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Posted on October 28, 2: One tripped and fell in a stream. Opening the debate for the government, May's de facto deputy, David Lidington, said if the prime minister's deal doesn't go through by the time of the EU summit next Thursday, MPs would then be given the chance to find a way forward in the following two weeks. Dre some l. Jane thinks so, but if we know one thing about the supernatural, it is this: Thinking of Joining the M Trump downplays threat from white nationalists The president's comments come in the wake of a deadly attack on two New Zealand mosques, carried out, according to police, by a white supremacist.

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Thinking of Joining the Limited is a leading innovator of underground mining equipment solutions for over 45 years. As we continue to expand our product range geographic footprint, we remain Wightman, a leading indep Wightman, a leading We are hiring for the fol We are hiring for the We are hiring for the following positions: Chief Administrative Officer Chief Administrative Chief Administrative Officer Application Deadline: Sault Ste.

Marie, Ontario Compensation: Posted March 15, Automotive technician Automotive technician To diagnose and repair To diagnose and repair light duty vehicles along with performing factory scheduled maintenance. He once again returns to the inside of the villa, only to find his recording destroyed and pages from Katia's diary burning in the fireplace.

Someone is trying to cover up their tracks. Bruno does some research and discovers that a woman named Linda rented the villa before him and Tony tells him that he put some of her stuff in a locked room in the cellar. Tony tells him to forget about the room and finish his music soundtrack when Bruno asks for the key.

Bruno has no objections and we then see the killer watching Angela strip naked in the pool-house to get into her bathing suit. While Angela is swimming in the pool, she discovers the X-Acto knife at the bottom and places it at the edge of the pool. Bruno has made a trip to the film studio, where both we and Bruno discover that the scene we saw at the beginning of the film with the three boys is actually part of the final reel of Sandra's horror film, while Bruno plays the scene in forward and reverse to get a sense on how to score it What the two mean boys call the other boy turns out to be a major clue as to who the killer is.

The killer, who we now discover has hands with red nail polish and wears a nice pair of black pumps, plunges a knife into Angela's hand while she is washing her hair in a sink, pinning her hand to the counter. The killer murders Angela by putting a clear plastic bag over her head and banging her cranium over and over on the porcelain sink until the plastic bag fills with her blood there's a particularly nasty scene of the knife that is pinning Angela's hand slicing it until her hand is free.

The killer pulls the knife out of the counter and cuts Angela's throat for good measure. Eerily, the killer seems to be disturbed by all the blood that is scattered throught the bathroom and it is a lot! Now is the time I ask readers a few questions, because I never give away the ending of a giallo film in my reviews. Here are the questions: Is the mysterious Linda involved because she is hiding something or someone in that locked room in the basement?

Is Julia so jealous that she will kill any woman who gets close to her boyfriend she shows up during the final third of the film holding a big knife? Is Sandra using Bruno as a pawn to come up with a good final act to her film? Could Bruno actually be the killer since we never see him and the killer in the same shot not even when he discovers the blood on his pants? What about Giovanni, as we never see him leave the property or even have a girlfriend?

And what does a cedar chest full of tennis balls have to do with it all? I've given you more than enough clues. Now you need to figure it out. Actually, the killer's identity is rather easy to figure out since there are precious too few red herrings. I'm not going to tell you who it is, but it all makes sense in the end. Lamberto Bava borrows many themes from other giallo and slasher films, but he gives us some wince-inducing moments here, especially Angela's pinned hand slowly being sliced open between her fingers as the killer is bashing her head in, putting pressure on her hand to move backwards, as the camera lovingly stays on the hand as it is being sliced open.

As a giallo film, this is just average and full of holes The villa that Bruno is living in is supposed to be secluded, but he sure gets a lot of visitors and it seems to be a short car ride to the film studio , but it is still entertaining nonetheless. The trick here is that every person in the film holds some type of bladed weapon at one time or another in the film, so any of them could be the killer but, as the film progresses and the small cast begins getting killed, it is obvious at the halfway point that only one person could be the killer.

There's a quite surprising death in the finale, but I will not spoil it for you, other than to say I thought that person would survive. Blue Underground then gained home video rights and delivered a beautiful fully uncut minute version in anamorphic widescreen 1. If you are a giallo completist and what genre fan isn't?

Also featuring Giovanni Frezza and Marco Vivio. As I was watching it, all I could do is think about how the MPAA must have been napping when this film was submitted for a rating. The film open with an unseen killer murdering a women sleeping in bed with the claw end of a hammer the imaginative POV shots are taken from the perspective of the hand holding the hammer and then setting fire to the room.

Ellie Melody Patterson , the dead woman's wise-ass daughter, looks to find out who killed her mother, even though she knows her mother was the town slut. Since Ellie is underage, she gets put in the orphanage run by Mrs.

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That's all fine and dandy, until we find out that Mrs.

Deere likes to spend the money on herself and leaves the orphans hungry most of the time and is not above killing those who try to run away. She simply puts their bodies in the basement freezer and puts them in the infirmary when the clueless Dr.

Mullins Milton Selzer comes to visit to take his monthly head count. When Ellie arrives there, she almost immediately knows something wrong is going on it doesn't help that she finds one poor girl chained up in the attic, dying of thirst. Ellie strikes up a friendship with fellow orphan Walter Ronald Taft and makes an enemy in female orphan Bunch Terri Messina , who has a crush on Walter.

Meanwhile, Tom Len Lesser , the orphanage handyman, has just chopped-off the hand of a runaway orphan with a meat cleaver, which upsets Mrs. Not because he chopped-off the hand, but because the orphan got away! It doesn't matter if they are dead or alive, but she must have a body. As Ellie investigates further, she becomes aware of Mrs.

Deere's evil doings and finds out that when the orphan supply becomes low, parents turn up dead in town. Is it possible that Mrs. Deere is responsible for Ellie's mother's death? If you think you have it figured out, think again. The subject matter of this film is so slimy, you'll need to towel-off after watching it.

Every adult in this film, including the film's part-time detective Calvin Vic Tayback , who considers Ellie "good breeding stock", are portrayed as sleazy, conniving individuals who only care about their own satisfactions. When the killings begin, it plays like a mystery film with enough blood and guts to keep you asking yourself, "Is this really rated PG or did someone fuck-up royally?

By the time the killer is unmasked literally in the film's finale, you'll be shaking your head in disbelief at some of the things you'll see and hear. This is the closest thing to PG-rated porn that you will ever see. In other words, if you haven't seen this, you should as soon as possible. Directed by one-hit wonder Philip S. Gilbert, who disappeared after making this.

Maybe the orphans got him. Also starring Peter Armstrong and Maggie Corey. R ated PG. One caveat: Scream Factory slapped their own R-Rating on the packaging there is no MPAA logo to be found anywhere , taking away one of the film's biggest pieces of notoriety. Since there is no extra footage the film is in anamorphic widescreen , just commentary from film historian Richard Harland Smith, an alternate opening title card and a theatrical trailer, Scream Factory blew the chance of advertising this film as the bloodiest PG-Rated film ever made.

