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A slitting line was commissioned in Rolling Shop 5. Baby Monster High Shower Fun 4. Chronology The Company's Coating Division commissions a second colour coating line. Fun College Life With Princesses 4. First million tons of plate rolled on the 5, mm Plate Mill. A contract was signed for the construction of a coke oven battery.

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Contracts were signed for the delivery of equipment: A contract was signed for the construction of a coke oven battery. A ground-breaking ceremony took place in the town of Kolpino, near St. Peresburg, for the construction of a plant to produce stamped parts for car-makers. In MMK reached a record production level of A mm wire rod was started up in the Long Products Division.

A slitting line was commissioned in Rolling Shop 5. A twin-position steel ladle heating unit was put into operation in the BOF Shop. On the 4 Blast Furnace a double-bell charging device was replaced with a bell-less charging device manufactured by Paul Wurth, Luxembourg. MMK signed a contract with a well-known equipment manufacturer, SMS Demag, Germany, for the construction of a 5, mm plate mill and a continuous slab casting machine.

Start-up of a continuous billet caster and a furnace ladle in the EAF Shop. Commissioning of a continuous pickling line and an acid regeneration unit in Rolling Shop 5. Completion of the revamping of the heat treatment section in Rolling Shop 5. Start-up of the 8 turbine generator at the Works' Central Power Plant. Start-up of an aspiration unit for Sinter Machines 11 and A water park, Vodopad Chudes, built to the best international standards, opened its doors to the public.

ZAO Kompleks Glubokoi Pererabotki was established, an MMK subsidiary company intended to produce road railing, cold-formed sections, gas and water tubes, cold rolled galvanized band and other products. Blast Furnace 1 was re-commissioned after an overhaul which increased its productivity by 3, tons of pig iron per day.

ZAO Yuzhuralavtoban was established, a company carrying road construction and repairs in the Chelyabinsk Region and beyond. Opening of an ice arena which later took on the name of I. On February 12 the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet awarded the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works with an Order of Lenin for exemplary fulfillment of the task of supplying the national economy with steel products and achieving high technological and economic performance.

The city celebrates its 40th anniversary, boasting a population of ,, and a housing space of 2,, square metres. The city has 8 colleges, 15 vocational schools, 92 general secondary schools, a drama theatre, a TV centre, a music centre, 18 cultural centres and clubs, and over libraries. On December 31 , the 2 Strip Rolling Shop turned out the first cold-rolled strip.

First performance of the Magnitogorsk Academic Chapel Choir. It was decided to build the city mainly on the right bank of the Ural River. Tarasenko from Magnitogorsk for courage and heroism shown in the battles with the Nazi aggressors. A metalware plant designed to produce steel fastenings, cables, mesh and other steel articles was put into operation.

A squadron of warplanes, built with the money donated by the population of Magnitogorsk and thus named "the Magnitogorsk Metallurg", arrived at the Stalingrad Front. First armour steel smelted in Open Hearth Furnace 3.

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For the first time in world practice, armour plate was rolled on a blooming mill 3 blooming mill of the Works. On June 22 , the Magnitogorsk Municipal Soviet approved a general plan of the city's construction on the right bank of the Ural River.

Open-hearth furnace 1 was put on stream on July 8. On July 27 Blooming Mill 2 started operation. On February 1 , the 1 Blast Furnace produced first pig iron. This day marked the beginning of the routine operation of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works. June 7 saw the 2 Blast Furnace, the so-called Komsomolka, yield first pig iron.

During the year dozens of other production and auxiliary facilities were built and prepared for operation. All the nation was waiting for the start-up of the first blast furnace, although the American engineers working at the construction of the Magnitogorsk Works, claimed that a blast furnace cannot be started up in the wintertime.

On July 1 , ground was broken for the construction of the 1stblast furnace. In late January a construction company, Magnitostroi, was set up for the purpose, and S. Zelentsov see above was appointed its head. On August 18 , the first trainload of iron ore was dispatched from the Magnitnaya Mountain. Overall, 22 tons of iron ore were shipped during that year.

Once Germany was at war, basic pre-military preparation increased; by the end of , DJ members were required to be trained in target shooting with small-bore rifles and to take part in "terrain manoeuvres". Recruits were called Pimpfen , a colloquial word from Upper German for "boy", "little rascal", "scamp", or "rapscallion", originally "little fart".

These units were further grouped into companies and battalions, each with their own leaders, who were usually young adults. Recruits were required to swear a version of the Hitler oath:. Der Pimpf , the Nazi magazine for boys, was particularly aimed at those in the Deutsches Jungvolk , with adventure and propaganda.

The DJ uniform was very similar to the Hitler Jugend equivalent. The summer uniform consisted of a black shorts and tan shirt with pockets, worn with a rolled black neckerchief secured with a woggle , usually tucked under the collar. The emblem of the DJ was a white Sieg rune on a black background, which symbolised "victory". In addition to their pre-military training, the DJ contributed to the German war effort by collecting recyclable materials such as paper and scrap metal, and by acting as messengers for the civil defence organisations.

By , the Hitler Jugend formed part of the Volkssturm , an unpaid, part-time militia , and often formed special HJ companies within Volkssturm battalions. In theory, service in the Volkssturm was limited to boys over 16 years of age, however much younger boys, including Jungvolk members, often volunteered or were coerced into serving in these units; even joining the "Tank Close-Combat Squads" which were expected to attack enemy tanks with hand-held weapons.

With the surrender of Nazi Germany in , the organization de facto ceased to exist. Under Section 86 of the German Criminal Code , the Hitler Youth is an "unconstitutional organisation" and the distribution or public use of its symbols, except for educational or research purposes, are not permitted. Deutsches Jungvolk fanfare trumpeters at a Nazi rally in the town of Worms in Their banners illustrate the Deutsches Jungvolk rune insignia.

Nazism outside of Germany. Deutsches Jungvolk recruits of learn fire fighting techniques. Deutsches Jungvolk recruits line up for roll call at a rally in Berlin, in

Hello Kitty Beach Fun 3. The DJ and HJ copied many of the activities of the various German youth organizations that it replaced. Alisa Easter Fun 3. Dora Boots Fun Maths 3. On August 18 , the first trainload of iron ore was dispatched from the Magnitnaya Mountain.

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  • MMK celebrated its 75th anniversary.
  • The heart of Russia's steel industry.
  • A fifth rotary furnace for clinker production is put into operation at the cement and refractories plant which is part of the MMK Group.
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  • Recruits were required to swear a version of the Hitler oath:.

A twin-position steel ladle heating unit was put into operation in the BOF Shop. Recruits were required to swear a version of the Hitler oath:. A contract was signed for the construction of a coke oven battery. Fun Maternity Shopping 3. Princesses Have Fun In College 3.

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