatic owns Sequoia, a company which does own the majority of voting machines used in the United States. Records show that while Smartmatic did purchase Sequoia in , they announced plans to sell the company in , and in June Sequoia was purchased by the Canada-based Dominion Voting Systems.

Would you give us a link? Also, thanks for your RT link. It is all unraveling, huh? We do our part and the apocalypse continues. I go were the truth tracks leads…so thank you for your research. No escalation towards world War III, stop funding terrorist and fundalism, prosecute all kind of corruption and war crimes,stop the lobbyist to special interest, and so on……. What we all want first is Peace and Justice, I feel.

So we can start to live in respect, unc love and care for each others, as it also would release more joy and fulfillment for us all, I hope and belive. Proven to be the most important signaling molecule in the body, it affects a wide range of physiological functions including circulation, inflammation, learning, digestion and oxygen release in your tissues from red blood cells.

He is intimidated by no one! Why would we treat other poor people differently? Only a very few intuitive ones have been able to penetrate this veil and channel truthful information. Additionally, your own intuitive abilities have been enhanced for you to connect to the higher realms and Prime Creator as your vibrations increase with the new light.

I found this fascinating. It is a weekly update on the vast legal activities that the conservative non-profit group is immersed in. They ask for donations to keep the lawsuits going but I am curious as to just what big donors they have. This is weird, but it was the only way I could dig up the Dr.

It is really long almost 3 hours , but Jim Willie begins at about 50 minutes. The spirits and my guides say Trump will keep raising his soul score and be the president to start the Golden Age. Yes I do think the Golden Age will start in the next 8 years, at least my guides think so, probably after the brown dwarf star goes through, maybe even before.

First it must be organized with the right people in place at the right time, so obviously we should be concerned with his choice of advisors. Gnostic illuminati — well at least here the word illuminati is being used correctly, unless we are being fooled again by another path that ends up in the same place.

Comment by lainski on November 15, 2: Yeah, I only got two in my corner. Andrew Bold, a journalist here in Australia who regularly questions the media and nutters in government, interviews Mark Latham an ex politician and leader of the opposition who dared to try and wake people up to the criminality of Bush jr when he came to Australia many years ago. Soon after this he was thrown out for daring to try and tell the truth and expose Bush.

I love the straight talk of these two serving it up to the cabal boot licking pollies and media types. Tis my birthday though, 60 today. Thought it was quite auspicious my birthday fell on a huge super moon! What outcome are you intending for your continued negativity about the elections? Will you be able to accept the election results at some point?

I am just curious. You do appear to lack an ability to let go, although I must say that many others are having the same dilemma. The difference is that you are a conscious and spiritual person and many of those protesting are unaware and unconscious. According to Clif High, all the tumult protests, riots, etc.

It is all happening as it is meant to. Our energies are powerful, whether being used for the positive or the negative. But, the tumult will pass, and hearts will re turn to harmony. Hubby is still getting over shingles. He is on the right path, I have taken him to my bicom therapist, she has knocked out the infections and is now working on nerve damage. Horrible disease, I fully believe it was released here.

We have an epidemic at present. And rain is expected by morning. All day was beautiful and clear, breathe easy. Weather was near perfect today, sunny but cool, not hot which is how my birthday usually is so thankful for that. Global warming disinformation is greatly harmful to the critical cause of exposing and halting climate engineering which is greatly exacerbating planetary warming and poisoning the entire planet in the process.

Because patently false climate information is so harmful to the anti-geoengineering cause, we must not look the other way when anyone pushes total disinformation on the public. Some lies are so egregious and increasingly blatant that it is nearly impossible to imagine that they are still being propagated.

What would be their motive? Could the fact that Monckton receives funding from the fossil fuel industry have anything to do with his tireless efforts to parrot the oil industry disinformation? Exactly as the fossil fuel industry and the geoengineers would want him to? Yet another fossil fuel funded actor, Tim Ball. An international radio show host Vinny Eastwood once invited Mr.

Ball to debate the geoengineering issue with me on a live radio broadcast, Mr. Hope you had a happy Birthday. I always enjoy your posts about your grandchildren and whats going on in your country, though. We are getting a record amount of rain and there have been Haarp circles in the satellite views.

Yesterday there were at least 3 circles coming across. Yes, Haarp is active, and I wonder just who all is using the technology presently. It is such a warlike means to mess with countries. It was comforting that Alan mentioned he lived up on a mountain just days before the NZ earthquake. I can imagine that it was meant as a message for the elitists who are moving there.

I think these celebrations are pretty much a cabal thing to get us spending money so they can stuff their own pockets even more. They have colds now so not coming down and passing that on, it would just about finish hubby off LOL! Just to add to the above. My middle grandson told me he had his pasty stolen at the beach by a pelican. He was most indignant. I tried not to laugh but it was so funny to hear him telling me and tripping over his words to get it all out.

