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The kind I used to get in England after consuming many beers on a Friday night out. At any moment during the figging I expected the taste of stale lager in my mouth and a flock wallpaper flashback. My immediate family is one. Proper fish and chips wrapped in newspaper is another. And the final thing would be good Indian take away.

Figging is a great way to recreate its exit conditions. Now I just need to find an equivalent for the tasting part. I found this image on the Girls Rule, Subs Drool tumblr. The last few days have found me hunting through my archives of femdom art and erotic fiction in search of a little creative inspiration.

Normally I just start bashing away at whatever random theme comes to mind, typically without any prepared plan or structure. Occasionally that turns into something worth publishing, but more often than not it bogs down and ends up being left to rot in my unfinished ideas folder. Tyjord , drkfetyshnyghts and Anne Gray to see what parts of their stories really push my buttons.

It has been interesting and educational to try and deconstruct why certain passages really grab me. For example, I liked this a lot. Jason panicked as he felt the tugging on the front of his collar as Victoria pulled the chain through the ring on the ceiling. For a moment he thought they were going to hang him as he choked from both the gag and the pressure on his collar.

Immediately, Victoria took up the slack in the chain and hooked the taught metal to another ring in the wall near her. Kristi then grabbed another strap and buckled it around his newly exposed instep. The apparent concern, the whispered words of apparent comfort and advice, and then the cruel betrayal.

The piece below is one that particularly grabbed me. I know from personal experience that a little Icy Hot or VapoRub can be pretty painful when applied to delicate tissues. His work has featured here in the past for example here , here and here. He has a personal site with a small collection of images located here. Not exactly what I was hoping for. While the image might show what looks like a random shopping basket from someone visiting the produce and pharmacy aisles in QFE which in point of fact is where they came from , it also shows the main components of a scene I did a few nights ago.

The middle row has Bengay, a lime and a lemon.

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And at the front is wintergreen oil, cinnamon oil and ginger root. Oh, and the knife? That was for scraping off the hot wax that somehow ended up getting dripped onto my already tender flesh. Oddly enough, after doing all sorts of suspension and impact play scenes in the past without problems, this was the one session that left me injured.

I was clenching my muscles so tightly and for so long that I ended up pulling something in my lower back. Ironic really, given we were using a number of products originally designed for relieving muscle strains and pains. John Waters 24 Today: Side Air Bags 31 Will vs. Engine Wear and Tear. AC Trouble 15 Today: Fix for Bill's Leaky Sunroof?

A Case of Prius Syndrome 22 Today: How to Roll-Start a Diesel Engine? Husband Needs Convincing 22 Today in Bogus: Transmission Preservation 27 Today: The Broken Trunk Latch 05 Phil vs. Which is More Accurate? Fan is Stuck on High 12 Today: The Right Tool for Mounting Tires? Which Gets Better Mileage? How to Handle a Stuck Accelerator 16 Today: Hurricane Under the Hood?

Necessary Service or Dealership Scam? Worth the Extra Cash? What's Causing Spongy Brakes? Outsmarted by Your Car? You Are Being Watched. Weed-Whacker Gas in Honda Accord? Can Mary Settle for Four Cylinders? How Ethical is Shopping Around? You're Asking the Wrong Guys 29 Today: Bouncing Caused by Air in the Struts?

Tom and Ray as Wedding Planners? Who Will Check Rick's Oil? Best Car for a 16 Year Old Boy? Did We Need That Thingamajig? Dottie's Oily Inheritance 30 Today: All About Brake Pads. Richard's Smooth Ride 28 Today: Gas Tank Edition 25 Today: Can Megan Beat the Birds? The Grating Parking Brake 23 Today: Don't Ignore the Tie Rod.

Second Gear is First to Fail 13 Today: Randy's Blinker Theory 29 Dad vs. Which Oil is Best for New Car? Should Michelle Cancel the Wedding? Snow Tires for Sandrine 29 Today: Best Convertible for a Nonagenarian? To Replace or Not to Replace? What to Do About Missing Piece?

Nervous About Recall Warning. Best Way to Change Transmission Fluid? Save Our Skoda 19 Today: The Leaky Ford F 24 Today: Jeep Liberty Losing Time 31 Surprise: This Mazda Miata is making my wife sick! What's wrong with Marsha's Camry? Is It Better to Brake? Do Zip Ties Come Standard? Cheap Sales Tactic for Prius Tires? Is This Repair Necessary?