Whomever decided to make this blunder should be fired immediately or face the person holding the bloody hammer. While the storyline is of the basic "serial killer murders prostitutes" formula, the acting and situations seem so natural and unhampered by not having a big budget this is an extremely low budget effort that it makes the killings all the more horrendous.

A young peeping tom named Richard Ian Scott graduates from watching prostitutes doing their business to killing them. After his first kill he finds it enjoyable he moves to a room in the seedy Times Square area to be closer to his prey. As his killing spree continues, he becomes facinated with a prostitute Judith-Marie Bergan who lives across the alley.

He watches her undress through the window and we hear his innermost thoughts via voice-over monologues. This proves to be his undoing. He is dogged by a vigilante cop James Johnston who would like to see him pay for the death of his hooker girlfriend. When Richard finally makes contact with the prostitute across the alley, she rebuffs his advances and he tries to kill her. She proves to be quite a fighter though and attacks Richard with a razor while two pimps one being B-movie staple Irwin Keyes hold him.

The cop comes in the nick of time to save Richard. Without saying a word, the cop grabs hold of Richard and throws him out the window, sending him to his death. End of film. I doubt that you'll find a more disturbing foray into the mind of a mass murderer. A Marquis Video Corp. Unrated for pure sleaziness. Still, the story is maddening, offering very little logic for people like myself who demand a good mystery to go along with the killings.

Also, there is absolutely no nudity, another thing giallo fans like myself expect from this type of film. It is an interesting failure, though, if only for what it doesn't show. He then goes to a confectionery store and stabs the clerk over and over with a large knife, all the while listening to classical music through his earbuds. We don't see what it is at this moment , but police detective Michael Tomas Arana; THE SECT - arrives at the confectionery store and discovers the killer cut off one of the clerk's ears.

The next morning, when Tracy goes to the cemetery to visit the grave of her dead husband Abe, the cemetery director Gianni Giuliano tells her someone stole her dead husband's body out of his grave. To make matters worse, when Tracy goes home and grabs something to drink out of the refrigerator, she discovers the ear in a plastic bag, her name written on a piece of paper in what turns out to be in her dead husband's handwriting.

Michael questions Tracy and discovers a clue under her refrigerator, a piece of cloth from her husband's coffin. Why is the killer obsessed with Tracy and why does classical music turn him in to such a vicious killer? The next time we see the killer, he is in a womens bathroom in a mall.

He grabs a woman's right hand from under a stall and cuts it off, the hand falling into a toilet. When Michael and his team arrive at the mall, he discovers the woman's chest was also cut open. He has a couple of officers watch Tracy's home in hopes the "homicidal maniac" will return. Michael pays another visit to Tracy and tells her there has been another murder.

He checks her home to make sure it is secure and tells her to lock her windows and doors as he leaves. A short time later, Beau begins whimpering at the front door and Tracy stupidly takes him for a walk outside. She gets the feeling that she is not alone and turns around, finding the severed right hand hanging from her front door. Once again, Michael comes to her house and asks Tracy to tell him about her dead husband.

She tells Michael that Abe was well-liked by her family and friends and, oh, he was a concert pianist! He then shows Michael a photo of Abe with another man. It comes as no surprise that the photo of Abe is also the killer we have been seeing. Morangi lets Michael search Abe's work desk and he finds an address book hidden in one of the drawers.

One of the officers protecting Tracy discover a case in her refrigerator that is dripping blood. He calls Michael to tell him what he found, when Abe appears a stocking pulled over his head and he throws the officer in Tracy's indoor pool and makes a hasty retreat. The only name that pans out in the address book is that of a female psychiatrist named Dr. She tells Michael that Tracy was her patient and that she changed her last name when her brother died, She also tells him that she had a patient named Timothy Bell, who was obsessed with Tracy.

Corti knew Timothy could be very violent, so she had him committed to a psychiatric facility for Tracy's well-being and safety. She also tells Michael that she never met Tracy's husband. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that all this has something to do with the killings, but what comes next is truly mind-boggling and not in a good way!

Michael and Tracy soon have romantic feelings for each other, putting his life in danger. Abe then kills a lifeguard swimming in a pool and cuts off his penis and, yes, mails it to Tracy. Michael intercepts it before Tracy can see the lifeguard's package in the package. The coroner Guido Quintozzi tells Michael that he discovered something he didn't notice before: Michael discovers that Timothy Bell escaped from the loony bin fifteen months ago, but what is his connection to Abe?

I have no idea, because this film is all over the place! The coroner tells Michael that all three murder victims received transplanted organs, the same organs the killer removed. The coroner also tells him that all the victims received their transplanted organs from the same donor: OK, now I'm really confused. Is Abe alive or what?!? Morangi tells Michael that he just saw Abe and he must have misidentified his body when he "died" in the motorcycle accident.

Michael notices that Morangi is drunk and scared, but is he lying? Michael discovers that two other people are still alive with transplanted organs from Abe. Both of them are women. One is a teacher of young children and the other one is pregnant and in the hospital.

Can Michael save them in time? Michael also discovers He does a lot of discovering in this film! That's right, the person we and Michael thought was Abe is actually Timothy Bell, who worshiped Abe and is collecting Abe's organs to make him whole again remember, he stole Abe's body from the cemetery. Or so I thought In a series of coincidences that would even make God blush, we discover the killer is actually Abe I know, I know!

Since only the pregnant lady is left, can Michael save her and solve this extremely confusing mystery? Let's hope so, because I can't think straight! While this film has plenty of violence, all I could think about is that the camera pulls away just as it is about to get interesting. We never see the killer remove the organs, or even the ear and the penis.

We only see them after the deed is done As for the penis, we never see it at all, as the camera gets close to showing us the lifeguard without his pecker, but just as the camera moves down his body, it switches to another scene. Since this film is considered a giallo, the mystery is at the forefront, yet it is so confusing and senseless screenplay by Bruce Martin, his only film credit and it's easy to see why, from a story by Domenico Paolella, director of STUNT SQUAD - , that I got a migraine headache trying to unravel it.

There is also no nudity here just like the organ removal, when Tracy removes her clothes to make love to Michael, it switches to another scene to keep our minds off the amazing coincidences that happen, which is a major sin for a giallo film. Director Bava has delivered a polished film which, unfortunately, goes nowhere, especially the super-quick finale which tries to wrap things up, but delivers more questions than answers.

Films like this are why giallo flicks went out of fashion. People didn't grow tired of them, they grew tired of all the cliches filling the later films, such as this one. This film doesn't conclude, it just ends. If you must watch this film, please go for the uncut, anamorphic widescreen DVD from Raro Video It does not have "New and Improved" English subtitles or is it in its original Italian language, as it states on the back of the DVD sleeve, a rare mistake from Raro.

Unlike most Raro releases, the disc contains no extras, not even a trailer. I don't know what film he was watching, but it definitely wasn't this one! This time it is Albert De Salvo, a. The film opens in , with an already incarcerated Albert agreeing to tell his life story to a psychiatrist.