He put it down as it was hot and a pelican swooped in and took it! Well xander… you can always start…. Thanks for that Siggi! Being from a big family.. The official figures say migrants account for around 15 per cent of the Irish population — much higher than in most European countries, but still an huge underestimate. I hope Trump is prepared… —— Indeed…I hope he has the arrest warrant that Putin put out on Soros at hand when this Zio-tard kingpin arrives.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton walk in to a bar. Donald leans over, and with a smile on his face, says,. Even though I knew the guy was guilty? When seven employees of the White House Travel Office were fired so that friends of Bill and mine could take over the travel business? With much love and blessings siggi. I found them to be a BIG Tonic. Comment by littledogg on November 11, 9: It reminds me of an old Bob Dylan album cover.

I think it is interesting how many connections seem to go to the hair follicles. Are they our fiber-optic antennas? Comment by xanderboy1 on November 15, Thanks carolm and lainski for your perspectives. Comment by siggi on November 16, 1: Is full of self empowerment and wisdom from start to the end.

Thanks David and Corey namaste siggi. Is that why many spiritual people have long hair? Or… they cant afford cut.. Hoping some of these appointments are temporary as they are quite frightening. Comment by jujubean on November 16, 1: Yes, it is frightening, especially since there are positions he has to fill before January.

YIKES to that, lots of foxes will still be in the henhouse. I think you are on to something there! Here is a link to the Connectome project, and more beautiful photos of our consciousness. Scroll down the page for the best ones: The three-nation trip, during which Obama is expected to discuss regional and global issues with European leaders and attend a summit of leaders of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation APEC , was planned when his Democratic colleague Hillary Clinton seemed to be winning the race to the White House.

This story just broke. OK, Here it is on RT https: All it will take is a little cleanup and a cutoff of American funding for the terrorists. Packet Sled, which is a cyber security firm that is used by American intelligence agencies was none too thrilled, and with timing that ended up being as fast as possible report to work, pack your stuff, leave they got rid of him. So Trump already created 1 new CEO job before he even took over the white house.

The main report on this is down the page a ways. Prepare for another ISIS tm false flag attack where a truck mows down people! It is not going to do any good for restoring credibility if they fail to tell you that ISIS is a home grown Hillary launched enterprise that America bought and paid for by funds issued straight from your tax dollars by the U. I doubt my regular readers are unaware of this, but let me humor the casual passer by with a bunch of mundane stuff.

There are lots of different theories on this, so let me just hit the main one that never varies: To create a terror front that would give America a reason to be in the middle east, Hillary and Obama created ISIS, quite literally out of thin air. Thanks Intruth for this important info. Who will, or have the power to do that — for the good of Gaia and Humanity?? It returned as their hair grew back!

I do not like my hair short, it must be at least shoulder length, I feel much more aware. Was wsearing it short when Itwas swimming on a team, and hated it, even as a teen. I very much agree with both of you. People using paid or not emotions to be the rule of law.

Tenants from islands down south getting on my case about homeless people entering our rental property. They have no proof. I, on the other hand, took a photo of a tenant dismantling a make shift hobby operation. I had to post a legal notice concerning it. Subject to law and human rights. Homeless or not Time to get the Civil Rights Organization involved?

Like the majority they make and move on their own form of law. I, however, maintain issue by the rule of law. It portrayed na kahuna advising the missionary minister on where to erect and place the doors and windows. He refused their advice. They just shook their heads and left. It was their land and the experiences they knew that the location was subject to strong winds.

The location was ok but not the design. No walls was better so the winds could pass through without disturbance to its surrounding construction. It was portrayed, the winds came and flattened the grass building. They, in fact, followed the way of the plantation owners. This lifestyle still exists today. Land is not a commodity. It is a necessity, just remember that.

What is of necessity should be non-negotiable. Tall order, but is workable. Protests are never peaceful. I choose to walk away from it and let you suffer the experience and consequences that go with it. This is the rule of law. Time to stand in line and observe lifestyle behavior.

Unfortunately I cannot leave the line or suffer the loss of not getting food. Put up and shut up. The experience did take place. Fortunately the minority stood out. Shame is its consequence and award. You did it to your own self by participation. I was informed before , that Obama is an advanced soul, to help free us.

This sex slave ring has also been used as a device to blackmail powerful people into paying large sums of money as well as by the way they make policy decisions. Once these uncomfortable truths are disclosed, society will not only be ready for more of the truth they will take to the streets to demand it.

You have come to alter and remove the frequency of limitation and to bring in the frequency of information. When you are informed, you move beyond the need to be in fear. When you feel uninformed and out of control, you do not understand the bigger picture. Each of you came to awaken something inside yourself, inside the coding of your being, the DNA, and you are responding to it.

This is why you are on a search in all directions of your life. You and multitudes of others have begun the mutation process on the planet. As you mutate electromagnetically, you alter your frequency or the tune that you broadcast. You will eventually outgrow the frequency that holds you down and continually blasts you with chaos and confusion. Eventually, when you alter, carry, and maintain your own frequency, you will vibrate differently and thus affect everyone around you.