What's the Resale Value of Discontinued Cars? Synthetic Oil Myths 19 Today: When to Replace Brake Rotors 10 Today: When To Add Engine Oil? Safe Place to Stash a Wallet? My Mechanic Has Fleas! Turn Right to Go Straight 27 Today: Husband in Tire Balancing Act. Should Threat of Breakdown Stop Trip?

Hybrid Advice for Super-Commuters. Chrissy or the Viagra ad? MAR 01 Does Vera's dog have a nasty, little freon problem? Tom and Ray consider two very different ways to repair cars. APR 01 Can "start-stop" technology be added to an older car? Tom and Ray explain the details of "Fresh" v. The one on his Chrysler, that is?

How will driving in circles help Nan pass her emissions test? Can she turn up the volume? Rick's low-profile tires may have cost him. Why does Ralph's truck already need new spark plugs? Is Jackson's wife to blame for transmission problems? JUL 01 Is David saving his carburetor or just annoying his wife? Will Tom and Ray help SaraMarie with her diabolical scheme?

What good is a car without seats? Is there any hope? Can Tom and Ray help? The squeaky belt does not get the oil. What's that noise coming from under Charles's Mini Cooper? What's shaking up Donna's Corolla? What's the best way to approach a speed bump?

Are reusable air filters right for your car? Can Jane fix her husband's mistake? Jim gets a new timing belt - and smells a rat! Bobby's PT Cruiser is making its own weather. Does Mike need to get the oil in his differentials changed? Should she accept defeat? Eli and the impudent coil wire.

The real difference between diesel and gasoline. Tom and Ray, or Fred? An essential part of hair care? How do locked doors help during a crash? Rita's mechanic is full of hot air when it comes to the AC. Will a stuck dipstick on Ken's Subaru Loyale cause trouble? Sarah's gas tank is full of water. Will Thomas's cheapskate boss see reason? Joe's car fell off the tow truck.

Mary saved the geese, but was it at the expense of her brakes? Jay's new used truck is missing an air filter. The Case of the Disappearing Fire 29 Is it possible for turn signals to fail intermittently? DEC 01 Are we ever going to see front-wheel-drive pickups? The shop that messed up should pay up. Plugs, patches or new tires?

JAN 01 Can kids really wear out power window switches? Do hubcaps serve any purpose? An airbag answer that's "no charge. The case of the misaligned hub covers. How would you price car sharing? Technical Service Bulletins, explained. What to do if unintended acceleration happens to you.

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See what Tom and Ray say. SEP 01 What's the right way to stop safely, if your brakes fail? OCT 01 Thieves can capture your key fob's code. Urban legend-- or not? Tom and Ray settle a bet about "maintenance-free" batteries. Annette copes with a micromanaging husband. Tom and Ray help Annah de-leakify her Camry's roof. Tom and Ray handle a very sick etiquette question. DEC 01 Can spinning a wheel in deep snow cause tire damage?

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Do you know the reset procedures for your car's maintenance lights? JUN 01 Will pushing your car around the driveway actually prolong its life? What a crazy way to charge a cell phone! A Prius guinea pig gets a raw deal. JUL 01 Ann's nutjob son has moved his car's engine to the back seat. Can she beat any sense into him? Can Quikie-Lube be trusted with their oil plug repair on Candace's Lexus?

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FEB 01 Federico got taken for a ride-- by his local repair shop. Find out how you can avoid the same trap. Tom and Ray review the pros and cons of new, low-profile tires. MAR 01 Is modern auto mechanics ready for the full dashboard transplant? Oh, and the clients, too. Tom and Ray settle one family's bet. Tom and Ray help Judith make the call. Michael gets the green light for the car of his dreams.

What can he do to put a stop to all the sliding? Find out the cause. Tom and Ray settle a marital debate. JUL 01 What's the least pollution-spewing car that Christian can buy? Frank shares the simple way he scored another 10 MPG out of his car. It's a great time of year to take off the snow tires. One reader shares some very intriguing research.

Maya gets a few tips for learning how to drive stick. Tom and Ray review the possibilities. Find out how it was done. SEP 01 Is Peri's dad right, and can those tires be worn all the way down to bald? A reader throws down the gauntlet. See if Tom and Ray goofed in a recent column. OCT 01 Do you need four or six? Tom and Ray chime in on the Great Cylinder Debate.

Should he take any special precautions? Tom and Ray help Tim make the call. Hear his automotive-dairy saga-- and Tom and Ray's answer. NOV 01 Is it loony to turn off your truck at every stop? Tom and Ray answer one year-old's question. Should Toyota foot the bill? FEB 01 Is it time for Jennifer to dump the collision coverage to save a few bucks? MAR 01 Tom and Ray answer a somewhat hypothetical ethical repair question JUL 01 In today's letter: Does using your car's radio burn extra gas?