We then flashback to the early 60's, during the middle of the Boston Strangler panic, as we witness the Strangler killing Jennifer Mitchum Jen Nikolaisen in her home. Marsden believes that there are two stranglers at work here he's right , but Mayor Arthur Winfield Joe Torry, in a wince-inducing performance doesn't want to hear it and threatens Marsden's job if he makes that fact public Marsden dreams of a future when forensic evidence, like DNA, will help nab killers, but the police chief shakes his head and says, "Not in my lifetime.

Albert fools one young woman into believing he works for a modeling agency and talks her into going back to her place so he can take her "measurements". As soon as he tries to guess her breast cup size by putting his hands on her tits! This film purports that the real Boston Strangler was an unknown criminal and that Albert De Salvo was merely a copycat killer, raping and killing because his mail-order Russian bride, Claudia Tara Shayne , won't have sex with him.

In , Mayor Winfield creates a "Strangler Squad" and appoints a clueless paper-pusher to head it, insulting Marsden even more because he has to report to him, which turns his job into nothing but an unfunny and political joke. Marsden doesn't believe it for a second, but the case is a political hot potato and the rest, as they say, is history at least revisionist history.

The violence level in this film is bloodless, since most of the killings are stranglings and the instant comraderie between Albert and Frank when they meet in their cell seems forced and unreal. The film's implication that Frank may have been the real Boston Strangler may be this film's biggest conceit has to offer not to mention the HUGE coincidence that Albert is thrown into the same cell with him!

It's not only a jump in logic, it's a giant leap of faith. The film ends with a disclaimer that in , the Strangler's last victim was exhumed for DNA evidence under her fingernails and undergarments You mean to tell me she was buried in the same panties she was raped in? Neither of those individuals was Albert De Salvo. The facts may also be extremely fudged in that film, but it is much more entertaining than this version.

I'm going to burn your head in the fucking fire and I'm gonna watch your pretty face melt and your eyeballs fall out of your fucking head! Look at the sky. I want you to see the stars while you die! He then kills the poor girl by pummelling her with a shovel and then challenges God to strike him dead. The next time we see Bundy, he's in a prison cell awaiting execution. Bundy would rather think of it as "fate", since he has found religion in prison don't they all?

The film then flashes back to when Bundy was a young boy, reading violent comic books yeah, they turns us all into killers! We then switch to the University of Washington in , where handsome student Bundy woos pretty co-ed Stephanie Jen Nikolaisen, a regular player in Feifer's films by quoting Shakespeare and eventually moving in with her It's really the only stable relationship he's had with anyone in his entire life before it all turns to shit.

Bundy has a problem with premature ejaculation when he tries to make love to Stephanie, which causes all kinds of problems in their personal life She callously says to him: Stephanie breaks-off the relationship and Bundy begins his killing spree, leaving school and traveling to Burlington, Vermont, where he was born another true fact. Now it's and Bundy is working at a suicide hotline in Seattle, Washington, where he proves to be a natural many sociopaths are good at adapting to their surroundings, especially when they can relate to the subject.

At the same time, he is luring a series of girls into his red Beetle and then raping and killing them at one point, we watch as he throws the severed head of one of his victims into a fireplace and he gets-off watching it burn! It's now and Bundy is working on Washington State's gubernatorial election.

Bundy reconnects with Stephanie while on a trip to San Francisco. He proposes marriage to her in a crowded restaurant and she accepts, but when he goes to the mens room, he doesn't return, leaving Stephanie to look like a fool Maybe she should go fuck a damn retard! Meanwhile, Bundy continues his cross-country killing spree we will never know the exact number of his victims , until he is captured by a cop while sleeping in his car.

Bundy escapes from a Colorado jail his first of two jail breaks and continues his killing spree until he is eventually caught again and sentenced to the electric chair, which we see carried out. As with most of Michael Feifer's serial killer films, there are germs of truth to Bundy's life story, but there is more "artistic license" than fact.

Don't get me wrong, there are some graphic scenes of violence on display, especially during the final third including Bundy killing two sleeping co-eds with a baseball bat and then breaking into another girl's apartment, where he brutally beats her with his fists and a telephone , but this film is more of a psychological piece, showing how Bundy used his good looks and high intelligence to nearly get away with all his killings, but like all narcissists, his own inflated ego gets the best of him especially when he acts as his own defense attorney in his trial for killing the two sleeping co-eds.

As far as Feifer's serial killer films go, this one rates better than most, so if you are hesitant about which one of Feifer's serial killer films to start out with, try BUNDY: Together with the chauffeur Mel Novak , she plans to bump off De Kova, and inherit his vast fortune and estate.

She runs into problems with Behrouz he can't stand her and his cat, Samson, who attacks her at every available moment. The first problem with this film is the cat. Samson is as about as vicious as a toothless frog having two cats myself, I know what I'm talking about. The film's idea of showing his viciousness is by dangling a piece of string in front of him and photographing him swatting at it.

In one flub, the cat is shown rubbing against Danning, showing her affection. Another detraction is the presence of Wossoughi who is given an English name "Tony Bova" in the end credits , a Pakistani? It looks like someone owed somebody a big favor. Technical gaffes, flubbed lines and some of the worst canned music to bleed my ears in quite a while flesh out the film.

Speaking of flesh, Danning exposes a lot of it here the only saving grace. Recommended for Danning completists only. Director Tony Zarin Dast a. That's basically the whole story except for the way it is told. This film is in three parts, each part focusing on a particular centerfold girl that Prine stalks.

The first part is about a nurse who travels to a camp to apply for a job. Her home is invaded by hippies, who force her to drink alcohol and nearly rape her. She escapes and runs to the camp where owner Aldo Ray saves her. Ray then attempts to rape her, but gives up, saying she's not worth the trouble. Prine, who has been tracking her, enters the house and slits her throat.

The second part concerns a model who travels to a secluded island with an entourage for a photo shoot. Prine follows the model onto the island and kills everyone one by one. She moves out and tries to hide, but Prine finds her. She escapes in her car, has a flat and gets picked-up by a couple of Marines who drug and rape her in a motel room.

Prine finds her, they struggle and she stabs him repeatedly with a hunting knife. As he lies dying, Prine moans, "All I wanted to do was help you! If you like nudity who doesn't? Most of the actresses are naked the majority of the time. There's not much else to recommend here.

The acting is sub-standard, the editing is terrible and the blood quotient is rather low. For nudity fans only. Borden also informs them that there are twelve other installations just like theirs scattered throughout the United States and that they have enough food and provisions to live underground for the next five years.

Borden also tells them that when radiation levels on the surface reach the point that allows human life again, the elevator doors will open and let them return above ground. Major Gordon Ellis Richard Jaeckel then appears in person and shows them satellite footage of a nuclear-ravaged Earth.

We are then introduced to all the characters and their idiosyncracies: Before this group has a chance to worry about the predicament that they are in, they are attacked by a hungry swarm of rabid vampire bats. That's right, vampire bats. The bats have disrupted the lighting system they only attack in the dark , so Major Ellis sets up an alarm system to warn them when the lights go out the first attack happens when everyone is sleeping.