They will feel the availability of this frequency alteration, which will then move like a wave around the planet. As the planet accepts this new frequency that you have worked very hard to obtain, those at the end of the domino chain will receive it. This new frequency is called knowledge, light, and information.

It is called being taken out of bondage. You are being taken out of disinformation and misinformation and you are becoming informed.. Next, somehow, I had speakers put in my ears. Aling with the xrpth of evil in our elite. I was really sickened ,but learned much gradually, over a few years,but it did not make me go crazy towards others.

Yeah, the ones comfortable, or super religious in a mind controlled way may lose it, but that is why we are here,to help them adjust, I hope. Very interested video discussing the Black Snake Prophecy. Comment by siggi on November 15, 9: Just got off the phone with my friend Putin…. Comment by carolm on November 15, 9: I just listened to Terry Gross interview Evan Osnos about the research and article he did for the New Yorker on what Trump is likely to actually do as president.

It was much more in-depth than most of what we get these days… researched and thoughtful… GO-New Yorker! I assumed that, like, I think like a lot of Americans, that campaign promises are not very valuable in terms of actually predicting the course of a presidency. We — you know, we tend to remember when campaigns say things that they don't then fulfill.

But actually, the political science on this is pretty clear, and it tells a very different story, which is that if you go back over the history of the presidency, you find that presidents tend to achieve the majority — the overwhelming majority of the things that they set out to accomplish when they were candidates. Check out the whole thing..

Comment by johnq on November 15, 9: Comment by wolfintimber on November 16, 4: Google banning ads to this web site as they always have will not hurt this web site any more than it has already been hurt. However, it will destroy much of the alt media. Cute excuse to de-fund the entire truth movement that pushed Trump to victory. Clearly, we still need to fight a war even with a Trump win.

Failure to do so will see the end of the alt media, which made a last shot at freedom possible. You can bet that Google is not going to pull ads after the New York times published fake news, even after New York Times admitted publicly to producing fake news all through the election, and apologized profusely for it. You know, the kind of news that is REAL. I just hope the rest of the alt media finds a way to survive now.

Just to give you an idea of how outrageous these amounts are, independent research shows that probable harm to human health begins at really low levels of exposure — at only 0. Many foods were found to have over 1, times this amount! We were at that defense level because if Hillary managed to steal it there definitely would have been war with Russia. The details on this are farther down this page.

This chemical has gone so mainstream that glyphosate has infiltrated every facet of our environment — our water, air, soil. Many GMOs were invented to be resistant to glyphosate — and since GMOs have been introduced the use of glyphosate has gone through the roof! Glyphosate is not just used on GMOs. Conventional non-organic farmers use Roundup as a drying agent on crops, such as oats and wheat.

The FDA quietly found it in almost every single sample of honey that they tested from mass produced to organic mountain honey. The media has been essentially silent and barely anyone heard this news! Comment by siggi on November 16, 2: IMO better than crying about it. Carolm- I read the article and while some of the Net neutrality may sound like a good thing, it seems to favor Google.

Perhaps there is a better way to keep the cost low and promote competition. This Breitbart Bannon character is very unusual. Some of the site is clearly ranting, but a few of the articles look legitimate and seem to reflect some of the thinking on this site at least with respect to the Khazarian crime syndicate and the people in their pockets.

The 4 Pros of Net Neutrality 1. Devoid of Censorship With net neutrality there is no limitation on how much and what everyone can download and upload besides the rates of connection. Private Enterprise Net neutrality encourages a degree of playing arena for competing agencies, and permits easier starts up access to the latest potential clients.

This is associated to free markets The 5 Cons of Net Neutrality. Censorship and Restrictions Internet Service Providers, moreover to administrations, can choose what portions of the net which individual can access as well as the parts are restricted. For example internet service providers can block file transfer. Moreover, Internet Service Providers can sensor disparagement themselves, other agencies, or lawmakers which they favor.

Thus have limitations opposed competitions. Throttling Internet service providers can choose what kinds of services have preferred transfer rates. Like for instance, Google Gmail can be fast while their rivalry Hotmail can be slower, it depends on the amount the company pay their ISPs.

Another common instance will be high file transfers, like data transfer can have dawdling rates than typical shorter file transfer like email. High Charges Internet Service Provider can charge higher for more internet access. Internet service provider believes that more users must pay more. Additional payment can enhance the bandwidth for everybody and drive down the costs. This is not the case in various parts of the world.

Tracking At this point in time there are already many monitoring in the world of internet, on the other hand lack of net neutrality , internet service provider can literally monitor the whole thing which their client do online and use or sell that detail as they want.

This is one of the drawbacks of having net neutrality. In conclusion, many experts believe that this net neutrality powerfully favor users while the other favors companies. The decision is all depends to the lawmakers. President Trump looks shell-shocked to me. Absolutely bewildered, not his usual demeanor.

In Tremendous conflict — of what he has started… So much hate. The power of momentum. Just my summation, and will leave it there. Throw the dice — and see what happens!! Thanks David and Corey namaste siggi Comment by siggi on November 16, 1: Comment by belle3 on November 16, 8: Thanks belle — sorry that was xanders qoute. Thanks for that xander.