What can he do? Tom and Ray investigate the energy pros and cons. Tom and Ray make the diagnosis. Is it about to break down? Tom and Ray resolve a marital dispute. Tom and Ray discuss the options, in today's letter to Car Talk. So, why does she need to change the oil every six months?

Ondrovic's class corrects Tom and Ray on an important matter. Tom and Ray help Kris make a tough call. Tom and Ray review some five-star cars. SEP 01 In today's letter: Tom and Ray help Kathy with the finer points of shifting an automatic transmission.

Tm and Ray offer a few parenting tips. Does a new baby mean a new car is in the future? Tom and Ray settle the great condo speed-bump controversy. Check out Tom and Ray's advice to Denise. Tom and Ray help John sort through the options. OCT 01 Edith's Subaru needs a new knock sensor Can the fix wait? Find out in today's letter.

NOV 01 Should Charmaine buy a bus pass-- now that her boyfriend wants to try changing the timing belt on her '90 Toyota Camry? Tom and Ray help Anna settle a familial "discussion. Tom and Ray do the math. Does he really need to change the oil when he gets back? The high cost of the Passat's sleek design. A swift kick can get you a bill at the mechanics.

Tom and Ray settle a bet. On a Rental Car? FEB 01 Are there any real advantages to filling my tires with nitrogen rather than regular air? What's being done in response to fire danger reported in Honda CR-Vs? MAR 01 Opinion Poll: Which make and model deserves this year's "Ugliest Car" title?

What about topping up? Do you agree or disagree? APR 01 Do you know of any sudden-acceleration problems with Subarus? Don't hose out your Honda Element. MAY 01 Are hybrids really only worth it for city driving? The results are in! Where's your love for American cars? JUN 01 How can Deborah overcome her fear of other drivers after a traumatic accident?

My gas tank was gushing like Ol' Faithful at the pump! Do diesel engines need warming up? AUG 01 Who do I call to get those overly bright headlights banned? What do I do? Part Time 01 Help! My husband and I can't agree on the proper use of the fifth gear.

SEP 01 Does this truck have a case of "driveline-lash" or could it be something else? Will I be able to maintain it? Can I repair the damage without replacing an entire panel? How to tell if a car's been flooded and what to do with it. A lifelong SUV hater crosses over to the dark side. NOV 01 Fact or fiction: Cars shouldn't be touching while being jump-started.

Can you recommend vehicles that drive well in water? Should I replace it with metal? FEB 01 A bad tire will be more noticeable on the front axle than on the rear. MAR 01 How cold should it be to check a tire's air pressure? Lucky it's just the engine that won't start. Running low on gas will cause your car to suck up a bunch of debris from the bottom of the tank.

APR 01 Vehicle popularity is no guarantee against design flaws. MAY 01 New clutch after only 68 miles -- a new world record? JUN 01 Which aging vehicle would you keep: Camry or Volvo sedan? Park in a garage. JUL 01 Recommended psi and maximum psi are two very different things when it comes to air pressure. Should I be worried? AUG 01 Sometimes people are justified in getting a less environmentally friendly vehicle truck.

Who should I believe? Here's how to fix them yourself. Back to the dealer! JAN 01 Will a black car with leather interior get too hot in the summer? FEB 01 After new spark plugs are installed, what causes them to come loose? Readers have some ideas. APR 01 Best way to safely test an alternator. MAY 01 Horn spontaneously honking in winter temps. JUN 01 How do I break in a new set of brake pads?

My dipstick broke off in its chamber. JUL 01 It sounds like doves are cooing from my dashboard. How do I diagnose this? Does this seem excessive? AUG 01 What does the formula on the gas pump mean? Do I have to tell them? SEP 01 Can you recommend a convertible that is safe and sexy emphasis on safe? We're betting it's colored with either rust or oil.

What about an Audi? NOV 01 How to tell if catastrophic engine failure was caused by a defective filter. JAN 01 Washing the car led to water up the tailpipe. Should Toyota replace the entire truck? It's a myth, folks. FEB 01 Truck pulling to the right, even after new brake pads. We surveyed dealers and mechanics throughout the country and discovered some interesting things about pricing.

MAR 01 What killed my battery if all my "accesories" were turned off? APR 01 Ideal air pressure for driving in snow? What should I focus on cleaning to sell it? Enough with the "honey", "sweetie", and "darlin'" routine! JUL 01 This one has stumped a number of car shops and Have you heard abut this problem? I'm skidding out a lot in Seattle.