Ray starts getting drunk and begins telling everyone how he feels He tells Woody, "You're nothing but a goddamn stud! Chrisman turns out she likes it! When Luis is killed by the bats, one of the members reveals that this was all an experiment not much of a surprise , but when he tries to contact his superiors, he finds the bats have destroyed the rescue signal.

He also makes it known that the government planned to kill them once the experiment was over. They have five more days of avoiding the bats there's a failsafe involved before troops come down to the base. Will anyone make it out alive? This study in paranoia and isolation went virtually unseen after it's theatrical release It did play on Canada's Scream channel, but how many people actually have that channel?

This is a rare bad guy role for Jackie Cooper and he's pretty good here, boozing it up and spouting vitriolic dialogue. He goes around pitting people against each other, bribing some with money and blackmailing others and does it with glee, making his character just as dangerous if not moreso as the bats. Even though he's the bad guy, it's his actions which gets everyone saved even if they were strictly self-serving.

The rest of the cast are pretty dreary to be fair, their roles are underwritten and take backstage to the bat attacks, which are filmed with a blue filter, probably to hide the more bloody attacks since this is rated PG. The novel approach with how the group handle the bats everyone gives a pint of blood, which they smear on a homemade electrified fence is very well done, even if it doesn't work.

I also liked how the daily pre-programmed videotaped announcements by Ms. Borden still played every morning, even after the ruse was exposed. Borden would tell them in different ways every day how important they were and how they should get on with repopulating humanity, making everything after the expose quite sarcastic.

Filmed in Mexico City's Churubusco Studios. In the beginning we witness the bloody slaughter of his wife with a sickle her hand is chopped off and face and body brutally slashed by someone wearing a rubber witch mask. Nick's manager Webster Jones David Doyle sets him up in an old mansion in England to settle down and write and record some new songs. Pretty soon he begins hearing the cries and screams of a woman at night and views a rotting body in a wheelchair and then the maggot-filled head of his ex-wife who he doesn't know is dead in a hatbox in the basement.

He cracks up and is committed to an institution as no one else, including housekeeper Mrs. B Sheila Keith can see or hear the body and noises. He is then set free and sets out to solve the mystery of who is trying to drive him mad. Could it be his manager?

His new girlfriend Pamela Stephenson? B Bill Owen? Or is he just mad, like everyone thinks? Needless to say, the denouement is outrageous you would never guess why in a million years and the outcome bloody and inconclusive as the final freeze-frame accentuates. Real-life singer Jones makes a better singer than actor, but he begins to get into a groove here that makes the proceedings seem more realistic than if a professional actor were to have taken the role.

There are exactly three murders here and they are bloody and shocking especially Holly Palance's. The blood is extremely red and flows freely. Her looks could melt cement and her acting ability always induced goosebumps. This is one old lady you would not want to have as a babysitter! The film then switches to a cigarette boat race on the ocean.

Monica tells the doctor to perform the operation and Marco survives, only he has lost his memory. Marco returns home he insists that he drives home, even though he has a chauffeur, something he never did pre-memory loss and is surrounded by people that are his friends, although he doesn't remember any of them he does have quick flashes of the boating "accident".

At a dinner party at his home, Marco receives a phonecall by someone claiming to be Sante, Marco's former gardener. He tells Marco that he "must remember" and to meet him at the cemetery alone at midnight, which seems to visibly upset both Monica and Burt. That night, while Marco waits at the cemetery, someone wearing black gloves strangles Sante and then runs over him with a car. Police Inspector Baldini Julio Pena , who is already investigating Marco's boating mishap he hints that he thinks it was sabotage , arrives at the villa to inform everyone that Sante is dead and he believes the last phonecall made to him came from a phone booth located just outside the villa gates.

That night, someone stabs Tommy at the boatyard, killing him. As the plot becomes much too complicated to describe here, Marco begins to get his memory back little pieces at a time. As he tries to fit the puzzle pieces of his life back together, a few questions rise to the forefront: Why won't Monica make love to Marco?

Is it possible that Marco is actually the killer or is someone setting him up? When Marco seemingly kills himself trying to get away from the police in a car chase, the antagonists turn on and then kill each other until only one is left. If you haven't already guessed, there's a surprise ending that explains everything.

Setting the film in the realm of cigarette boat culture where the speedboats spend more time in the air than the water as they zip across the surface of the ocean is a unique idea, but it's unfortunately underused. Toss in a severe lack of nudity only one scene and bloody violence and all the viewer has to occupy their time is the mystery itself and it's not a hard mystery to solve.

The use of amnesia as a major plot element is nothing new, especially in mystery films, and it's woefully mishandled here. As with most 70's giallo films, there's a scene at a disco miniskirt alert , POV shots by the killer always wearing black gloves, of course and a short car chase. I really can't recommend this film just because it's rare doesn't mean it's good unless you're a gialli completist or newbie.

The only true highlight is Giorgio Gaslini's infectious music score, including the unusual opening tune, which has a hook that will take days to leave your head. Never legally available on U. Wolfe also brings out the interest in Alex's mother, Sandra Carmen Duncan , who begins to fall in love with him.

The whole premise of this film is if Wolfe is the real deal; a healer who can perform miracles or a con man with ulterior motives. No one is able to dig up any information on his past, so Doc Wheelan fabricates some incriminating information on Wolfe to turn Nick and Sandra against him.

Fiona Woolf tonight announced she had resigned as the head of the inquiry into historic child sex abuse after facing unprecedented pressure to quit. Representatives of child abuse victims had urged her to stand down over after fresh revelations emerged about her links to former Home Secretary Lord Brittan. In a statement tonight, she said: She told the BBC that it has been clear to her for some time that she did not have the confidence of the victims and it was time for her to "get out of the way".

Fiona Woolf Quits: Fiona Woolf has resigned as head of an inquiry into historical child sex abuse after mounting pressure that she was unsuitable for the role because of her links to Lord Brittan. The ceremonial Lord Mayor of London had been heavily criticised over her links to former Home Secretary Lord Brittan, whose role is expected to come under scrutiny in the investigation.

The groups questioned links between Woolf and Brittan who was home secretary in , when ministers were handed a dossier listing alleged high-profile paedophiles. Brittan was expected to be hauled in front of the inquiry after it emerged documents relating to alleged paedophilia in Westminster disappeared from his department. He denies failing to act on the dossier while in office in the '80s.

THE inquiry into historic child sex abuse and allegations of an establishment cover up at Westminster has been thrown into chaos after the chairman announced she was stepping down in the face of a barrage of criticism. Fiona Woolf said she had no choice but to quit after accepting the victims had lost all confidence in her ability to conduct the investigation impartially.

It follows sustained pressure over her links with the former home secretary, Lord Brittan, who is facing claims that he failed to act on a dossier of paedophile allegations in the s. Her departure is a huge blow for the Government after the previous chairman, Baroness Butler-Sloss, also had to quit because her late brother, Sir Michael Havers, was attorney general during the same period.