Thanks to Littledogg, belle and xander siggi. I will recommend Russ Winter on Thenewnationalist. He keeps track of Khazarian successes for us all. Very interesting perspectives on Trump. Am I an antisemite for disliking any amount of Jews? Geno, May I assume you have differing feeling about those Jews due to their character and their involvements? If that is the case, it is not racial, but discriminating of you.

The first problem folks are having in wrapping their minds around what is happening is the belief in good guy bad guy…. Yep good guys exist but the world is run by syndicates competing… among the top 10 evil syndicates there is a good guy syndicate in there somewhere… get it… 1 in the top 10… then there is the powerless good guy contingent of helpless spectators… us….

But more likely the plan to get around to destroying Israel, right after they eff up Iran is in place…. The world Jew will say… see… we told you we had to offensively defensively protect the Jews…. Meanwhile the milktoast handwringers do nothing… as the final chess pieces are moved into place….

Good grief, you really have been through the mill with the evil ones. Stay strong and stay safe!!! After reading that article, I may have a glimmer of my confusion on the issue. It seems there are two different bills both similarly named net-neutrality, and one favors Google and silicon valley, and one favors the cable companies.

It is similar to the Red vs. Blue arguments that are deadlocked on small points, but totally in step with the big issues of the kleptrocacy we find ourselves mired in. The judge threw it out. I married into one of those families,I had to wake up fast , go underground with my son, trying to protect him, he is brilliant and very talented, but so traumatized, he is not able to function.

I pray for these new healing technologies that may help him. They, together with the gnostic illuminati, are also hunting for the master criminal George Soros. I sure hope this happens, I hear he is going to Washington DC for a meeting to plan more protests. He must already know they are after him. Maybe he feels invincible and will be caught.

Since this report Putin has put out an international warrant for him. We come with good news about the oddities and wonders of this past week. Financial institutions are gradually to be jumpstarted with the introduction of new, colorful US Treasury notes. These are to be gold-backed and to signify the formal collapse of the illegal Federal Reserve.

This new governance is being established to end an old system that months ago began its final plunge into obscurity. The new Republic is to bring you an international jubilee that is to remove all debt and give you the freedom and control to start anew. No plant material is burned, and people know right away what the effect is - rather than waiting an hour or more for a pot-laced brownie or other edible to kick in.

Leland , 22nd f October, Lucio , 22nd f October, It was a transition into rebuilding for the Celtics, and, for the Nets, a leap into a two-year window of hopeful title contention. He scored inside, he scored outside. Daewoo's technologyplayed a key role in powering GM for a relatively quick comebackfrom its bankruptcy in , allowing the Detroit-based firm tomake inroads in China and other high-growth emerging markets.

Among the likely topics of discussion were a multibillion-dollar contract to sell Boeing aircraft, as well as access to oil fields for U. Monroe , 22nd f October, France has also legalized gay marriages, but only after a series of gigantic protests attracting families from the traditional heartland that revealed a deeply split society. Perhaps, then, the financial alarms of thepast two months really did warn of danger, not in the U.

This could prove useful if you're having problems with your landlord or experiencing a range of other legal issues. Spencer , 22nd f October, The rest of the draft class has at least closed the gap on Clowney, too; a couple of prospects Teddy Bridgewater and Anthony Barr, for example may have even leapfrogged the South Carolina star in the pecking order. The reigning Champions League holders are cruising through to the knockout stages, which means there is only one place remaining - and it's almost guaranteed to be one of these two sides.

Did someone say the words 'must' and 'win'? He stands vertically and holds his bat vertically: During , Kings of Leon suffered the most public meltdown possible. It offers a lot of small roles and while nothing is technically demanding, everyone is given a gratifying moment in the vocal spotlight. Last year was last year.

I know you can score, if you win that starting job. I know Iman can defend. Derek Jeter was breaking down yet again and Robinson Cano had no protection in the lineup. Acquiring Alfonso Soriano was a stroke of genius. Getting Rodriguez back in pinstripes was a no-brainer. Esteban , 22nd f October, Zachery , 22nd f October, Eighteen months ago Dr Vichas co-founded the Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helliniko in Athens, for Greeks who found themselves in need without health insurance.

The number ofcontractors is limited and the amount of work is more than theycan take. It's a golden opportunity to enter Iraq. And that's just tortillas straight up. It doesn't include chips. Waldo , 22nd f October, As a group, foundations and endowments posted a one-year medianreturn of District Court to one misdemeanor count of destruction of evidence.

His sentencing by U. District Judge Jay Zainey is set for Jan. They trust us, you know, because we will always be with the Egyptian people, not with a person or a regime," he said. The year-old righty has given up zero runs in five of his last seven starts, lowering his ERA to 2. Google processes billion search queries per month, and Facebook processes a billion queries a day, mostly with the intent of finding people.

