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This site uses cookies. We heard from a curator in the Culture and Arts Division at the National Museum of American History, who found the following webpage with the song lyrics: Written by icecreeem December 1, at 1: These are things girls think about…. That is, even after paying the issue fee, the application stays alive. Well I just got back to my apartment a little while ago.

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This can act to reduce the effects of a patent infringement counter suit against the small entity. The more disrupting the technology is to the large company, the more their concern heightens. So large companies react by patenting everything they can think of around a new technology.

Most of these inventions are often very small iterations of the core technology. The bet is that something they patent can be used to sue the originating small entity if they get too far ahead, thus providing some security that they can keep the market. Most of these inventions are very minor improvements. These follow-on patents are also patented after the core technology is patented so they remain enforceable after the core technology is aged out and no longer enforceable.

When the core technology ages out, these patents are often sold to nonpracticing entities for enforcement. Then, of course, a different set of huge corporations scream junk patents even as they did the same thing in a different technology. The notion of something being novel but still obvious is an example of that.

Our patent system has no way to securely recognize and protect an invention, which is usually an apparatus or a method that did not exist previously. That is a patent system failure, not an invention failure. These objectives are increasingly irreconcilable under the current patent regime. So, here is my proposal for improving the quality of patents: That is, even after paying the issue fee, the application stays alive.

Thus no patent application dies, until no maintenance fees are paid or the term of the patent has expired. My aim is to put banana peels in the system, to trip up my competitors. No one does that anymore. I use it as a tool to gain a competitive edge, in much the same way I would employ an advertising agency — knowing full well that while the ads increase revenue, they are cultural slime.

The block is not limited to this thread, so there is probably some wording in my reply that is triggering the response. Anon, That AI for you. The comment filter detects unintelligible sentences and blocks them. Try writing in plain English and see what happens. Anon, I had the same message in the past.

Send an email to Renee. She is very helpful and able to post directly. The fact that your comment 6 was posted proves that no AI or even I was involved in the filter.

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Sorry, could not resist that bait. Our website uses cookies to provide you with a better experience. Read our privacy policy for more information.

Our Economy Needs to Grow! How We Can Help. There are currently 10 Comments comments. Raymond Van Dyke March 14, 9: Paul Morinville March 14, Ternary March 14, 1: Benny March 15, 5: Anon March 15, Benny March 15, Ternary March 15, Benny March 15, 1: Tysons Corner, VA January 8, Attracting and Keeping Good Corporate Clients: Navigating the relationship between inside and outside counsel January 10, Patent Practice for Beginners — January January 23, 7: Intellectual Property Policy Considerations January 31, 9: Chicago March 12, Patent Masters Symposium March 25, - March 26, The differences in how patent rights are treated Matal v.

Trading Logic for Gremlins. The Road to Obtaining a U. Patent Why do you want a Patent? Moving from Idea to Patent: When Do You Have an Invention? The first US patent for a hand-cranked ice cream freezer was issued to Nancy Johnson of Philadelphia in Have ready two quarts of very rich thick cream, and take out a pint. Stir gradually into the pint, a pound of the best loaf-sugar powdered fine; and the grated rind and the juice of four ripe lemons of the largest size, or of five or six smaller ones… After you have mixed the pint of cream with the sugar and lemon, beat it gradually and hard into the remaining cream, that is, the three pints.

Cover it, and let it stand to infuse from half an hour to an hour. Then taste it, and if you think it necessary, stir in a little more lemon juice or a little more sugar. Strain it into the freezer through a fine strainer, a tin one with small close holes is best, to get rid of the grated lemon-peel… Cover the freezer, and stand it in the ice cream tub, which should be filled with a mixture, in equal quantities, of coarse salt, and ice broken up as small as possible, that it may lie close and compact round the freezer, and thus add to its coldness.

Snow, when it can be procured, is still better than ice to mix with the salt. It should be packed closely into the tub, and pressed down hard. While the cream is freezing, keep it always in motion, whirling the freezer round by the handle, and opening the lid frequently to stir and beat the cream, and to scrape it down from the sides with a long-handled tin spoon. Take care that no salt gets in, or the cream will be spoiled.

When it is entirely frozen, take it out of the freezer and put it in your mould; set it again in the tub, which must be filled with fresh ice and salt, and leave it undisturbed till you want it for immediate use. This second freezing, however, should not continue longer than an hour, or the cream will become inconveniently and unpleasantly hard, and have much of the flavour frozen out of it.

Place the mould in the ice tub, with the head downwards, and cover the tub with pieces of old carpet while the second freezing is going on. When it has arrived at the proper consistence, and it is time to serve it up, dip a cloth in cold water, and wash it round the mould for a few moments, to loosen the cream and make it come out easily; setting the mould on a glass or china dish… Serve it up immediately lest it begin to melt.

Send round sponge-cake with it, and wine or cordials immediately after. Even with a freezer, that is still quite a bit of work. So you would probably save ice cream only for special occasions, right? And you would want it to look special, too. Many people used decorative ice cream molds to show off the dessert at dinner parties and holiday events.

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I still have the issue. Pin It button on image hover. Written by icecreeem November 19, at 2:

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream … for Sunscreen:

  • Ice cream was particularly favored by the French aristocracy in the s, and Thomas Jefferson is said to have gained an appreciation for the treat while serving as US ambassador to France from
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Written by youscreeem April 7, at 2: Our clients will be happier with the outcome. No one does that anymore. Meet your Milks bi-product.

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