The second person appointed to lead a wide-ranging British inquiry into historic allegations of child sex abuse, including by politicians, has stepped down following criticism over her links to the establishment. Lawyer Fiona Woolf was named to lead the government-commissioned inquiry after her predecessor, retired judge Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, quit in July over similar concerns.

Woolf's decision on Friday came after groups representing child abuse victims issued a united call for her to be replaced. Acknowledging their opposition, she told the BBC: Fiona Woolf, the Lord Mayor of London, announced that she was stepping down after she failed to declare that she lived on the same street as Lord Brittan and had attended five dinner parties with the former Conservative cabinet minister.

Lord Brittan was Home Secretary in when ministers were handed a dossier on alleged high-profile paedophiles. The files have disappeared, leading to allegations of a political cover-up. He was expected to be called to give evidence to the inquiry. Mrs Woolf also admitted allowing the Home Office to help redraft a letter explaining her relationship with Lord Brittan seven times in a way that appeared to distance herself from him.

Ms May is to make a statement to the House of Commons on the scandal next week. She will be questioned about why a Home Office vetting team failed to uncover links between Mrs Woolf and Lord Brittan which were publicly available on the internet. WINNIPEG - Manitoba Appeal Court judges are reserving their decision on whether to allow new evidence in the case of a former archbishop found guilty of sexually assaulting an altar boy in the s.

The judges are also taking time to decide whether his conviction should be overturned. Seraphim Storheim was convicted early this year of sexually assaulting a boy who had come to visit him in Winnipeg in Storheim's lawyer, Jeff Gindin, presented the Appeal Court judges with photos and documents today that suggest the boy was in Winnipeg in and not Assignment Record — Rev.

Terence O. Summary of Case: Terence McAlinden was ordained a priest of the Trenton diocese in He did parish work for several years in Sayerville and Trenton before becoming Director of the diocese's Catholic Youth Organization, a position he held for almost two decades. The CYO was headquartered in Keyport.

In McAlinden was assigned as pastor to St. Theresa's in Tuckerton. The parish moved to a building in Little Egg Harbor in In September McAlinden was removed from active ministry after an allegation surfaced that he had sexually abused a boy in the s and s, beginning when the boy was age In two other men alleged publicly that McAlinden sexually abused them as teenagers, one in and the other from This accuser said his abuse was reported to the diocese in , and that he received a settlement in and was made to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Diocesan officials claimed in that there was no record of this. In October the diocese settled a lawsuit with a fourth man who claimed McAlinden sexually abused him over a three-year period in the s, beginning when the man was 14 years old. Posted on October 31, 3: Smith, 45, shared her story in an oral history project commemorating the 25th anniversary of SNAP, a support and advocacy group formed during the Roman Catholic Church sex scandal that today boasts 12, members in various denominations.

Smith said her involvement with SNAP began about four years ago, when she started acting on something that had been bothering her for a long time. While she was in college her youth choir director and close friend to her family left their church abruptly in without explanation. Rumors circulated that he was fired after confessing that he had molested several boys.

Howard Curtis, 71, of Bloxworth Close, Wallington, did not enter a plea to six charges of child abuse against boys and girls, two charges of indecent assault on a girls under 16, four charges of sexual assault on year-old girls and assault by penetration on a woman. Curtis, formerly of the Coulsdon Christian Fellowship, spoke only to confirm his name, date of birth and address.

The 13 charges relate to eight victims, who cannot be named for legal reasons, dating from between and Posted on October 31, 2: Tiny cameras and memory cards capable of holding hundreds of thousands of images were found in the Towson University office of Rabbi Barry Freundel, the Washington Post reported last week. He is believed to have secretly filmed women showering and undressing.

Posted on October 31, 1: Photos raise question about sex conviction: WINNIPEG - The lawyer for a former archbishop found guilty of sexually assaulting an altar boy in the s says Manitoba's highest court should consider fresh evidence and overturn the verdict. Storheim's lawyer, Jeff Gindin, presented three Appeal Court judges with photos and documents Friday that suggest the boy was in Winnipeg in and not Storheim's handwriting on the pictures says a boy "not from here" is participating in a church ceremony in Gindin argued that the evidence casts doubt on the credibility of the victim and the Crown's version of events.

Tony Flannery is off to a great start! A popular retreat leader and speaker in Ireland, he was reprimanded by the Vatican but has refused to be silenced. His presentation and answers to questions during the tour have covered a wide range of issues facing our Church. Like he did in his book, Tony has shared his story, the importance of conscience and his worries about the centralized institutional Church and its lack of transparency or accountability.

In NYC, organizers said the crowd so far outreached their expectations that they had to bring more chairs to the room four times! In Rhode Island, the gathering was followed by a wonderful dinner with Fr. Heroes in our midst: MaleSurvivor is an organization that is doing some amazing work in serving male survivors of sexual trauma.

In part two of his interview, Chris and I discuss the unique struggles faced by male survivors who are members of faith communities. Chris also provides us with some extremely insightful and helpful ideas on how faith communities can actually become places where male survivors find peace, comfort, and healing. What are some of the unique struggles faced by male sexual abuse survivors?

What about those who are a part of a faith community? To a large extent I think the fact that male survivors have largely been invisible and unheard has made it very difficult for us to feel safe enough to come forward with our stories. On average, male survivors delay disclosure of abuse for 20 years.

That means when a survivor finally does come forward there may be little evidence to support their claims — at first. However when investigations into institutions that employed and empowered abusers are undertaken, they will come up with substantial evidence. But far too often those investigations are never undertaken, or are forestalled by restrictive statutes of limitations.

And far too often survivors who do have the courage to finally break their silence are met with suspicion, disbelief, and even anger. Also, there are a lot of mistaken presumptions about male victims out there. To take one example, many people presume men are hardwired to want sex all the time, and that — by extension — it is impossible for a male to perform sexually if they are unwilling or fearful.

Both of these statements are untrue, as is the fear that a boy who is sexually abused is far more likely to become an abuser himself. Posted on October 31, Kerkjurist over benoeming 'pedopastoor': Hij snapt niet dat het bisdom Brugge de ontslagen pastoor Tom F. Dat Tom F. Ongeruste burgers klampen haar aan of bellen haar in paniek. Die man kan hier nooit nog gezag uitoefenen.

Hij moet weg. Ik zal alles wat in mijn macht ligt, gebruiken om hem uit Middelkerke weg te houden. These priests potentially had knowledge of a former Rochester Boy Scout Leader sexually abusing children. Anderson is seeking the depositions of three priests who served at St. Pius Church during the s. These priests supervised Richard Hokanson while he served as a Scout Leader there.

Hokanson pleaded guilty in to molesting three Scouts in a troop sponsored by the church. When those practices become known to us in depositions and we are allowed to make it known to the public, we believe the public is safer because of it," said Anderson.

The deposition of defrocked priest, Thomas Adamson, who admitted abuse across communities in southeastern Minnesota, was released by Anderson's law firm in June. The municipal cabinet in the West Flemish resort of Middelkerke has written to the Bishop of Bruges Jozef De Kesel asking him to revoke the appointment to the position of parish Priest of a man convicted of sexually assaulting a 16 year-old boy.