Elbert , 22nd f October, Long Walk to Freedom. Chong , 22nd f October, Bryant , 22nd f October, Johnnie , 22nd f October, Allison , 22nd f October, That suggested two things: They include breeding,raising and selling dairy cattle, production, processing andselling of raw milk, production of processed milk under originalequipment manufacturers contracts for other processors and saleof fertilizers.

Residents do not want sportsmen hunting in their backyard and rely on professional trappers, who are contracted by FWC, to get rid of nuisance gators that become threats to locals, he explained. Surveillance camera system operators should consider any approved operational, technical and competency standards relevant to a system and its purpose and work to meet and maintain those standards.

The law targets non-tax compliance by U. Recall that they do not hack. They simply distribute leaked classified information. What about a blogger who re-bundles news? Maybe deals in some classified information from time to time. Immune from national security investigations? Working for the Daily Planet. Levi , 22nd f October, Yet in spite of the apparently sporty set-up, the ride quality is surprisingly good: In its annual report, Deutsche Bank simply notes commodities"revenues were lower" compared to Barclays makes nomention of the segment's performance in its annual report.

Members of the preconditioning group were found to have significantly less cardiac damage in the first three days after the surgery than those in the control group, the Forbes writer added. Currently the DPP policy does not make clear whether such people are unlikely to be prosecuted. Martin is therefore unable to find anyone to take him to Dignitas. NASA will now use its powerful Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter in orbit around the Red Planet to further study the potential landing sites and eventually make a final decision.

Trinidad , 22nd f October, Edmundo , 22nd f October, We've taken back some of the areas from them. We are still moving forward," military spokesperson, Lt. Progress has been made as the military is believed to now occupy two-thirds of the land the rebels occupied last week.

It is still unclear exactly when the military will be able to claim a victory and have full authority of Zamboanga again. Antagonising your existing market and going off in search of different customers would always have been a very risky strategy.

So rather than fret over her loss, she turned to research to decide if she'd be better off with a damaged foot or without the foot. The foot was numb yet painful, and knowing the pain may not go away if she kept the foot, she chose amputation. The foot was removed Feb.

After an hour the police gave up and the bus returned to parliament. That is going to be a real good one if Rodriguez does every follow through on what to now have been back-channel threats to sue the Yankees and their medical staff, since Rodriguez is the one who selected the doctors who performed both his hip surgeries: Backing was higher among Democrats, at 65 percent, compared with 35 percent for Republicans.

Kendall , 22nd f October, Charles , 22nd f October, Some of thecompany's remaining assets in Australia fit that profile, hesaid. JPMorgan said it holds only a "marginal" amount of RINs so it can meet its own obligations in the fuel market. Some involve simplytransferring money, but more often clients' credit card detailsare stolen.

There is also intellectual property theft or theftof commercially sensitive information for business advantage. And the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services criticized its failure to investigate. Nasiriyah is about miles kilometres southeast of Baghdad. For some reason or other, the donors just aren't turning out like they used to," Jessica Amaro, representative for the American Red Cross Heart of Texas Chapter, reportedly said.

Lemuel , 22nd f October, Julian , 22nd f October, Jules , 22nd f October, Patrick , 22nd f October, But moving crops fluidly is also aboutmatching the specific needs of vessels lined up, he said. As his astonishing, economically illiterate belief that the answer to high electricity prices is simply to pass a law fixing them demonstrates, Miliband neither understands nor respects how business, markets and the private sector function.

Project Acoustic Kitty was founded by the CIA in the s to turn cats into bugging devices, keeping an eye on the Kremlin and Soviet embassies. They were planning on inserting microphones and transmitters into the cats who would then be able to listen to conversations anywhere. The provider offers a universal translation service for hundreds of languages, since so many immigrants don't speak English adequate for medical conversations.

There was once an awkward moment where a patient from Kyrgyzstan was being given a translation in Turkish. Bernie , 22nd f October, Rashad , 22nd f October, Tobias , 22nd f October, Addison , 21st f October, National Hurricane Center said. ACategory 1 storm is the lowest intensity on the five-stepSaffir-Simpson scale. Pope Francis warned Catholics on Wednesday against 'ephemeral idols' like money at his first public mass in his native Latin America as huge crowds lined the streets to cheer him.

The first Latin American and Jesuit pontiff visited Aparecida to lead his first big mass since arriving in the country for a week-long visit of which highlight is the huge five-day Catholic gathering of World Youth Day. The Telegraph is responsible for the first part of the promotion, which is the publication and adjudication of the prize draw.

All other facilities connected with the provision of the prize are the responsibility of Autoglym. Passenger unit revenue, the amount garnered for each passenger flown one mile, was up 5. Operating costs were up 5 percent, with expenses tied to salaries up nearly 12 percent.

He needs only 3, valid signatures to be certified as a candidate. Constitution's guarantee of equal protection. Bennie , 21st f October, Bailey , 21st f October, Greenwood , 21st f October, Royal , 21st f October, Luke , 21st f October, Orval , 21st f October, Jozef , 21st f October, Clayton , 21st f October, Chuck , 21st f October, Edmund , 21st f October, Superb swimmers, they spend the dark winters hunting on the sea ice that wraps its icy grip around the archipelago.

