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If however, a male figure skater was wearing an outfit similar to the one she was wearing, and a photograph of the male figure skater in the same pose was taken, the same issue would exist, in my opinion. Little miniskirt shivering during thunderstorm 3 times. The victims of the practice are almost exclusively females, including teenage girls. Lesbian girls dancing in the club perfom fingering upskirt. Amateur , Ass , Outdoor , Upskirts , Voyeur.

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Respectfully disagree, as do lots of journalist friends. The fact that some of your friends are journalists by the way, means little, in my opinion. Just because they are journalists does not in my view provide them with any position of privilege, in judging this matter. Sam, you have a teenage boy who plays many sports. Ask for his honest opinion of the photograph.

I may be quite wrong, but my guess is that he will have the same initial reaction as did I if that has any meaning at all. Perhaps most important of all though, I wonder how Kaetlyn and her family feel about it. I cannot deny that her reaction is meaningful.

If she is no way at all feels violated or comes to feel violated, then I must from an objective standpoint admit to the possibility that the problem may be mine. Interesting — when I first saw the photo, I saw it in its entirety: Hat, big smile, and athletic high leg. Should you require further direction, I would suggest review of a human biology textbook.

Naturally nothing prevents one from looking immediately and directly at the crotch region of any photo of a person. That fact seems like thin soup from which to manufacture a moral concern about any particular such photo. I had the same reaction as Tim Kenyon. Women and girls have crotches. What sets this photo part from the beach volleyball photos that it portrays the whole athlete, the sport and what we may construe as her personal engagement in the activity.

Some of us seem to see a central focus on the crotch area of a minor in the photograph. It is a question of what is emphasized or focused upon in the photograph. It would be interesting to compare the reaction to a photo of a male athlete. If however, a male figure skater was wearing an outfit similar to the one she was wearing, and a photograph of the male figure skater in the same pose was taken, the same issue would exist, in my opinion.

My concern when I first saw the photo was the age of the athlete. She has said, as noted, that she likes the photo but I wonder if she will feel differently when she is older. I think her age is an issue. She is a minor. Frankly, when I first saw it, I thought, there must have been another photo that could have been chosen.

It strikes me that it was chosen because it is provocative.

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And yes, I do think it objectifies the athlete. That people, including an editor, objected to this shot suggests that the question of whether or not it was sexualized or objectifying is not clear-cut. There were many beautiful photos of her program; why this shot?

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