The letter was sent to Bishop De Kesel via electronic mail on Friday morning, just ahead of the weekly meeting of the curates of the Bruges Diocese. The man in question was to have started his duties as a priest in Middlekerke on Saturday 1 November. The curates will meet with representatives of the Middelkerke municipal authorities later on Friday.

Posted on October 31, 9: We urge him to do so soon, but not on a day on which the disclosures will be "buried" in other news such as on Halloween, election day or the eve of election day or any Friday. When forced to reveal information about predator priests, Catholic officials typically do this self-serving kind of public relations maneuver. And it's wrong. It undermines their claim to care about "transparency.

It goes without saying that all names and identifying information about victims should be withheld. But often, in these cases, Catholic officials go way overboard with the Magic Markers and cross out far more information than they should. Grand jury reports on clergy sex crimes and cover ups in Philadelphia, for example, struck a very good balance between protecting the safety of vulnerable children and the privacy of wounded adults.

It kept track of the victims which made the exposure of the truth more complete. For the well-being of children, adult victims should have some identifying information. These individuals should be named and punished. A year-old Midtown church that is the only one in the city to offer a daily Latin Mass.

Each of these parishes is set to hear this weekend whether it will be eliminated as part of the largest reorganization in the year history of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York. And while the list of churches will not be released until Sunday, it is already clear that no corner of the archdiocese will be untouched. Protests have already begun at some endangered parishes, and more are expected across the archdiocese, whose territory includes parishes in the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and seven counties north of the city.

In , Cardinal Edward M. Egan closed 21 parishes, then the largest set of New York closings. The battles that ensued were public and wrenching, and in some cases, are still going on. The Bruges bishop has nominated him as a pastor at Middlekerke. Tom Flamez 40 , de West-Vlaamse priester die ontslagen was nadat hij in een minderjarige had aangerand, is weer welkom in de kerk.

De bisschop van Brugge benoemde hem tot pastoor in Middelkerke. Zes jaar na de zedenfeiten is de gevallen pastoor door het bisdom van Brugge in ere hersteld. De man is met ingang van 1 november benoemd tot pastoor in de federatie Middelkerke, waar hij in drie kerken als pastoor aan de slag gaat en ook met minderjarigen zal werken.

Opmerkelijk, omdat de man in door het gerecht nog schuldig bevonden werd nadat hij een jarige jongen had aangerand. Posted on October 31, 8: Jan De Winter, advocaat van de pastoor die werd veroordeeld voor aanranding van een minderjarige maar in ere werd hersteld en in november weer zijn functie kan opnemen in Middelkerke, vindt de vele kritiek op die beslissing ongepast.

De jarige priester, Tom Flamez, werd in ontslagen nadat hij een jarige jongen had aangerand. Hij had de jongen dronken gevoerd en betast, en werd na bekentenissen door de rechter schuldig bevonden aan aanranding. In januari kreeg hij echter opschorting van straf, waardoor zijn strafblad leeg bleef.

Hij moest zich wel aan enkele voorwaarden houden, zoals het vermijden van situaties waarin hij een gezagsrelatie met minderjarigen heeft. ET on Friday. Rojas, a year-old resident of the Chilean capital of Santiago, said her baby was taken shortly after she gave birth. He was born two months early, but doctors and nurses assured Rojas that he was healthy and would soon be sent home with her.

She would never see him again. The next morning, a nurse told Rojas the infant had died. Her requests to view his body were denied, Rojas said. She was never given a death certificate. The stolen children: These weren't political kidnappings, few of which happened in Chile during the bloody, year dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, in large measure thanks to the opposition of the Catholic church.

Yet at least half a dozen Catholic sisters and one of the country's most popular priests have been implicated in these long-hidden crimes. The following article is the first in a three-part series that looks at how this appropriation of children happened, and how it stayed secret for so long.

The only thing more that he and Rosa could possibly ever want, and pray for every day, is to meet the newborn twin sons they believe were stolen from them -- with the complicity of a nun, no less -- in the Santiago maternity hospital where the boys were born on July 27, Letters from the new head of the child abuse inquiry show her appointment was "chaotic" and raise more questions, a senior MP has said.

Lord Brittan was home secretary in when ministers were handed a dossier on alleged high-profile paedophiles. The inquiry, announced in July, will look at whether public bodies and other institutions did enough to protect children from sexual abuse, from to the present day.

One chairman has already stepped down amid questions about her impartiality, while Mrs Woolf has also faced questions about her links with Lord Brittan, who has faced questions about how he handled the dossier of allegations when he was home secretary in the s. Fiona Woolf is already under pressure to resign because of her personal relationship to the Tory peer, who is at the centre of allegations of an Establishment cover-up of sex abuse claims in the s.

It has now emerged that she made several changes to a formal letter she sent to Theresa May about possible conflicts of interest. With assistance from the Home Office, she made more than half a dozen alterations to the document to remove language that alluded to her closeness to the Conservative grandee.

Editor's blog: Abuse priest: The M alta Independent has chosen to publish all details, including the name of a priest who has been accused by various women of improper sexual behaviour. Most of these women were vulnerable persons who sought refuge in someone who they thought would help them.

They were looking for consolation, but all they got, they are saying, was someone who abused them at a time when they were in a fragile state of mind. The Times chose otherwise, hiding the name of the priest from the public, giving him protection and, by so doing, inflicting a heavy cloud of suspicion on every other priest in this country. Since their story was published, other priests called our newsroom to protest that they had all been put in the same basket.

They were ashamed that one of their colleagues - Fr Charles Fenech - had once again thrown bad light on the institution they represented, and they wanted to clear the name of the Church because the faults of one individual, if any, should not be allowed to tarnish the reputation of a group. Just as much as the judiciary is an institution, so is the Church.

If anything, people holding positions of authority or respect should be named more than others, simply because their position imposes that they behave themselves better than others. It has been standard practice that names of people accused of sexual crimes are published unless they are relatives of their victims.

This is done to protect the victim, not the accused. We have been investigating these allegations, on and off, for several years. Three years ago, at the height of the campaign for the introduction of divorce, we had gathered some details but refrained from going public because the police were not well equipped with enough evidence to press charges.

Now they are and we intend to fulfil our role as journalists. Choosing to name the priest in question was not an easy task. We had a lengthy discussion about it and finally reached the conclusion that we would be doing a disservice to our readers - and to the rest of the priests - if we kept the name to ourselves. We know that anyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and we made it clear that what these women are saying are allegations.

Those who are now lecturing the rest of the media, us in particular, on ethical standards, did not wait for the proceedings to start before splashing the story. They sought the spoils of a sensational opportunity but in doing so they cast a shadow on every priest in his fifties. Because we knew the details of the story we decided not to stand aside but stood up to be counted.

Charles Fenech stopped from administering sacraments Charles Fenech stopped from administering sacraments, removed from Kerygma Movement director. Fr Charles Fenech, who has been accused of sexually abusing a number of women, has been stopped from administering his duties as a priest, The Malta Independent has learnt.