In summer the ice retreats and many bears stay on land, often close to coastal waters. With hour daylight , this is the time of year to look for wildlife. The case could mean a further delay to tentative plans to float Formula One on the stock market in Singapore and will revive speculation about an eventual successor to the man who turned the sport into a major global business.

JAL is now conducting checks on all ten ofits s, a spokesman for the airline said. This causes the device to short-circuit, rendering it ineffective. Failure to do so may result in time in prison, unless you are as good at telling jokes as a professional comedian. Jonas , 21st f October, The government alsodownwardly revised growth for the first quarter of On Saturday when Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez were each going through up-and-down performances, Powell was the man that kept the first team offense clicking.

While a student at Arizona StateUniversity, he engaged an engineer at the start-up company Slidein a series of conversations on Internet Relay Chat, a messageservice favored by serious techies. Groupon in was plagued by questions aboutits reliance on what some considered to be unusual accountingpractices. Facebook faced serious doubts last year after its IPOfiling described its lack of mobile advertising as a riskfactor.

Porfirio , 21st f October, Some who argue more fiercely social welfare oriented policies sometimes do so from a vantage of human dignity, but more often, their arguments are efficiency-based. Mubarak will not be allowed to leave Egypt and his assets remain frozen. However, a team of researchers examining a new ice core from West Antarctica discovered that warming in that region was well under way 20, years ago.

None have become top sellers. The United States invaded Afghanistan to topple the Taliban who had harbored the al Qaeda network responsible for the September 11 attacks on the United States weeks earlier. Nor did they agree on a previous plan that wouldhave given EFIH unsecured creditors payments if certain valuemilestones were met.

Another popular kiosko is the Ceviche Hut. Vaughn , 21st f October, Transocean owned the drilling rig and Halliburton didcement work on the well. One capsule contains a core module while the other two contain laboratories. The space station will also be equipped with a cargo craft to ferry supplies to and from the station.

The core module alone is expected to weigh at least 20 metric tons. Alito noted that Veronica was classified as an Indian because she is 1. Alito noted that Brown had abandoned the child before birth. Galea to clarify the situation, to which he replied with one of his favorite answers: One video showed the bodies of a dozen people lying on the floor of a clinic, with no visible wounds.

The narrator in the video said they were all members of a single family. In a corridor outside lay another five bodies. With that, the need to add a bridging, franchise-level talent to that group would be even more challenging than before: Kristopher , 21st f October, It's owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment Co.

And while Lohan is not expected to attend, she doesn't need to, as her rehab release has been news-worthy enough to generate enough buzz to put the low-budget, independent flick on the tip of everyone's tongues. Might as well just admit that these mental midgets are just not gong to approve of any kind of capital punishment and be done with it. The first is to take the process away from the control of the AMA and put it in the hands of a well-resourced group of experts under the auspices of the federal government.

This might take the form of a panel of doctors employed by the government, or of an advisory committee of representatives of different medical societies but with greater representation of primary care doctors. While the latter set-up would hardly eliminate all conflicts of interest and political horse trading, such a committee would at least have to meet federal requirements for disclosure of all conflicts of interest.

It would also be required to publish minutes from the meetings, data from any surveys used, and so forth. Simon , 21st f October, I -- if you were to take out Newsquest [ph] -- the numbers, particularly the currency exchanges and so forth, would we still see the sequential decline in newspaper advertising from the first quarter?

And if you can talk a little bit about -- obviously the economic picture has kind of brightened a little bit, I mean, particularly in real estate and so forth in some key markets. I was wondering if we are seeing any pushback in terms of advertising results of all [ph] -- maybe the all-access strategy or maybe circulation declines.

If you could just talk about what you're hearing from advertisers on the Publishing side. All of the nine cases of measles in Tarrant County are related, the health department has said. One adult contracted the virus abroad and spread it to his child, which triggered the other cases. Nor should they seek to avoid induction [or] augmentation," said Jeffrey L. Ecker, an obstetrician at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The merger would create the nation's biggest airline. According to the latest Department of Transportation statistics, the two airlines together accounted for more than 21 percent the domestic market share. The current largest airline, Delta, had a market share of My hair is virgin, never colored or highlighted, naturally straight, washed and conditioned times a week, always air dried, never used harsh chemicals or products.

The practice was opposed by privacy advocates and Internet activists. Claud , 21st f October, He struck a deal with prosecutors a few months later that could lead to a clean record and was one of the best receivers in the league in the second half of a breakthrough season.

He is convinced that most European crisis countries will be back in the markets very soon. Isaiah , 21st f October, It is significant that the Egyptian central bankgovernor went to the UAE this week," he said. Andrew Shepherd-Barron, an analyst at Peel Hunt, said: Martin , 21st f October, Mickley, a senior research fellow in atmospheric chemistry at Harvard SEAS and coauthor of the new study, is thinking one step further, to secondary effects like forest fires and air quality that rely heavily on meteorological factors.