Her are some things your mechanic can check out We just got charged by our Toyota dealer. SEP 01 Aftermarket air conditioners? OCT 01 An unwanted passenger has motivated me to fix my window that won't roll up all the way. NOV 01 Oil in the power-steering-fluid reservoir: Only if you want a happy wife.

I feel like a chauffeur! Is a cover a good idea? DEC 01 Plastic bag melted onto catalytic converter smells just as you'd expect: JAN 01 Should I tip the guy who drives me to and from the garage? What's a "chick car"? Here's how you can help your mechanic figure the problem out. MAR 01 Alas, motor mounts and radiators aren't "preventative maintenance".

How do I know if it still works? APR 01 Should I be concerned that when I get the car back from the dealer the air pressure in my tires is high? We're not a fan of the idea. MAY 01 What is "out-gassing" and is it dangerous? JUL 01 Any number of things could be causing this car to "diesel". AUG 01 Could overfilling with oil damage my engine?

SEP 01 We continue to get mail about testing senior drivers Your entire engine could blow if you don't change your timing belt. A few readers think so. OCT 01 How do automatic gas-pump nozzles know when to shut off? How to prevent theft? DEC 01 Could bad tie rods keep a mechanic from being able to align my tires? Send us your nominations! What should I look out for? Shims might be the answer.

FEB 01 Do Camry's always shake, like the dealer who sold it to me says? Humid climates can cause batteries to go bad. MAR 01 Can you tell me where I can get hand controls Your engine is probably "dieseling". How about "traction control"? Check your harmonic balancer. Here are three likely causes. MAY 01 Does an engine have to be manually reprogrammed after installing a new battery?

JUN 01 You're not overheating, probably just missing a heat shield. JUL 01 Does an engine have to be adjusted when moving to a high altitude locale? Is it Midas or me? Smoke's coming out of the steering column. SEP 01 What should I study to pursue a career in the automotive industry? OCT 01 Cruise control shuts off below 25 mph -- can I change that? NOV 01 What do you guys think of add-on packages offered by dealerships?

What can I do? DEC 01 Is it a good idea to follow the "upshift" light that appears on the dash? I stripped the threads on my fuel filter. JAN 01 Is it reasonable for me to expect that a new car I buy from a dealer should have zero miles on it? How much damage have I done? Cell phone use while driving should be illegal. FEB 01 Why some horns blare and others sound whimpy. MAR 01 A mechanical approach won't solve an emotional problem.

Yeah, you've been had. Rear-Wheel Drive 01 Does driving a car gently extend its life? APR 01 Why the switch from timing chains to timing belts? MAY 01 Can cold weather cause an engine to flood? JUN 01 Another way to keep cars from freezing shut in the winter.

JUL 01 What could be causing my speedometer to fail and the "check engine light" to come on? AUG 01 What should I do to prepare my car for 4 months of garage storage? SEP 01 My dealer is unwilling to find the source of the wind noise my car generates. OCT 01 Is it crazy to put a rebuilt engine into a car I love rather than buying a new car?

It's OK to set your battery down on a concrete garage floor. DEC 01 The only time you don't have to replace your timing belt is Do I need to change it immediately? JAN 01 It sounds like someone is beneath our Volvo, banging away with a hammer.

MAR 01 Camry's are notorious for carbon build-up on their valve stems as they age. Should a Year-Old Have a Car? Try getting your tires balanced. Diesel is less polluting than gasoline. APR 01 My gas gauge goes straight to empty when the tank reaches half-full. I can't get the previous owner's cigarette smoke smell out of my new-to-me van. It's possible to blow up your battery by starting your car with the AC on.

MAY 01 Is it purely coincidence that I've gone through three different gaskets in a year? JUN 01 Having regret over disconnecting an odometer cable to adhere to lease terms. What can I do to make it up to the dealer? Should I tell him? Is it a good idea?

Is it really not that dangerous? That's the exact color of clean motor oil! OCT 01 How much damage could I do by using the parking brake while my teenager is learning to drive a stick? NOV 01 When it comes to "badge engineering" is there any benefit to buying a Honda over an Isuzu if the cars are basically the same vehicle?

DEC 01 Is my battery suffering from always jump-starting my friend's car? Is it suffering from oxygen deprivation? Depends on whether you have front-wheel drive Can I leave it in or should I drain it? What do you recommend these days? So many things could cause this, but we'd start with the sensors. FEB 01 How often do headlights need to be adjusted? I'm looking at a Lexus and an Infiniti.