Asked about Fr Fenech's role as director of Radju Marija, the provincial said that although the radio station forms part of the Dominican Convent, the appointment of a director does not fall under its remit. The provincial has however directed Father Charles to hand in his resignation to the international directors of Radju Marija. The Dominican Province has warned Father Fenech several times in the past and took several steps against him.

It pointed out that there were several times when accusations were levelled against him and later withdrawn. The province said that in this way it is not passing judgment on Father Charles, but it is considering all eventualities. Justice Murray Sinclair, the head of a commission investigating the excesses of Indian Residential Schools, said on Thursday that a fundamental change in attitudes and recognition of the past were vital to heal the harm and alienation inflicted by more than a century of mistreatment.

Sinclair chairs the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, due to report next June on the effects of the government-run schools on the more than , aboriginal children taken from their homes and uprooted from their culture starting in the s. The last such institution closed in Sinclair said the key to moving on from the suffering and shame will hinge on recognition of what took place.

Fiona Woolf letter: Fiona Woolf is under increased pressure to resign as the head of the inquiry into child sex abuse, as ChildLine refuses to back her leadership and representatives of victims say she has "no qualifications whatsoever" to lead the investigation. Theresa May, the Home Secretary, is preparing for the first meeting of officials, Mrs Woolf and representatives of victims of child abuse to discuss the terms of the inquiry.

Peter Saunders, the chief executive of the National Association of People Abused in Childhood, who will be attending the meeting said that he was yet to meet a single survivor of child sex abuse who has "any confidence" in the leadership of Mrs Woolf. Mrs Woolf is under pressure over her personal links to Leon Brittan, the former Home Secretary, who is likely to be called to give evidence to the inquiry over his handling of allegations of abuse during his time in office.

Joanne Palmer Published: The committee includes 11 members; six are RCA-member rabbis and five are women. Two of the women are converts, one is a yoetzet halacha — an advisor in Jewish law — and one is a psychotherapist. Barry Freundel of Kesher Israel: The Georgetown Synagogue, in Washington, D. His lawyer, Jeff Gindin, is asking new evidence be heard relating to the victim's visit with Storheim and his relationship with one of the defence witnesses.

Gindin is also arguing Storheim's denial of abuse was credible and should not have been dismissed by the judge. Fiona Woolf has faced calls to resign over her close personal relationship with Brittan, who was in charge of the Home Office in the s when it is alleged there was a coverup at the department of sexual abuse. The home affairs select committee revealed that a formal letter between Woolf and May was re-written seven times, with Home Office assistance.

A lawyer representing 50 victims of child abuse has said the Home Office must "start again" if it wants its inquiry into historical allegations to win public confidence. Alison Millar, a partner at Leigh Day solicitors, has told Sky News she will make the argument at a meeting with officials in Westminster later this morning. It comes after Fiona Woolf, the second chair appointed to lead the investigation, was engulfed in controversy about her social links to Lord and Lady Brittan.

Leon Brittan was Home Secretary in the s and was handed evidence about sex abuse cases, which victims accuse him of failing to act upon. Child abuse victims unite to demand inquiry chair Fiona Woolf resigns Child abuse victims unite to demand inquiry chair Fiona Woolf resigns over links to Tory peer Lord Brittan.

The head of the Government's child abuse inquiry was facing mounting pressure to resign this morning after victims groups said no-one backed her appointment ahead of a crunch Home Office meeting. Fiona Woolf was already facing mounting calls to quit because of her personal relationship to the Tory peer Leon Brittan, who is at the centre of allegations of an Establishment cover-up of sex abuse claims in the s.

But it emerged last night that she re-wrote a letter to the Home Secretary seven times in order to play down her links to Lord Brittan. With help from the Home Office, she made more than half a dozen alterations to the document to remove language that alluded to her closeness to the Conservative grandee.

The different versions of the letter emerged yesterday two days after a Labour MP used parliamentary privilege to link Lord Brittan to 'improper conduct with children'. Victims described the latest revelations as 'extraordinary' and renewed their calls on City lawyer Mrs Woolf to step down. Representatives of alleged child abuse victims will meet officials from the inquiry for the first time today and are expected to call for Mrs Woolf's resignation.

Mrs Woolf is not expected to attend. Victims' groups are meeting officials from a child sex abuse inquiry and are expected to reiterate calls for the inquiry's head to resign. Some victims have already said Fiona Woolf should step down because of her social links to ex-Home Secretary Lord Brittan, whose handling of abuse claims in the s has been questioned.

The inquiry will look at whether public bodies and other institutions did enough to protect children from sexual abuse, from to the present day. The first person appointed to lead it - Baroness Butler-Sloss - stepped down in July after concerns were raised about her family links. The appointment of Fiona Woolf to lead the investigation has been branded "chaotic" as calls for her to quit intensify.

The head of the historic child sex abuse inquiry is under mounting pressure to resign - just months after her predecessor was forced to step down amid allegations of conflicts of interest. City lawyer Fiona Woolf was appointed in September to chair the panel inquiring into UK institutions' handling of historic child sex abuse allegations.

The original nominee Lady Butler-Sloss stepped down because her late brother, Lord Havers, was attorney general during much of the period in question. But there has been criticism of Mrs Woolf's appointment because of her social links with former home secretary Lord Brittan and his wife. Woolf is under pressure over her personal links to Lord Brittan, the former home secretary, who is likely to be called to give evidence to the inquiry over a dossier allegedly detailing Westminster paedophile activity that vanished from his department in the s.

It has emerged that the Home Office helped Woolf to redraft seven times a letter detailing her contact with Brittan, in a way that downplayed their meetings. Calls for Woolf to stand down come not long after Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss resigned the role because her brother was attorney-general at the time of the scandal.

Amid fears that the inquiry is losing credibility, May will meet victims groups on Friday to hear their concerns about the appointment. Mario Valerio Gonzalez Hernandez was found guilty of criminal sexual conduct with a minor in the second degree on Thursday afternoon after a weeklong trial.

Circuit Court Judge Eugene Griffith sentenced Hernandez to 16 years in state prison following the verdict. The victim and her family attended the church that Hernandez pastored at the time of the abuse. Judge Griffith sentenced Hernandez to 16 years incarceration, out of maximum possible sentence of 20 years.

ENVER — Survivors of alleged sexual abuse by priests have come forward to criticize Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez for fighting legislation that would have made it easier for them to file civil lawsuits against churches. The state measures, from and , would have allowed a window for alleged victims to sue for older cases.

According to police paperwork, Amaral admitted to downloading and viewing child pornography for the last three years. The images depicted children ages 3 to The Diocese released a statement saying in part that they have no knowledge of any physical or sexual abuse of any minor at the after-school program.

They also held meetings for parents so they could address the allegations and answer what questions they could about the situation. A spokesperson for the Diocese told 3TV that they do perform background checks on their employees, including fingerprinting. Amaral cleared those checks. A high-profile prosecutor in New South Wales has stood aside while the Independent Commission Against Corruption investigates claims she and her son tried to pervert the course of justice.