Sunday marks the first time these two quarterbacks will face each other; if the Bills and Jets get their way, it could be the first of many meetings. As a result, it has been importing much of the energy it needs. The SEC received an admission of wrongdoing from the bank in a parallel civil action, a rare step for the government agency.

I left two messages, but Connie never called. Public relations wasn't much help either. My emails and voicemails went unanswered. Only Charlie offered a few thoughts about what exactly makes Papa John's pizza "better. He and his lawyers left court withoutcommenting on whether he plans to appeal, walking throughdrizzling rain followed by reporters and camera crews.

By inviting Rodman, North Korea could already be taking a diplomatic shot at its sworn enemy, Washington. But over the course of five days, to dominate every session bar one hour and 10 minutes is very unusual. Erwin , 21st f October, All but one of its 73 cars was carrying oil, and at least five exploded. Hunter had a read on it, lost it in the lights, then picked it up again as he headed for the wall.

Lloyds accounts for about 2pc of her fund. Mom Kate's solid and reliable Capricorn sun and tender Cancer moon indicate a powerful allegiance to family and respect for tradition. Darin , 21st f October, Attorney Jenny Durkan, whose office represents the Border Patrol, in a statement. The agency admitted no wrongdoing in the case.

Some "are just seeing dollar signs. We've seen a gradual improvement in PMIs since lastJuly and now we're in growth territory," said James Butterfill,global equity strategist at Coutts. This isn't exactly news since just about anything we watch, whether sexual or not, can be fodder for imaginative wanderings later.

But explicit material being within reach of both sexes means that particular practices one sees only in porn get name-checks too. Christopher , 21st f October, He told The Associated Press that his daughter was "a good girl" and he was " percent sure that whatever they're saying about my daughter is not true.

The racial profiling bill expands the categories to age, gender, gender identity or expressions, sexual orientation, immigration status, disability and housing status. The bill also allows the plaintiffs to bring lawsuits alleging racial profiling to state court.

Ferguson comes to Mizuho afterspending the past eleven years with the Royal Bank of Scotland. Some of the best ones owned by real estate investment trusts such as Simon Property Group Inc enjoy vacancies rates of about 5 percent. Others limp along with 40 percent of the space vacant. Even the stronger ones and their retail tenants are still confronting competition from online shopping and are figuring out ways to co-exist.

He's like a chiropractor; he was fixing everybody's backs on the set. Proton has deposits of one billion eurosand 1. Prosecutors claimed that he was a hitman hired by Dewani to kill his new wife, something that Dewani has consistently denied. Shorter stays freed up staff and beds to treat other patients or to achieve cash savings. Julian , 21st f October, As a resident of that town, I get bombarded at campaign time about how good the ratings are.

Denmark, however, avoided shutting down its government when it raised its debt ceiling in Phillip , 21st f October, I am always respectful, and my movies rarely contain any profanity. The removal of President Morsi, while applauded by many, may in fact have unintended consequences, and far reaching ones at that. Pinkert agreed, stating that Samsung had beenunable to show that their fees "satisfied an objective standard ofreasonableness.

Manny Machado appeared to get hit around right hand by Jake McGee's pitch in the seventh, but remained in the game. Jennings was a late scratch due to neck stiffness. He had a pinch-hit infield single in the 9th and stayed in the game to play center. MLB said that Rodriguez received 50 games for a first violation, for a second and 61 for obstruction.

To qualify as a flip for the figures, ahome has to be bought and sold within six months. Brendon , 20th f October, That's a session," Nike said. More sessions means more NikeFuel earned. You can earn NikeFuel on a per-minute basis, with the color-coded display showing you how well you're doing - from red to green. The accelerating bloodshed is raising fears that the country is falling back into the spiral of violence that brought it to the edge of civil war in the years after the U.

It also suggested people turn off Javascript, the programming language many websites use to add interactive features. In , he suffered a season-ending knee injury 67 games into the campaign. He had played 12 games at Triple-A before he broke the first metatarsal in his foot. Such groups are attacking the Energy East plan.

The government of Quebec, where memories of the Lac Megantic disaster that killed 47 are fresh, has yet to say if it will support the federally regulated project. Mikhail Antonio plays in Atdhe Nuhiu who has a simple tap-in. The Yeovil players had stopped moving and are trying to complain but without any luck. Very harsh on them there. Food stamps would face another review in three years and farm programs in five years under the House plan.

President Barack Obama said he would only negotiatewith Republicans once they agree to re-open federal governmentnow in its second week of shutdown - and raise the debt ceilingwith no conditions. Rickie , 20th f October, He stepped up to the mic in as a fill-in host for another local radio station.

Before he joined the ranks at WTMJ, most people recognized Jeff from his long and successful law career. He is a former federal prosecutor at the U. In , Jeff went into private practice and was also on the Republican candidate for State Attorney General. Daniel Sturridge is widely viewed as confident and outgoing because he dances after scoring goals, but we know he is also deeply religious.

We even know how many sugars he has in his tea. Clint , 20th f October, Bakken crude is lighter, and hence more volatile, than crudefrom some other areas. Jerald , 19th f October, Achieving a stronger and sustainable recovery whileensuring fiscal sustainability in advanced economies remainscritical.