Adding mothballs to your gas tank increases the octane. MAR 01 What can be done about car doors freezing overnight? Can you recommend something smaller? It sounds like someone's rolling marbles around my car's rear tire area. Why should I do it? MAY 01 Trouble downshifting? Could be the torque converter clutch. Do I need to do anything else? Your tires might be to blame. JUN 01 I constantly get zapped when I get out of my cars when the humidity is low.

My truck's fuel economy is getting worse and worse. I'm down to 6mpg! My dashboard sounds like it's gurgling. What are my options? Couldn't she just live with that? AUG 01 Do two-stroke engines still exist in cars? SEP 01 Is the recommended break-in period for a new car really important? My BMW smells like B. OCT 01 A car starting infrequently when the key is turned could be caused by a number of things.

Here's where to look. There's no need to worry about sludge in the bottom of your gas tank. Can I repair it myself? NOV 01 Should we change the oil at 7, miles or 3, miles? Should a year old have their own car? DEC 01 I installed a rebuilt Caddy engine in my Suburban and am now using a quart of oil every miles. NEVER inflate your tires to their maximum air pressure!

FEB 01 Going through batteries? MAR 01 Recently a guy named Warren wrote to you regarding the Check these three things. Follow the manufacturer's recommendation. JUN 01 Are there any aftermarket products that could improve gas mileage on my new truck? JUL 01 Are shocks impacted by weather? What should I look for when buying?

Am I burning it? There are bacteria lining the roadways that eat up worn tire tread material. AUG 01 Can I put bumberstickers on my rear window? Here's where to begin looking. SEP 01 Is my car's flywheel problem typical of Camrys? Here are some things you can test. Could it be "carburetor icing"? PCV problem, or do I need a "heat stove"? NOV 01 What are all these different types of bearings?

They'll know what you mean. Probably a leaky fuel pump. DEC 01 Engine races when car is partially warmed up and restarted. If not a front-end problem, what is it? Check the carburetor float and your fuel pump first. Sounds like a leaky heater core. The case of the buzzing oil light.

This is what mechanics are for. FEB 01 Mechanic might be right about the old battery but is shooting himself in the foot. What do you guys think? The right way to wash a car. MAR 01 What on earth is a "harmonic balancer"? Is this like getting your car's chakras aligned? Should I use it or store it?

What could be the culprit? MAY 01 Was this turn signal's miraculous recovery down to patience? One should never mix motor oils? JUN 01 What could cause windshield wipers to come on while accelerating? What do you guys suggest? Don't spend all your money on the car. JUL 01 Octane ratings explained! Lunch hangs in the balance. SEP 01 When do I get the most accurate reading on my dipstick?

Ruth weighs in on how to keep your husband from being too obsessed with his "hard body". OCT 01 Is it possible to swap out a manual transmission for an automatic? Goodwrench owes you more than a temporary fix. NOV 01 Could this accident be to blame for our current transmission problems? JAN 01 I never miss your column I have a problem with FEB 01 I discovered your column recently and have been reading it MAR 01 When we had tires put on our two year old JUN 01 I had a problem with a run-away car I had OCT 01 Is it paranoid to keep doors locked while driving?

DEC 01 Is it safe to use pure isopropyl alcohol as a JAN 01 Bad axle or bad ball joint? Either way, don't drive until it's fixed. How to track down our book. FEB 01 It's time for a new seatbelt mechanism, Eva. What about 3, rpm? MAR 01 Could transmission fluid be leaking into the crankcase? Safety concerns, that's why. Not fatal, but not recommended.

APR 01 Is a cute old British car worth the hassle for a first-time car buyer? Also, the Geo Prizm. What do you think? Manual transmissions are better for towing. JUN 01 The bygone days of magnets in your vehicle. That's gonna cost ya. AUG 01 Could a faulty ignition system cause your garage door to open by itself? That's your cue to get a new car.

Talk about a design flaw! SEP 01 Do speedbumps damage a car's suspension? OCT 01 Checking the oil correctly may interfere with someone's romantic plans. NOV 01 Newly rebuilt engine is leaking more oil than ever. DEC 01 How did a plug get into my tire if I'm the only one who ever drove it? We can all agree that's a horrible idea, right? JAN 01 Federal law restricts re-attaching a converter to a car.

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Technical Service Bulletins, explained. Can she turn up the volume? Just curious. Lower pool not surviving spring runoff. Shims might be the answer. Where Have the Small Pickups Gone?

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