The commission is investigating whether Margaret Cunneen SC counselled her son's girlfriend, Sophia Tilley, to pretend to have chest pains to thwart police officers. It's alleged Sophia Tilley was trying to prevent police from obtaining evidence of her blood alcohol level at the scene of a car accident earlier this year.

Ms Cunneen was agreed to - with the DPP to step aside and not take part in any current prosecutions or future prosecutions and that's appropriate. And beyond that, she, like every other citizen of NSW, has the presumption of innocence until we see the resolution of those ICAC matters. Margaret Cunneen was most recently the commissioner presiding over the special commission into child sexual abuse and alleged cover-up in the Maitland-Newcastle Catholic Diocese.

Ms Cunneen also appeared as a witness at the Royal commission into child sexual abuse expressing regret for the distress caused by her advice that swimming coach Scott Volkers should not be recharged for indecency. Sources have told The Malta Independent that the Radju Marija board received a number of anonymous letters alleging improper behaviour by Fr Charles Fenech. Radju Marija employees had also informed the parent company in Rome about the accusations levelled against Fr Fenech.

The board is understood to have known about the allegations about Fr Fenech for a number of years, but the friar was allowed to continue leading the station and present a radio programme every day. He was still presenting such programmes until a few days ago. The decision means that Fr Fenech cannot celebrate Mass in public, give Holy Communion, cannot hear confession and give last rites.

A few weeks ago, Mary Ryan became the second South African woman to be ordained as a Catholic priest. The Catholic Church does not, of course, acknowledge this ordination. In fact, in , the Vatican declared that even attempting to ordain women would lead to excommunication, the harshest punishment the church leadership can mete out. And that is what we are doing today.

Roman Catholic Womenpriests is a growing movement that began in Austria and Germany in and now includes more than female priests in 10 countries. These efforts should be applauded. Statement by David Clohessy of St. Most child predators profess their innocence over and over, especially when, like Storheim, someone else is paying their legal bills.

And we call on anyone who may have seen, suspected or suffered clergy sex crimes and cover ups in the Orthodox faith — in Canada or elsewhere — to speak up, protect kids, expose wrongdoers and start healing. The best way to do this is to contact secular aurhotiries, not church figures, with any knowledge or suspicions about child sex crimes.

SNAP was founded in and has more than 20, members. Our website is SNAPnetwork. Posted on October 30, 5: Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, former vice president of the Rabbinical Council of America and dayyan judge on the RCA-supervised Beth Din of America, is stepping down from his position on the Beit Din of Bergen County after the Rabbinical Council of America announced yesterday that it is convening a new conversion committee with five female members.

The new conversion committee, composed of six male rabbis and five women of differing professions including a litigation attorney, educator, psychotherapist and Yoetzet Halacha , was created in response to the arrest of Rabbi Barry Freundel of Congregation Kesher Israel on charges of voyeurism on Oct.

The committee will review the current Geirus Protocol and Standards GPS conversion process used by the Beit Din of America and suggest safeguards against possible future abuses. In a statement posted on his personal blog, Pruzansky accused the RCA of bending to media pressure and promoting "the agenda of feminists. The Honorary Assistant Bishop of Bradford has resigned from his position after a report into allegations of child abuse by a former cathedral dean found "systemic failures" by the Church of England.

The judge outlined failures by the Church to respond properly to allegations of sex abuse against the late Robert Waddington, who was Dean of Manchester between and She said Lord Hope's actions meant "opportunities were missed" to start an investigation which may have led to a prosecution before Waddington's death seven years ago.

Lord Hope stepped down as Archbishop of York in when he returned to being a parish priest in the Bradford district. In a statement today, Lord Hope said: Posted on October 30, 3: A former Archbishop of York has resigned from his church role after a report criticised his handling of child abuse allegations. A report by Judge Sally Cahill QC said Lord Hope of Thornes failed to follow policy and take advice after he was informed of complaints against a cathedral dean.

The report published last week outlined failures by the Church of England to respond properly to allegations of sex abuse against the late Robert Waddington, who was Dean of Manchester between and Judge Cahill said Lord Hope's actions meant "opportunities were missed" to start an investigation which might have led to a prosecution.

We urge parents to unite and pressure school officials to do more to protect kids. It makes the job of police and prosecutors much more difficult. Shame on every single employee or volunteer at Nur-Ul-Islam Academy who knew of or suspected wrongdoing by Tariq Ahmed and kept quiet about it. We applaud attorneys for the two alleged victims who have set up websites and Facebook pages in an effort to learn more about Ahmed.

But why does it fall to advocates for the wounded to do what paid school staff should be doing? We join them in urging anyone who might have seen, suspected or suffered sex crimes or cover ups at the school to come forward, get help and protect kids and contact law enforcement officials, rather than school officials. And we agree with those attorneys who say that Nur-Ul-Islam Academy officials should send letters to families of current and former students, explain the charges, and solicit their help in catching Ahmed.

There are two alleged victims. And if so, we hope police and prosecutors pursue criminal cases against any teacher or administrator who opted to protect a colleague instead of protecting a child. Demetrius Jones claims in his lawsuit that the organizations negligently hired and failed to supervise Jeffery London, 51, who acted as a resident adult and mentor for underprivileged boys.

For more than a decade, London regularly made Jones and other boys perform sex acts on him, Jones says. Also named is the estate of Elizabeth H. Buntrock, a well-known Broward County philanthropist who created or helped fund the charities. Buntrock died earlier this year. Jones says the organizations aided London's access to dozens of young boys, and alleges that the youth minister took advantage of the situation "for the purpose of grooming, manipulating, and coercing them into becoming his sex slaves.

A priest has been stopped from exercising his duties and removed from his posts following sexual abuse allegations. In a statement about alleged abuses committed by the priest, the Dominican Order said it had warned him several times and it took unspecified measures about him. But it also pointed out that claims against him were withdrawn several times.

The province said that through its actions it was not judging the priest but taking action against any eventuality. Posted on October 30, 2: WINNIPEG — A lawyer for a former archbishop convicted of sexually assaulting an altar boy in the s says he has fresh evidence that could have exonerated his client. THE ex-Archbishop of York, Lord Hope of Thornes, has resigned from the Church of England days after a report accused him of failing to act on information he received about alleged child sex abuse by a former cathedral dean.

He said: I will certainly continue to pray for the important ongoing work with survivors. Cardinal Timothy Dolan told the Catholic New York Newspaper Wednesday night that 14 percent, or as many as 50 churches, could be impacted. Right now, New York State has parishes. Posted on October 30, 1: The new conversion committee, comprised of six male rabbis and five women of differing professions including a litigation attorney, educator, psychotherapist and Yoetzet Halacha , was created in response to the arrest of Rabbi Barry Freundel of Congregation Kesher Israel on charges of voyeurism on Oct.

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Chief Administrative Officer Application Deadline: FOX19 - The Vatican permanently removed three priests in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Tuesday due to allegations of improper behavior involving minors. A spokesperson for the Diocese told 3TV that they do perform background checks on their employees, including fingerprinting.

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