As agreed, progress is being made in developingcredible, ambitious and country-specific medium term fiscalstrategies for the St Petersburg Summit. These strategies willbe sufficiently flexible to take into account near term economicconditions, so as to support economic growth and job creationwhile putting debt as a share of GDP on a sustainable path.

Republicans needs to learn how to cope. If these guys shut down the government they can kiss their chances of gaining a presidency goodbye for a very long time. Nigel , 19th f October, Departmentof Transportation for failing to make prompt refunds toconsumers.

The department also said the airline underreportedthe number of mishandled baggage reports it received frompassengers between January and October It also says it is much cheaper to get people to return home of their own accord rather than fight deportation through the courts. Miquel , 19th f October, Westley Clark, who directs the substance abuse treatment center at the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Federico , 19th f October, Quintin , 19th f October, Lucius , 19th f October, Romeo , 19th f October, Joaquin , 19th f October, Edgardo , 19th f October, Miles , 19th f October, Santo , 19th f October, We welcome further discussionson these issues and what preventative measures can be adopted.

Josiah , 19th f October, Anthony , 19th f October, Franklin , 19th f October, Who would I report to? Nour is the main Islamist group apart from Mursi'sMuslim Brotherhood, and the authorities aim to show theirtransitional arrangement is acceptable to Islamists. Maurice , 19th f October, Alexander , 19th f October, Allan , 19th f October, He said the militants wish to spread fear.

Elizabeth , 19th f October, Rodolfo , 19th f October, Morgan , 19th f October, Tyron , 19th f October, Obama and his fellow Democrats refused to accept thoseconditions, and the impasse resulted in the government shutdown. Vincent , 19th f October, He helped manage Freddie Mac, the government-controlled mortgage funding group, during the recent financial crisis, and served as deputy mayor for Washington, D.

Theyalso fear users are draining liquidity from public exchanges,making it harder for other investors to value stocks accurately. Jennifer , 19th f October, Hannah , 19th f October, The effects of blacklisting can be devastating on individuals who find themselves unable to work in their chosen trade. We are aware of cases that have resulted in marital breakdown, loss of home and in a couple of particularly tragic cases, people taking their own lives.

Trevor , 19th f October, There is little doubt that the neighborhood with the greatest political and legal clout to ensure that the Waste Transfer Station does not become a nuisance is the upper East Side, with its many well-to-do residents. Levi , 19th f October, Garvey is doing there. Sherman , 19th f October, Reggie , 19th f October, The nextday, a Friday, he gave an interview to Germany's SueddeutscheZeitung in which he spoke of "headwinds" and vowed to stay on.

It is publicizing rewards of up to 25, euros, primarily via posters in Berlin and other major cities. Freddie , 19th f October, Ever since the demise of the CAB in timeframe, airlines have been consolidating and giving much less for a higher cost to passengers.

This natural penchant of big business to extract as much from customers as possible while giving them less and les is a natural phenomenon. Almost nothing but a seat is included in the ticket cost anymore. Why would it be unrealistic to expect a traveler to need luggage, sometimes that must be checked?

Sure, a meal is nice, though unnecessary, but to gouge clients for traveling with supplies for their travels? Rigoberto , 19th f October, Dario , 19th f October, Marshall , 19th f October, Claims for the priorweek were revised to show 1, more applications received thanpreviously reported.

Dannie , 19th f October, Florentino , 19th f October, Could you give me some smaller notes? Jeremiah , 19th f October, Angelina , 19th f October, Patrick , 19th f October, Carrollcalled it the first step of a "rolling inquiry" that couldinclude other companies. They objected to the specific chemical disclosures because they would reveal proprietary formulas and trade secrets.

Darrick , 19th f October, Occidental said about 80 percent of the outstanding shares ofCalifornia Resources Corp would be distributed to itsshareholders on Nov. Sammie , 19th f October, Flyman , 19th f October, Do you know what extension he's on? Theron , 19th f October, Cameron , 19th f October, Harlan , 19th f October, Chong , 18th f October, Lenard , 18th f October, Granville , 18th f October, Graham , 18th f October, Chatta con x Hamster Live le ragazze adesso!

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Comment by nightsinger5 on November 15, The Eclogues have been as much undervalued as the iEneid has been over-rated. Britt , 26th f October, Sandy , 11th f November, Alfonzo , 26th f October, The Cyprian Goddess rushes through my veins: Soros and the Clintons are even more dangerous and will stop at nothing. Hold it, hold it, hold it…..

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He struck a deal with prosecutors a few months later that could lead to a clean record and was one of the best receivers in the league in the second half of a breakthrough season. Full front, th' impending crags inclose a cave; Fresh rills, within, drip soft with trickling wave: Groupon in was plagued by questions aboutits reliance on what some considered to be unusual accountingpractices. I very much agree with both of you. As the planet accepts this new frequency that you have worked very hard to obtain, those at the end of the domino chain will receive it.

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